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Bryant & Stratton College Online Reviews

"This school is a scam! After completing a year worth of courses, I finally started the nursing courses(last year of program). I had a medical emergency, on a clinical day. How am I supposed to call 60 minutes prior to clinical, if I'm going to be absent, if I'm unable to?! Clinical instructor had no empathy, no concern, did not believe me. Rushed as fast as she could to Fail me and destroy the rest of my nursing program progression by giving me an F for the whole course. Over $30k gone to waste, because none of the credits transfer, and no school will accept me with an F. Run from this place, and go to a not for profit or community College. All these scammers want is your money, and not your success. If they made me get a physical, which stated I had a medical problem, and they accepted me into this program, why are they discriminating me now? This place favors only the young. If you are older, and have a disability, they'll do anything to fail you."

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Bryant & Stratton College

TypeFor-profit college
PresidentFrancis J. Felser, DM[3]



New York


United States

CampusBuffalo (main campus). Additional locations in New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Online.
ColorsBlue, White, Lime Green    [5]
AffiliationsAssociation of Proprietary Colleges

Bryant & Stratton College (BSC) is a private for-profit college with campuses in New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin, as well as an online campus. Founded in 1854,[1][2] the college offers associate degree programs at all campuses and bachelor's degree programs at some campuses. The college is approved by the New York State Board of Regents and regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.[6][7]


Henry Stratton, brother-in-law of John Bryant, also a co-founder of the school

John Collins Bryant, Henry Beadman Bryant, and Henry Dwight Stratton were early graduates of Folsom Business College in Cleveland, Ohio, which they later purchased from Ezekiel G. Folsom, who founded his school in 1848. Folsom was a former student of Platt Rogers Spencer who developed a standardized style of writing useful in business transactions before the invention of the typewriter.[1][2]

Platt Spencer played a role in the formation of Bryant & Stratton College serving as a partner and teacher at the school which originally focused on bookkeeping and standardized penmanship. Bryant & Stratton College was organized in 1854 to provide practical workplace education, and was formerly known as Bryant and Stratton Business Institute.[1][2] A year later they developed programs for women.[citation needed] The college became well known in the middle of the 19th century under Platt's influence.[8]

In addition to the Cleveland school, Bryant and Stratton established business schools that operated under the name of Bryant & Stratton & Co's chain of International Commercial Colleges in most major US cities.[2][9] By 1864 as many as 40 to 50 schools existed.[10] Tuition was $40 for an entire program of study.[2] According to AJ Angulo, the chain was not without controversy about its marketing and business practices,[11] and it declined in size after the death of Mr. Stratton.[citation needed]

In 2008, a private equity firm Parthenon Capital Partners bought a significant stake in the school.[12][13]

In 2009, Bryant & Stratton was the first college to host an online graduation ceremony on Second Life.[14]

The firm was bought out by the Bryant & Stratton Limited Partnership (family) in 2017.[15]

In 2018, Bryant and Stratton opened a school in Racine, Wisconsin,[16] closed its downtown Milwaukee campus, and moved its Cleveland campus to Solon in Ohio.[17]

Today, there are 19 physical locations and an online education division.[18] The board chair of the school is Bryant Prentice III, great-great grandson of Dr. J.C. Bryant.[19] The current president of Bryant & Stratton is Francis J. Felser, who has a doctorate from University of Phoenix.[20] and has worked in various capacities at the school for more than 25 years.[21]

In December 2020, Bryant & Stratton College announced that they would be donating the school to their non-profit family foundation.[22]



Bryant & Stratton's online faculty consists of 30 full-time instructors and 407 part-time instructors.[23] The Buffalo campus has 16 full-time instructors and 47 part-time instructors.[24]


Bryant & Stratton College offers Associate's and bachelor's degrees in healthcare, business, homeland security, legal studies, design, early childhood education and technology (IT).[25][26]

Graduation rate[edit]

According to the College Scorecard, Bryant & Stratton online has a 20 percent graduation rate, a 19 percent student loan repayment rate, and a typical total debt after graduation of $23,055.[27] College Navigator reports a 27 percent graduation rate and a 12 percent transfer-out rate.[28]


Bryant & Stratton College has Junior College Division II sports at several campuses and actively recruits high school students.[29]





Main category: Bryant and Stratton College alumni

Notable students of the school include Henry Ford,[30]R.J. Reynolds[31] and Joseph E. Seagram.[32]

  • Lou Blonger, crime boss[33]
  • Albert Elijah Dunning, theologian[34]
  • Henry Ford, car manufacturer, billionaire, philanthropist[30]
  • John W. Harreld, senator[35]
  • James J. Heffernan, US representative[36]
  • Antonio Joseph, politician[37]
  • Shalrie Joseph,[38][39] head coach of the Grenada national football team[40]
  • John D. Larkin, founder of Larkin Company[41]
  • Martin B. Madden, U.S. representative
  • J. L. R. McCollum, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly[42]
  • Timothy McVeigh, American domestic terrorist[43][44]
  • John William Moore, US representative[45]
  • R. J. Reynolds, tobacco manufacturer[31]
  • John D. Rockefeller, oligarch, billionaire, philanthropist[46][47]
  • Arthur Schoellkopf, industrialist[48]
  • Joseph E. Seagram, Canadian businessman (founder of Seagram Distillery) and politician[32]
  • Charles Woodruff, Brigadier General in the United States Army[49]


Bryant & Stratton launched its online division in 1997.[50] The college provides selected degrees over the Internet.[18] According to College Navigator, approximately 40 percent of BSC's students are participating as online students.[51]

New York State campuses can be found in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, and six other locations. Ohio has four campuses, including Akron. Virginia has campuses in Hampton, Richmond, and Virginia Beach. In Wisconsin, there are three campuses.[18]


On April 3, 2015, Bryant & Stratton College was placed on a Department of Education list to have its finances more closely scrutinized (a process called Heightened Cash Monitoring). Colleges placed on this list generally have federal funding restricted due to concerns of their financial responsibility.[52]


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English, College Success, & Career Development

Joseph Cannistraci 

[email protected]

Hi folks, my name is Joseph Cannistraci, and I have been with the college since 2004.  My area of expertise is English, but I have been known to teach Communication, Sociology, and Computing Skills as well.  I love the interaction in the classroom, and I enjoy helping students gain skills to better their lives.  I live in Saratoga with my wife Michelle and my son Lucas.  I'm a big music fan, and I like to play piano in my spare time.  I also enjoy long walks, but it's always so cold up here!

Medical Coding/Assisting & Information Technology

Tom Cirillo

[email protected]

518-712-7387 (google voice)

I have been teaching at BSC since 2008. I teach primarily office technology and medical administration.  I am a native of the capitol region, growing up in Albany and Schenectady. I have been married for 25 years with two grown children and two grandchildren.

English, College Success, & Career Development

Ryan Dunham

[email protected]

Three things you should know about me:  I can allude to a lot of pop culture references (if they are before 2009).  I can use anything to reference a Simpsons episode (if it originally aired in the 1990s).  I have a pun for any subject, topic, or discussion.  I've been spending the break coming up with a social distancing joke, but this is as close as I can get.

Psychology, Philosophy, & Career Development

Dr. Michael J. Fraser

[email protected]


Dr. Michael J. Fraser has been on the teaching staff at Bryant Stratton College for the past 13 years.  His repertoire of classes taught have included general psychology, organizational psychology, interpersonal group dynamics, career development, logic & reasoning, ethics of business, medical ethics, ethics in human services & internship.  Aside from his duties and responsibilities as a professor, he is also a sitting committee member on the Faculty Development Committee in which he represents the Albany Campus with the other Bryant & Stratton campuses.  Dr. Fraser has been a practicing educational psychologist for the past 35 years providing assessment and counseling services to school-based children and adolescents. He has established a sports psychology consulting firm Mind Gym Associates working with athletes and programs throughout the United States.  He is also utilized by the athletes and coaches within the Albany Campus here at Bryant & Stratton.


Julieanne Maloney

[email protected]

My name is Julieanne Maloney and I have been teaching at Bryant & Stratton College for almost 12 years, and I love what I do.  I teach Math and Career Development classes. Math is my passion because it builds critical-thinking and problem-solving skills which are two vital abilities for succeeding in the workplace.  Learning to look at a problem, analyze the possible solutions, and come up with a plan, are important life skills. Watching my students create those plans and solutions then have an “Aha” moment, brings me joy and reaffirms the reasons why I chose to teach. I encourage my students to work at their own pace and ask questions freely. My classroom is built on positivity and the firm belief that everyone who steps into it will succeed. I enjoy helping students one on one and watching each student’s confidence grow. My husband and daughter, along with our Lhasa Apso, love to spend time at camp in the Adirondacks, and we enjoy taking trips to Boston and Manhattan.  I can’t wait to meet you all and begin your journey together!


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      "At Bryant & Stratton College, I'm learning the exact skills that I'll use in practice as an OTA."

      Valerie D. - Occupational Therapy Assistant

      "I finally got the college degree I've always wanted and Bryant & Stratton College helped me get it."

      Nicolle L. - Medical Reimbursement & Coding

      "I wanted a college where if I needed help, I know I'd be able to get it, and I was able to find that here at Bryant & Stratton College."

      Mariedith M. - Medical Assisting

      "I came to Bryant & Stratton College to get a private classroom setting."

      Latisha W. - Networking Technology

      "The Bryant & Stratton College instructors were there for me every step of the way. I'm still in contact with a lot of them and I'm able to reach out if I have a question about something job-related."

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