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Muñeca Brava(Angry Doll) was a 1999 Argentine telenovela, starring Natalia Oreiroand Facundo Arana.

Milagros Expósito, called "La Cholito", grew up in a convent. Her mother had arrived to it, gave birth and died; the priest knew barely anything about her, and she never met her father. She could only stay in the convent until being 18 years old, then she has to leave. She was hired by the Di Carlo family, to look after the elder Angélica. Angélica is a troubled woman, because 18 years ago her son Federico left the maid Rosario pregnant, but was forced to get married with the fine lady Luisa. Rosario run away from the mansion, and they could never locate her again. What a coincidence!

Muñeca Brava contains examples of:

  • Actually, I Am Him: Ivo first met Milagros in a bailanta (a type of Argentine disco for poor people), dressed like a femme fatale, and tried in vain to flirt with her. He met her again later, with her tomboy clothing, and did not notice any relation. Eventually, he invited her to a romatic date, to humilliate her. She let herself be humilliated, and asked for a bathroom break. She emerged from the bathroom as the femme fatale of the bailanta, so that Ivo knew that he was being mean with the girl he wanted so much... and that he has now lost.
  • Animal Motifs: Lina has her clothes all filled with stickers of butterflies.
  • Appropriated Appellation: Sor Catalina, a fat monk, was called "Sor Cachete" by the Cholito. She liked that name and used it as well, and the priest does so as well.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: All the maids and workers in the mansion are this, to some degree.
  • Delayed Reaction: Everybody thought that Ramón had left Socorro pregnant. He had not, as Lina explained to Mili: Rocky was not saying that, he was talking about Ramón's other daughter. Ah, fine, that explains everything... hey, wait a minute! what daughter?!
  • Establishing Character Moment: When Ivo and Cholito first met, in the first episode. Ivo kissed her, "to find out if she's really a girl". The Cholito kicked him in the groin, "to find out if he's really a man".
  • God Help Us All: Father Manuel was the first one to discover that the Cholito was the daughter of Federico. He was very concerned about the risk of a Surprise Incest if she fell in love with Ivo. So he asked Gloria if the Cholito likes him, or what. Gloria thinks that they look like a lovely couple, and that perhaps some day they will get married in the convent! Manuel simply made the sign of the cross...
  • The Hermit:
    • Pablo. His father Damian drove drunk, crashed, and killed his wife, Pablo's girlfriend, and left Pablo's crippled. Pablo secluded himself in his room, never left it, and only allowed the butler Bernando to come in.
    • Angélica was also secluded in her room since the departure of Rosario. When Milagros first left the house, she finally found a motivation to leave her room, and go to the convent to ask for her forgiving and request her return.
  • Not Under the Parents' Roof: The Di Carlo family are a powerful and conservative family... at, least, the adults. They usually enforce strict rules, such as this one. Fortunately for the younger Ivo, as the family is so rich, he has an apartment that he uses specifically for dates and have sex.
  • Obfuscating Disability: Actually, Pablo is not disabled. He can walk perfectly fine, but he wants to make his father suffer from feeling guilty.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Angélica goes downstairs and congratulates Socorro for her pregnancy... and she's tired of all that: she's not pregnant! Let's clarify all this: Bernardo told this to Angélica. Where did he got that info?

    Bernardo: Marta told me!

    Marta: Ramón told me!

    Ramón: Lina told me!

    Lina: Rocky told me!

    Rocky: Yes, I told Lina, but I was talking about Ramón's other daughter. What, did he left Socorro pregnant as well?

  • Servile Snarker: Bernardo. He hates both Federico and Luisa, because his sister loved Federico, he left her for Luisa, and she left the mansion (still pregnant) and died. Still, he never attacks them, or insults them... not directly, at least.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The Cholito, much to the horror of the monks and everybody in the mansion (except Angélica, who eventually grew to like her, with swearings and all).
  • Those Two Guys: Ramón and Rocky. Rocky loves Victoria, and Ramón advises him how to seduce him.
  • Title Drop: Bernardo once described Mili as a "Muñeca Brava". Roll credits!
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Cholito is a tomboy, and both her relation with Gloria (a fellow orphan on the convent) and Lina (another maid) are like this.
  • Translation Train Wreck: Victoria knows German and France, but not English. Rocky tried to seduce her by pretending to know how to speak it. It worked... until she had a meeting with an American fashion business woman that did not speak Spanish, and who wanted to hire her as her agent in Argentina. Rocky was immediately called to work as a translator; and Victoria ended up signing both to be her agent, and also to be a model of underwear clothing.
  • Ultimate Job Security: Luisa, Victoria, Andrea, and even Ivo and Federico at times, all want to fire the Cholito as soon as possible. But she's the favorite of Angélica, it is her assistant, so they can't fire her. The other employees do not have her special protection, but they also risk firing several times and get pardoned each time.

Full Cast & Crew

Natalia Oreiro Natalia Oreiro ...  Carlitos' / ... 270 episodes, 1998-1999 Facundo Arana Facundo Arana ...  Ivo Di Carlo-Miranda Rapallo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Verónica Vieyra Verónica Vieyra ...  Victoria 'Vicky' Di Carlo Rapallo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Lydia Lamaison Lydia Lamaison ...  Doña Angélica viuda de Di Carlo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Victoria Onetto Victoria Onetto ...  Adelina 'Lina' de Solo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Norberto Díaz Norberto Díaz ...  Damián Rapallo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Mariana Arias Mariana Arias ...  Andrea Ramos270 episodes, 1998-1999 Silvia Baylé Silvia Baylé ...  Amparo Rodríguez / ... 270 episodes, 1998-1999 Segundo Cernadas Segundo Cernadas ...  Pablo Rapallo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Osvaldo Guidi Osvaldo Guidi ...  Bernardo Avelleyra / ... 270 episodes, 1998-1999 Valeria Lorca Valeria Lorca ...  Martha 'Martita'270 episodes, 1998-1999 Gabriela Sari Gabriela Sari ...  Gloria Esposito270 episodes, 1998-1999 Pablo Novak Pablo Novak ...  Alfredo Luis Solo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Marcelo Mazzarello Marcelo Mazzarello ...  Morgan270 episodes, 1998-1999 Arturo Maly Arturo Maly ...  Federico Di Carlo270 episodes, 1998-1999 Gino Renni Gino Renni ...  Ramón García Parapuchino269 episodes, 1998-1999 Luis Mottola Luis Mottola ...  Luis269 episodes, 1998-1999 Fernanda Mistral Fernanda Mistral ...  Luisa Rapallo de Di Carlo262 episodes, 1998-1999 Humberto Serrano Humberto Serrano ...  Father Manuel Miranda166 episodes, 1998-1999 Sebastián Miranda Sebastián Miranda ...  Carlos 'Chamuco'113 episodes, 1999 Paula Siero Paula Siero ...  Marina Rizzo de Rapallo84 episodes, 1999 Verónica Walfisch Verónica Walfisch ...  Sor. Catalina78 episodes, 1998-1999 Jorge García Marino Jorge García Marino ...  Ripetti / ... 70 episodes, 1998-1999 Gogó Andreu Gogó Andreu ...  José 'Don Pepe' Simal69 episodes, 1998-1999 Paola Krum Paola Krum ...  Florencia 'Flor' Rizzo de Di Carlo-Miranda / ... 64 episodes, 1999 Marita Ballesteros Marita Ballesteros ...  Rosario 'Rosi' de Albertini60 episodes, 1999 Brian Caruso Brian Caruso ...  Gamuza60 episodes, 1998-1999 Diego Ramos Diego Ramos ...  Sergio Costa Junior58 episodes, 1999 Florencia Ortiz Florencia Ortiz ...  Pilar57 episodes, 1998-1999 Ana María Caso Ana María Caso ...  Mother Superior33 episodes, 1998-1999 Rodolfo Machado Rodolfo Machado ...  Néstor Miranda30 episodes, 1998-1999 Patricia Rozas Patricia Rozas ...  Lidia27 episodes, 1998-1999 Isabel Macedo Isabel Macedo ...  Ana26 episodes, 1998-1999 Emilio Bardi Emilio Bardi ...  Francisco24 episodes, 1998-1999 Roberto Fiore Roberto Fiore ...  Gustavo Marías / ... 24 episodes, 1999 David Masajnik David Masajnik ...  Fernando24 episodes, 1999 Jazmín Rodríguez Jazmín Rodríguez ...  Maria Luz / ... 23 episodes, 1998-1999 Jorge Petraglia Jorge Petraglia ...  Sergio Costa Senior / ... 22 episodes, 1999 Roberto Antier Roberto Antier ...  Juan Cruz22 episodes, 1998-1999 Gustavo Guillén Gustavo Guillén ...  Fabrizio Rizzo alias Daniel Breyla20 episodes, 1999 Fernando Llosa Fernando Llosa ...  Doménico Rizzo / ... 19 episodes, 1999 Lorena Meritano Lorena Meritano ...  Carolina 'Caro' Domínguez12 episodes, 1999 Claudia Albertario Claudia Albertario ...  Romina12 episodes, 1998-1999 Mercedes Funes Mercedes Funes ...  Barbara12 episodes, 1998-1999 Edward Nutkiewicz Edward Nutkiewicz ...  Don Julio12 episodes, 1998-1999 Constanza Maral Constanza Maral ...  Leticia9 episodes, 1998-1999 Pablo Patlis Pablo Patlis ...  Facundo Damián Caruso9 episodes, 1998-1999 Leonora Balcarce Leonora Balcarce ...  Adriana9 episodes, 1999 Eduardo Baldani Eduardo Baldani ...  Doctor / ... 8 episodes, 1998-1999 Norberto Galzerano Norberto Galzerano ...  Disco Owner8 episodes, 1998-1999 Regina Lamm Regina Lamm ...  Milena8 episodes, 1998-1999 Claudio Garófalo Claudio Garófalo ...  Detective Aguirre6 episodes, 1999 Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi ...  Little Thief from the Street5 episodes, 1998-1999 Coni Mariño Coni Mariño ...  Laura / ... 4 episodes, 1998-1999 Amelia Vargas Amelia Vargas ...  Self4 episodes, 1998-1999 Margara Alonso Margara Alonso ...  Elvira4 episodes, 1999 Daniel Freire Daniel Freire ...  Marcelo4 episodes, 1999 Victor A Zaragoza Jr Victor A Zaragoza Jr ...  Moran3 episodes, 1998-1999 Jesús Berenguer Jesús Berenguer ...  Olivares3 episodes, 1999 Fausto Collado Fausto Collado 3 episodes, 1999 Héctor da Rosa Héctor da Rosa ...  Pedro3 episodes, 1999 Marcela Ferradás Marcela Ferradás ...  Estela3 episodes, 1999 Patricia Gilmour Patricia Gilmour ...  Director of Mental Hospital3 episodes, 1999 Javier Heit Javier Heit 3 episodes, 1999 Carola Islas Carola Islas ...  Daniela3 episodes, 1999 Maximiliano Lopez Maximiliano Lopez 3 episodes, 1999 Pablo Napoli Pablo Napoli ...  Builder3 episodes, 1999 Omar Pini Omar Pini ...  Gonzales3 episodes, 1999 Dalma Maradona Dalma Maradona ...  Self2 episodes, 1998-1999 Lita Soriano Lita Soriano ...  Clara de Ripetti / ... 2 episodes, 1998-1999 Connie Ansaldi Connie Ansaldi ...  Designer2 episodes, 1999 Victoria Aragón Victoria Aragón ...  Analista2 episodes, 1999 Mónica Ayos Mónica Ayos ...  Actress2 episodes, 1999 Carlos Bermejo Carlos Bermejo ...  Violini2 episodes, 1999 Pablo Caramelo Pablo Caramelo 2 episodes, 1999 Ainara Cicunegui Ainara Cicunegui 2 episodes, 1999 Ana María Colombo Ana María Colombo ...  Clara Ripetti2 episodes, 1999 Guido D'Albo Guido D'Albo ...  Dr. Mazzeo2 episodes, 1999 Silvina Dragone Silvina Dragone ...  Celia2 episodes, 1999 Carlos Lanari Carlos Lanari 2 episodes, 1999 Óscar Leguizamón Óscar Leguizamón 2 episodes, 1999 Juan Martín Mercado Juan Martín Mercado ...  Nico2 episodes, 1999 Patricia Moreno Patricia Moreno ...  Susana2 episodes, 1999 Gustavo Moro Gustavo Moro ...  Odalisca2 episodes, 1999 Osvaldo Peluffo Osvaldo Peluffo 2 episodes, 1999 Jorge Varas Jorge Varas ...  Ricardo2 episodes, 1999 Luis Ziembrowski Luis Ziembrowski ...  Mario2 episodes, 1999 Daniel Kuzniecka Daniel Kuzniecka ...  Alejandro1 episode, 1998 Juan Carlos Lo Sasso Juan Carlos Lo Sasso 1 episode, 1998 Luciano Perucho Luciano Perucho 1 episode, 1998 Diego Vicos Diego Vicos 1 episode, 1998 Maite Zumelzú Maite Zumelzú ...  Loli1 episode, 1998 Daniel Agostini Daniel Agostini ...  Daniel Agostini1 episode, 1999 Luis Armesto Luis Armesto 1 episode, 1999 Ricardo Barrie Ricardo Barrie ...  Dr. Basile1 episode, 1999 Gabriel Batistuta Gabriel Batistuta ...  Gabriel Batistuta1 episode, 1999 Amanda Beitia Amanda Beitia 1 episode, 1999 Max Berliner Max Berliner ...  Armando1 episode, 1999 Camila Bertone Camila Bertone ...  Dr. Veronica Calestino1 episode, 1999 Salvador Bivachi Salvador Bivachi 1 episode, 1999 Gustavo Bonfigli Gustavo Bonfigli ...  Urguijo1 episode, 1999 Marcelo Bucossi Marcelo Bucossi 1 episode, 1999 Juan Carrasco Juan Carrasco 1 episode, 1999 Roberta Casal Roberta Casal ...  Malena1 episode, 1999 Gustavo Celedoni Gustavo Celedoni 1 episode, 1999 Patricio Cherri Patricio Cherri 1 episode, 1999 Carlos Donigian Carlos Donigian 1 episode, 1999 Jose Luis Fernandez Jose Luis Fernandez 1 episode, 1999 Mauricio Garcia Muela Mauricio Garcia Muela ...  Little Thief from the Street1 episode, 1999 Ante Garmaz Ante Garmaz 1 episode, 1999 Carlos Garric Carlos Garric 1 episode, 1999 Jorge Gerschman Jorge Gerschman 1 episode, 1999 Jorge Gesdel Jorge Gesdel 1 episode, 1999 Julio Gini Julio Gini 1 episode, 1999 Jorge Alberto Gómez Jorge Alberto Gómez 1 episode, 1999 Patricia Kraly Patricia Kraly 1 episode, 1999 Diego Leske Diego Leske 1 episode, 1999 Omar Lopardo Omar Lopardo 1 episode, 1999 Marta Machado Marta Machado ...  Nelly1 episode, 1999 Gianinna Maradona Gianinna Maradona ...  Self1 episode, 1999 Daniel Pagliaro Daniel Pagliaro 1 episode, 1999 Nilda Raggi Nilda Raggi 1 episode, 1999 Roberto Rey
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Muñeca Brava

Muñeca Brava
Muñeca brava.jpg
Created byEnrique Oscar Torres
Written byEnrique Oscar Torres
Directed byHernán Abrahamnsohn
Gaita Aragona
Víctor Stella
StarringNatalia Oreiro
Facundo Arana
Fernanda Mistral
Verónica Vieyra
Lydia Lamaison
Victoria Onetto
Norberto Díaz
Theme music composerPablo Durand
Fernando López Rossi
Opening themeCambio Dolor by Natalia Oreiro
Ending themeCambio Dolor by Natalia Oreiro
Country of originArgentina
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes270
Executive producerSusana Rudni
ProducerRaúl Lecouna
Production locationsBariloche, Argentina[1]
Buenos Aires, Argentina[1]
Florence, Italy[1]
Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos, Argentina[1]
Ibiza, Spain
Rome, Italy[1]
CinematographyHugo Battitessa
EditorGabriel Simari
Running time60 Minutes
Original networkTelefe
Original releaseNovember 16, 1998 (1998-11-16) –
December 17, 1999 (1999-12-17)

Muñeca Brava (Wild Angel;[2] lit. "Rough Doll") is an Argentinetelenovela, produced by Telefe in 1998–1999. The television series was broadcast in more than 80 countries over the world,[3][4][5] enjoying high ratings.[6][7][8]

The show was written by Enrique Oscar Torres and directed by Hernán Abrahamsohn, Gaita Aragona and Víctor Stella.[9][10] The first episode was aired in Argentina on 10 October 1998 on channel Telefe.[11][12] The play was filmed mainly in Argentina (Buenos Aires). Though some of the episodes were filmed in Italy and Spain.[13] The programme is known for launching the international career of Natalia Oreiro.


The story revolves around Milagros and Ivo, two people who fall in love with each other in spite of the odds against them. It is a romantic comedy novela that also touches on issues of family, wealth, greed, deception, and most of all—love. Milagros was brought up in an orphanage when her mother died giving birth to her. She had no idea who her father was and spent all her years despising him for abandoning them.

She ends up becoming a house servant at the Di Carlo mansion when she turns 18, since she can no longer stay in the orphanage. In the mansion, she meets new friends, and people who treat her as family. But she also gains new foes who hate her for her tactless and feisty character. Most of all, she meets the love of her life, Ivo Di Carlo, the heir of the Di Carlo fortune. Theirs is a love-hate relationship, decorated with comedic antics they play on each other, and passion of their true love.

Ivo Di Carlo is a playboy, immature, and boastful. He has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. But he lacks the love of a father, as Federico Di Carlo makes him feel unwanted. Milagros, on the other hand, is religious, playful, and has a strong character. Their relationship survives many challenges, including issues that root from their parents' deceptive acts, secret love affairs, greediness, and ambition. As a playboy, Ivo also has several girls that go between him and Milagros, the most significant are Andrea, Florencia, and Pilar. Milagros also has flings of her own, she forges relationships with Pablo and Sergio.

At some points, the two even think they are siblings, as Federico Di Carlo is revealed to be Milagros' real father. However, it is also later revealed that Ivo is the son of Luisa Di Carlo's lover, Nestor Miranda. In the end, Ivo and Milagros survive the tests of their relationship and wed in front of the people they love.



Natalia Oreiro[edit]

  • Cambio dolor or Cambio Dolor (Pumpin' Dolls Pool Party Club Mix)
  • Me muero de amor
  • Vengo del mar
  • De tu Amor or De Tu Amor (Pumpin' Dolls Fashion Club Mix)
  • Uruguay
  • Se pego en mi piel
  • Sabrosito y dulzon
  • Y te vas conmigo
  • Fuiste original singing by Gilda, performance in Muñeca brava performed Oreiro
  • Nada mas que hablar
  • Que si que si or Que Si, Que Si (Little Corp Mix)


Rafaga performed by mostly at the disco party
  • La Luna y Tu
  • Maldito corazon
  • Mentirosa

Other musicians[edit]



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