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My husband and I drove three hours to go here to look at four different cars. I talked to someone the night before to see if they take trade ins. I was told they do and there was no problem. When we got there the parking was very poor. I think we circled the block three times to finally get a parking spot around the block. The lot was horrific. Cars were super dirty and you couldn't fit between the cars enough to even walk through. Once we got in the tiny office, the man didn't really seem to know how to talk to customers or sell a car. He gave us keys to one vehicle we were wanting to look at and the key fob didn't even work. The cars were so close together you couldn't even open the doors all the way to see or get in the car. The smell in the first one was horrible and was way different cosmetically than in the pictures online. There were lots and lots of scratches that they did not show on the pictures. I understand they were used cop cars, but at least show the scratches so it isn't deceiving especially for people that are driving a long way to get there. The layer of dirt on them doesn't help either. We went ahead and looked at the second vehicle we were interested in. This one was a little better cosmetically outside and inside. But they fill the holes on the roof where lights used to be with a type of caulk and it looks super trashy because they overflow the hole and it bulges out. It just looks bad, very bad. Understanding these are cop cars, there are still holes in the ceilings where they have ripped out dome lights and where spotlights were taken out. Total turn off to buy the car. While listening to the engine run with the second vehicle, I told the man before we go further I wanted them to assess my trade so they could be doing that while I look at more cars. He asked me what kind of car it was and if I had the title. Of course I did not have the title. I had a loan. It is an almost $35,000 car, $65,000 brand new. He told me if you don't have the title in hand they won't take trades. He went on to mention that they don't finance anymore. I told him that I already had financing set up with my bank and will have a check for them but first I needed him to look at my trade. I'm not sure if they are aware, but the bank sends the title to them once the loan is paid off by them via a check which would take less than a week to get in the mail. He kept saying they don't finance there, which was frustrating, because again, I wasn't asking them to finance. He said they only do trades if you have the title in hand. I was never told this when I spoke with the man the previous day. I told him about speaking with the guy the day before who assured us they took trades and I also mentioned that we had just drove three hours to look at their cars. He said he felt bad but there was nothing that he could do. I then told him we were wasting our time there then because we went there to trade in my car, which is definitely their loss because this was a very rare car. If there was better parking, they may have been able to see that they would have wanted my car in their lot. I'm not trying to gloat, but it would have given them some business that they needed. All in all, from the moment we got there, the whole place gave off bad vibes. I would not suggest driving from out of town, or even out of state to go here because you WILL be disappointed. After spending almost $100 in gas to get there and back and taking about 7 hours of my life I will never get back, I'm very disappointed. Their pictures online are very deceiving, the parking was awful, and the service/communication sucked.

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Your Used Car Dealership in Glendale Heights IL

When you want a special car, something outside the ordinary, then you need to see the WWW.Greater Chicago Motors inventory. We have a wide variety of performance and luxury vehicles. Don’t settle for something mundane, get something a cut above the rest at WWW.Greater Chicago Motors. We handpick all of our cars and bring them here in our state-of-the-art Glendale Heights showroom.

We have one of the largest showrooms in the Downtown Glendale Heights area, and we can even perform service and body work all in one convenient location. We cater to out-of-state customers on a daily basis, and we are happy to work with you so you can get the car of your dreams no matter where you live. Come to WWW.Greater Chicago Motors or browse our website to get a touch of performance or luxury in your life.

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Salesman was very helpful, professional and polite. The experience of buying a specific type of car and finding appropriate financing was seamless. The car is fantastic and so was my experience. Thanks Mr. William Nate!


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