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Thanks to superior sharpness, better materials, an ultra-thin (read: precise) blade and craftsmanship that dates back millennia, Japanese chef’s knives are prized by home cooks and professional chefs alike. But great Japanese chef’s knives aren’t always available on Amazon and other major kitchenware retailers. Here are 9 spots to cop the best Japanese knives money can buy.

Chef Knives To Go

A husband-wife team runs one of the internet’s most active Japanese knife stores and forums. Along with the nearly 50 brands available for purchase on the site, there’s a great deal of knife accessories available on the site.

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Canada-based Knifewear carries an impressive number of blades from smaller makers and individual blacksmiths while offering a solid mail-in knife sharpening service (also offered at brick-and-mortar locations). Shipping is free on orders above $200.

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Coutelier Nola

A Japanese chef’s knife boutique run by a pair of former chefs. Brandt Cox and Jacqueline Blanchard’s New Orleans-based store is stocked with knives the two have hand-picked from several trips to Japan. It’s one of our favorite brick-and-mortar stores in the US.

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Visiting Korin’s Tribeca location is a must for any lover of chef’s knives or Japanese craft. Its retail location, like its website, stocks more than Korin’s own blades. Expect brands and blades that bend more toward function than aesthetics.

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JB Prince

If you want to know you’re buying what chefs buy, you shop at JB Prince. That goes for any cookware, but especially knives. The Manhattan-based gearhead’s paradise is home to a number of function-over-fashion knives.

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Japanese Knife Imports

On top of one of the most loaded caches of Japanese blades on the internet, Japanese Knife Imports offers sharpening, rehandling and custom engraving services. It’s also home to grail-worthy kitchen scissors made by beloved knifemakers.

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Knives & Stones

Dive deep enough into the kitchen knife-obsessed corners of the internet and you’ll run into those who hold Knives & Stones as the gold standard of kitchen knife shopping. Its hard-to-find wares are only recently available to US customers online.

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MTC Kitchen

Like JB Prince, MTC Kitchen is a higher-end chef supply store. Expect utility knives first and foremost.

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Carbon Knife Co.

Based in Denver, Carbon Knife Co. stocks some of the most gift-worthy chef’s knives money can buy. Plus, their downtown storefront is an excellent place to spend an hour window shopping.

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New Home Delivery Service: MTC Kitchen Home Los Angeles

Mutual Trading Co., Inc. (President: Masatoshi Ohata) has launched MTC Kitchen Home Los Angeles, an online Japanese grocery store.

The new service delivers restaurant-quality, wholesale pantry staples, chef’s secret ingredients and restaurant supplies that elevate home cooking to the next level.

To better provide a home delivery experience, MTC Kitchen Home Los Angeles will deliver to select Los Angeles areas. More cities will be added in the future.

As consumer lifestyles change amid the state-mandated stay-at-home order and limited service offered by restaurants and businesses, home cooking, augmented by takeout and grocery delivery, has seen a resurgence. MTC Kitchen Home Los Angeles offers a curated line-up of professional chefs’ most loved food ingredients and restaurant kitchen supplies that every level of home chefs can enjoy.

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Mutual Trading Company Inc. is the premier Japanese food, alcoholic beverage, and restaurant supply specialist. Established in 1926, Mutual Trading is the Japanese food authority – true to the heart in upholding genuine Japanese cuisine traditions, and progressive in exploring new ways to provide innovative products and services.

Mutual Trading imports, exports, distributes and manufactures the top brands for retailer and food service customers. For more information, email Masaomi Abe or Kathy Kato at [email protected]

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Mutual Trading Co., Inc. was founded in 1926. New York Mutual Trading started selling Japanese restaurant supplies and equipment, Japanese foods and sake in 1973 and now utilizes its own shipping system out of a ten thousand sq. ft warehouse to distribute more than 5,000 items direct throughout the tri-state area.

New York Mutual Trading pioneered the concept of the distributor partnering with the Japanese vendor directly to make new items (such as food and sake) available in the United States. We import and distribute more than one hundred kinds of Jizake, Japanese Premium Sake.

Every fall we have our annual restaurant show for trade businesses in New York City with vendors from the US and Japan highlighting new products and conducting seminars.

New York Mutual Trading Inc. continues to make great strides for the culinary professional with the April 2009 opening of the new Japanese culinary center, showroom and store, MTC Kitchen ( | 711 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017). MTC Kitchen has among other things: imported Japanese tableware, high quality Japanese knives and a large variety of kitchenware, Japanese restaurant supplies and equipment. There will also be a test kitchen available on the premises.


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