Itachi smiling


"Sir we need to talk." Pain stoped walking and turned to me.

"About what?"

"Sakura she can't keep using her chakra not in the state she's in I know you have plans but I won't let my wife put herself and my unborn child in danger Sir I know your in charge here but she means the wold to me and I can't stand by while she in pain." I looked him in the eye for a while with a hard face but after a few seconds he broke into a smile.

"Sigh it's sad that I can't use her well more on her part since she love this but after hearing what you said she not to take part in something that will drain her chakra to the max I will still us her but I think 10 minutes every other day will be best is that fine with you?"

"Yes that's fine since she probably angry at me due to me yelling at her for this but I want to be present when she using her ability."

"Yes that's fine I should find my wife she'll love to hear this ha imma be an grandfather ha. Itachi after all this is over I want both you and her to leave along with your bother and my other kids afterglow this is over the Akatsuki will be no more understand." I gave a nod.

"Yes Sir."

"Oh and not a word about this to anyone my daughter being pregnant most stay quiet just Incase."

"Understand Sir."


As I walked into my room I found both My Blossom and younger brother sleeping on the bed Sasuke was sleeping more protective way he had his arm wrapped around Sakura waist which I found adorable in a way while Sakura on the other hand was sleeping in a childish way as always her hair was all over the place with her body stretched out in different ways I gave a laugh to that as I threw a blanket over them and walked over to my desk and pulled out a book to read as I listen to the snoring of my wife.



As I sat up on the bed I stretched my arms out giving out a small moan.

"How did you sleep Blossom." I jumped a little as I turn to The corner or the room to see Itachi sitting down with a book in his hand I gave a frown and looked to my side to see Sasuke sleeping with his arm over my waist.

"Blossom?" I felt the bed dip on the bed I turned my head to see Itachi smiling at me.

"W-What, how did I fall asleep?" He gave out a small laugh as he pushed hair out of my face.

"Your chakra was drain so you fell asleep Blossom."


"I spoke with your father and came with a compromise you can use your ability but it has to be every two days only for 10 minutes and I shall be present during it understand?" I gave him a glare which of course he was used to but I didn't argue against him.

"Fine now can u remove your brothers arm he starting to pull me down." He gave me a low chuckle as he removed his brothers arm off me but soon fallowed with Sasuke giving out a low growl. I looked down to see his eyes snapped opened revealing his red eyes.

"A little possessive there are we little brother?" Sasuke sat up and looked over to his brother with a bored look.

"No I hate being woken up." Itachi gave out a low laugh as he took two fingers and poked Sasuke forehead. Sasuke blushes to that.

"Ohh is the great Sasuke Uchiha blushing." I said as I poked his chest. He responded to me by waving my hand out the way and gave out a low mumble.

"No." I gave out a laugh.

"Oh you so are look at you smiling you face it's red."

"Shut up." He said under his breath as he pulled the pillow over his face I climbed over him and grabbed the pillow.

"Oh I'm so right look at you ohhh the great and cold hearted Sasuke Uchiha blushes as his older brother pokes his forehead what has this world come too whahah." He pushes me off him and threw a pillow at me as he got off the bed his face grew more red.

"I'm going to my room your a pain." He quickly walked to the door and opened it slamming it behind him I started to laugh at that but stopped as I turned around facing Itachi who had a smile on his face.

"Why you smiling weasel-kun?" He pulled me to his lap.

"Happiness my dear Blossom Happiness."


Unofficial Evidence


The observed theme for Naruto Shippuden Opening 6 - Sign is about Sasuke getting used to the Curse of Hatred and pain caused by the loss of Itachi.

Fillers - Part II

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha

In episode 189; Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia, Nekobaa and Nekomata talk about Team 7. In the flashback, Nekobaa hires Team 7 to gather the last paw on her Paw Encyclopaedia, which a game was played by Itachi and Sasuke when they were younger. When Nekobaa mention Itachi's name, Sasuke got angered and leaves to prepare for the mission. Nekobaa then explains to Naruto and Sakura of the Uchiha brothers’ game where Itachi would assign Sasuke to collect paw prints from fast cats to large lions. Nekobaa also told Naruto and Sakura that the Uchiha brothers are used to very close to each other when they were young.

At the end of the episode, after the flashback, Nekomata remembers seven years before his fight with Sasuke that he fought and lost to Itachi who told him Sasuke will fight him in seven years and to not hold back on him. Nekobaa states that it is unfortunate that the two brothers who loved each other eventually began to have hatred towards each other.

Kakashi's Anbu Arc: The Shinobi That Lives in the Darkness

In episode 357, after Itachi's mission with Kakashi, Itachi waited for Sasuke at the academy. When the class was over, Sasuke was happy when he saw Itachi and they both walked back home together.

In episode 358, Kakashi and Itachi was assigned on a mission to put the Uchiha under 24-7 surveillance. Itachi can be seen smiling after he amusingly watches Sasuke with his classamtes and fighting with Naruto.

Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook: Tale of the Hero Naruto

In an alternate story, the Uchiha massacre never occurred and Sasuke still admired Itachi since he was little. However, Sasuke becomes wary of the rocky relationship between the clan and the village, but during a talk with Itachi, he is assured by Itachi that things will get better. Overtime, Sasuke becomes increasingly jealous of Itachi for getting more attention from their father and for being unfairly compared to Itachi. This also causes Sasuke to clash with Itachi for trusting the village more than the clan.

After coming back from his three-year training, Itachi welcomes Sasuke home but Sasuke treats him with contempt and walks away while glaring at him, which makes Itachi uneasy. Itachi also becomes worried as Sasuke allows his police unit to use aggressive means on the villagers, and the incident of them raiding the Hokage's house without permission causes Itachi to apologize to Minato and promise to talk to Sasuke.

When he learns Sasuke defected from the village to join Orochimaru, Itachi rushed to find his brother and appeared in the middle of Sasuke and Naruto's battle, and gets struck in the chest by Sasuke's Chidori. after asking Naruto to take care of Sasuke, Itachi pokes Sasuke on the forehead before he disappears. Thinking he killed his brother, Sasuke awakens his Mangekyo Sharingan and becomes saddened. He later decides that it should have been Naruto rather than Itachi who died and plots revenge on the village. After a while, while Sasuke begins doubting his plan, he is surprised when Itachi appears to him and reveals he went into hiding to heal. Sasuke expresses relief he is alright but Itachi angrily berates Sasuke for plotting to attack the village and abandoning his comrades before leaving.

The brothers join forces against Sasori, with Itachi again berating Sasuke for not working with his comrades. They use their respective Susasnoo to take out the Kage puppets. at the end, they reconcile and pose for a photograph with the Konoha 11, Team Jiraiya, and the Kage.

Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness

When Itachi learns his mother is pregnant, he believes the baby will be a boy. When Sasuke is born, Itachi feels an instant bond with his brother and pokes his cheek. On the night of the Nine-Tails' attack, Itachi is taking care of Sasuke while their parents are out and, during the attack, he rushes to get them to shelter, while protecting and comforting a distressed Sasuke.

In the aftermath, Itachi takes Sasuke to survey the damage when Izumi asks if she can hold Sasuke and he refuses or else she will make him cry. When she snatches him from Itachi, Sasuke cries out, prompting Itachi to take him back and Sasuke smiles and laughs while clapping his hands. As Itachi attends the academy, he spends his free time with Sasuke.

A couple of years later, Itachi shows his Sharingan to Sasuke, who responds by hugging Itachi. When Itachi goes on a mission with Shisui, Sasuke reminds him of his promise to play with him, to which Itachi apologizes and pokes him on the forehead. This disappoints Sasuke and eventually he comes to resent Itachi being too occupied with his duties and leaving no time to play with him.


Early in the morning at the Uchiha mansion, Itachi walks to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Itachi wanted to fry a finest sunny-side-up egg for Sasuke but he always fails. Later, Sasuke can be seen walking down from the stair case and he goes to the kitchen when he heard some noise. At the kitchen, Sasuke saw many plates of fried eggs on the floor. Itachi asks Sasuke does he want some fried egg for breakfast, Sasuke answers him why not. When Sasuke was about to take one of the plate of fried egg on the floor, Itachi yells at him and says he will make the finest sunny-side-up egg for him.

Itachi then continues frying the eggs. Sasuke, who waits at the dining table at the kitchen, senses Itachi's mangekyou sharingan and his mangekyou sharingan can be seen appears on the yolks of the plates of fried eggs on the floor. Sasuke then snap out of his senses and Itachi notices that he is running out of eggs. Sasuke sigh when Itachi runs out of the kitchen after he hears a hen cocks.

Alone, at the dining table, Sasuke comments that it is so quiet. Itachi, who was outside chasing after the hen, telling Sasuke that it is just the two of them because everybody is out for the war. Itachi then comes back to the kitchen with an egg and tells Sasuke that all he can do now is made him an egg. After he succeeds frying a finest sunny-side-up egg, he pours some soy souce on it and let Sasuke to eat it. When Sasuke was about to eat, he hesitates, wondering if Itachi wanted to have some too but Itachi smiles at him, telling him that he made it just for him. After eating it and commented that he have had better, Itachi pokes Sasuke's forehead and they smiles.

Then, Sasuke felt someone poke him and he was shock to see Naruto when he opens his eyes. Naruto then tells Sasuke that they need to go to the battle and Sakura is waiting for them. Confusing on what is going on, Naruto smiles at the confused Sasuke and tells him that it is what Itachi would want from him. Naruto then runs off as Sasuke chase after him, trying to stop him.

As running after Naruto, the sand he is standing on, suddenly turn into an egg yolks and the background of the desert they are at, suddenly change into a giant pan. When Sasuke and Naruto saw Itachi appears, holding the pan that they are standing on the egg yolk, Sasuke begins to ask himself, is he still dreaming. Seeing the giant Itachi smiling at him, he smiles too.

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth

In chapter 33, Sasuke and Itachi had lost their memory but only remember each other and their times before they learned to hate each other. Lee and his teammate take this opportunity to bring Sasuke and Itachi back to the village before they regain their memories. When Lee told to Itachi and Sasuke that they should be heading back to the village, Itachi suggest they should camp for the night since the sun is about to go down. During their rest, when Sasuke and Itachi are busy minding their own business, Neji suggest to his teammate that they should tie the Uchiha brothers up and bring them to the village but their conversation was overheard by the two brothers. Lee and his teammate have no choice but to fight the Uchiha brothers. During their fight, Lee made an explosion causing the two brothers flying away and landed to where their teammate is; Sasuke at Team Taka and Itachi at Kisame.

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Itachi's smile a moment before the ōdama Rasengan connected

Why did Uchiha Itachi, in the body of the Sunagakure jōnin Yūra, smile moments before Uzumaki Naruto destroyed Yūra's body with the ōdama Rasengan? Was it Itachi who smiled, or Yūra himself?

Consider what we've learnt. Akatsuki's technique embodies the will of one of their members within the body of another. We don't know if the passive participant needs to be willing, as Yūra seemed to be under the influence of Akasuna no Sasori's mind control. The interesting unknown is what happens when the body is destroyed ? does the mind of the Akatsuki shinobi automatically return unharmed, or must they deactivate the technique moments before?

If the latter, then perhaps it was Yūra who smiled. He regained control of his body moments before the ōdama Rasengankilled him, smiled because he saw that he was going to die. Yūra did not seem to be a traitor. He went to great lengths for his village and was a role model and highly respected jōnin. When Sasori used a technique to reassert control on Yūra, we heard no more of his perspective, but if some awareness was still there, surely he hated what he was being forced to do? Did he embrace death in his moment on earth?

Or was it Itachi that smiled? If so, why? The bijuuassigned to Itachi is the Kyūbi, of which Naruto is the jinchūriki. Was Itachi pleased to see that when he finally went after the Kyūbi, its jinchūrikiwould be an interesting and challenging fight ? does he relish the challenge? Was it a wry smile in disappointed recognition that he was outwitted? Was it a sly smile, knowing that they thought they'd killed him? Does it betray that he wasn't even trying? Does it betray a purpose of his other than Akatsuki, and may his smile somehow be connected to Sasuke?



Itachi smile ::naruto 550::

Itachi smile ::naruto 550::

Deviation Actions

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Tenia que colorear este pequeño cuadrito de la pagina 13;u;
amo la sonrisa de itachi~ aun que no lo deje el dialogo lo que decia era [Mi hermano tiene suerte de tener un amigo como tu]

-- --- -- Naruto shippuden 550 (C) Masashi kishimoto
--- -- --- -- Color (c) *tobari21
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This is a rare sight to behold because normally he was like. :iconitachiuchihaplz: Mr. Frowny face. But this is rare and it is a beautiful sight to behold!
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One of the best chapter in the Manga. I had hoped from the beginning something good will happen to him after all and it did.

Love the expression, thanks for coloring this.
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I loved this chapter! :iconhappytearsplz: I was cheering for Itachi through the whole thing! I'm so glad that he finally gets a little bit of closure! This expression was just amazing! You could just see that a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders when Naruto said "You've done enough. Leave the rest to me." :iconrlytearplz:

Smiling itachi

Nendoroid Itachi Uchiha

"Forgive me, Sasuke... this is the end."

From the popular anime series "Naruto Shippuden" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of Itachi Uchiha! He comes with three face plates including his standard calm and composed expression, a smiling expression and a pained expression with an injured eye from using Amaterasu.

He also includes Amaterasu effect parts, and his Akatsuki cloak can be removed allowing you to display him in his battle against his younger brother, Sasuke. He even comes with a special hand part to display him touching Sasuke's forehead to recreate the famous scene from the series.

In addition, a clear sheet featuring Itachi's Susano'o is included to display by his side. Be sure to display him together with the previously released Nendoroid Sasuke Uchiha and other Nendoroid characters from the series!

■Nendoroid Naruto Shippuden Series Special Page


She turned on the computer. Hands were shaking, cold sweat covered my forehead, my heart was ready to jump out of my chest. Drink, otherwise you will have enough blow now.

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