Fingerprint tattoo

Inside: 25 Special Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas.

Fingerprint tattoos are the perfect way to show individuality and remembrance to a special someone. No other design has such power to remark on the human experience. Every man has his own set of identifying marks, making the fingerprint one of the most special ways to show individualism.

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

We all have someone in our lives who holds a special place in our heart. That special person could be a family member, a life companion, a friend or even an animal. To celebrate these special people (and animals) we sometimes decide to prove our love by getting a tattoo for them.

Whether they are still in our lives today or have passed on, memorial tattoos are getting extremely creative. The latest memorial tattoo design is to get their actual fingerprint. The list below is filled with different fingerprint tattoo ideas for your next memorial tattoo.

Special Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

These special fingerprint tattoo ideas are perfect for anyone looking for a new tattoo idea to remember someone special.

1. Flower Wreath Fingerprint Tattoo

2. Forearm Heart Tattoo

3. Fingerprint Heartbeat

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

4. Feather Fingerprint

5. Small Fingerprint Heart

6. Fingerprint with Tiny Heart

7. Love

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

8. Matching Fingerprint Hearts

9. Butterly Fingerprint

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

Pretty Fingerprint Tattoos

Looking for the prettiest tattoo ideas, these cute fingerprint tattoo ideas are the prettiest of reminders of someone you love.

10. From Mom

11. Fingerprint with Semicolon

12. Family Tree Fingerprint Tattoo

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

13. Semicolon Fingerprint Butterfly

14. Established Fingerprints

15. Africa Shape

16. Infinity Fingerprint

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas for Everyone

Here are a few more of our favorite fingerprint tattoo ideas.

17. Triangle Fingerprint Tattoo

18. Negative Space Fingerprint

19. Fingerprint Flower

Thumbprint Ideas

20. Heart-Shaped Fingerprint Ideas

21. Small Fingerprint Trees

Memorial Tattoos

22. Red Heart Fingerprints

23. Heart-Shaped Prints

24. Watercolored Fingerprints

25. Two Colored Fingerprint Heart

Colorful Ink

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these cute fingerprint tattoo ideas then you will love these other great tattoo ideas.

  • Pretty Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas – Hummingbirds are a popular choice for tattoo designs since they are very detailed and delicate looking birds. Many tattoo lovers are opting for the hummingbird tattoo given the bird’s unique capabilities and beauty. Tattoos that utilize birds of any type at the center of their design have gained a lot of preference because they incorporate color, creativity, and a natural image.
  • Semicolon Tattoo Ideas – Every tattoo has a story that’s meant to be told, shared, celebrated, and experienced. One particular design that’s making waves across the Internet is that of a semicolon tattoo. They aren’t just a trend, they’re a symbol of a silent fight. Here are 89 of the most inspiring Semicolon Tattoo ideas!
  • Amazing Ocean Tattoo Ideas – Lots of people in the world don’t think that much about the ocean. They know its there, they’re happy when they get to see it and they sometimes they enjoy getting in it and battling with the forces. But it’s still not a super important factor in their lives. Then there are the water babies among us. If you belong to this group of people, you’ll be in the ocean at every opportunity.

Top 40 Best Fingerprint Tattoos For Men – Masculine Designs

Fingerprint tattoos prominently display a wildly cunning viewpoint of humanity that blends mankind’s anatomical signature with keen style. These resplendent presentations deliver enormous levels of personality in a fantastically succinct manner.

Fingerprint tattoos enshrine the distinct individuality of a person with remarkable simplicity.

No other design has such power to remark on the human experience. Every man has his own set of identifying marks, and this crucial trait is one of the inherent aspects of being incarnated of Earth. Therefore, it is completely worthy of adoration and emulation via body art.

For a touch of playful darkness, your fingerprint tattoo could be presented in red to craftily present a crime scene. If you don’t want the implications of being caught red-handed, then why not experiment with all of the colors available in the spectrum? This tactic will revitalize your entire inking outlook while generating a truly fun art project.

The most clever fellows get fingerprint tattoos of loved ones or family members, but there are no rules against procuring an imaginary set or simply using your own. Thanks to our digital menu of fingerprint ink, you will be able to hop on this bandwagon before it becomes a worldwide sensation.

1. Forearm Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Cool Male Fingerprint Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Circle Fingerprint Inner Forearm Tattoo

Japanese Fingerprint Guys Forearm Tattoos

Tree Fingerprint Male Outer Forearm Tattoo

Couple Fingerprint Inner Forearm Tattoos For Men

Fingerprint Tree Mens Arm Tattoos


2. Bicep Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Four Fingerprints Tattoo On Mans Inner Arm Bicep

Guys Africa Fingerprint Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Design Ideas


3. Arm Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Dna Helix Strand Guys Outer Space Fingerprint Upper Arm Tattoos

Manlu Guys Abstract Fingerprint Arm Tattoos

Punisher Fingerprint Mens Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm Fingerprint Black Ink Tattoos For Male


4. Sleeve Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Detailed Dotwork Male Fingerprint Full Sleeve Tattoos

Half Sleeve Mens Fingerprint Tattoos


5. Wrist Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Wrist Two Fingerprints Tattoos For Men


6. Chest Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Manly Fingerprint Mens Chest Tattoo Designs

Creative Tree Of Life Fingerprint Guys Circle Upper Chest Tattoos

Dog Paw Print Male Fingerprint Tattoos

Awesome Triangle Fingerprint Male Chest Tattoos

Large Fingerprint Mens Upper Chest Tattoos


7. Back Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Mens Trash Polka Fingerprint Back Tattoos

Stone Fingerprint Upper Back Tattoos For Guys


8. Side Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Heart Fingerprint Guys Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Mens Rib Cage Side Fingerprint Tattoos


9. Tribal Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Tribal Male Fingerprint Tattoos


10. Shoulder Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Small Fingerprint Shoulder Tattoos For Guys


11. Stomach Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Frankenstein Fingerprint Mens Stomach Tattoo


12. Foot Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Masculine Guitar Pick Fingerprint Mens Foot Tattoo With 3d Design


13. Hand Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Amazing Mens Hand Fingerprint Tattoo Designs

14. Negative Space Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Negative Space Astronomer Fingerprint Guys Tattoo Designs


15. Watercolor Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Watercolor Blue Ink Fingerprint Male Arm Tattoos


16. Leg Best Fingerprint Tattoos

Tiny Small Male Fingerprint Tattoo Designs


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The Finger Print tattoo is unlike any other. With around 8 billion people on this planet, not one person has the same exact fingerprint. The idea of fingerprints being used for artistic reasons has been around since the prehistoric days. The nomads and cave people would create illustrations to not only entertain each other, but to pass out information along to others that pass through certain caves and other types of shelter. Frequently, the art would be displayed on walls and the main tool would be their very own hands.

In grade schools, teachers have the children do various arts and crafts. They always seem to show kids how to make little turkeys by dipping their hands in paint, then applying the painted up hand firmly to a piece of paper or whatever it is they’re making the hand turkey on. This is the same concept that they used over 13,000 years ago. Now that the ancient art of tattooing is becoming more popular than ever amongst the youth, the fingerprint tattoo has been a popular body art piece to flash around.

Creating the image for a fingerprint tattoo is simple and a good way to get a better understanding of how your new body art will look. Since it does not take much effort to get your fingerprint on a piece of paper, you can always play around with the idea before you decide to get a part of your body permanently inked. The easiest fingerprint design could be as simple as taking your thumb rolled in ink, and pressing it smoothly against a flat piece of paper. Doing this, then going to your tattoo artist, explaining to them what you would like done with it, such as if you would like it bigger, smaller or wider, would be a good start. If you are thinking your thumb or any of your other fingers is not enough, you can just as easily get an inked print of your entire hand. Normally, the tattoo consumer is not going to get their personal fingerprint/handprint on themselves unless that’s what you’re into, this tattoo is usually the identification of someone close to the individual. A family member, lover or even an animals paw prints are always great choices. The most common fingerprint tattoo that I have seen is the child of that particular persons hand print, pressed against the back shoulder of the parent with maybe the child’s name and birth date written beside it. This is a simple reminder that no matter how old this person’s child may grow to be, they will always be that parents baby. (this tattoo is normally done when the child is still an infant and the hands are small enough to not take up a ton of space on the person’s body).

If you want to take your fingerprint tattoo up to the next level, a clever design idea is to get another design within the design of the fingerprint. A tattoo of a fingerprint with a heart shape inside of the print, for example, is an idea that has been played around with. Putting a design within the design of the fingerprint is not only simple to do, but it looks great and is perceived to have much thought put into it. Hearts aren’t the only design you could throw in the print. However, a heart is a design that goes along so well with the fingerprint, because the fingerprint you are getting tatted, obviously belongs to a person you love.

You like the idea of the fingerprint and heart, but you are not so sure on putting one graphic inside of the other? No problem, creating the design of your liking with multiple presses of the fingerprint is easy to do and looks pretty neat! Since finger/thumb prints are at kind of an oval shape to begin with, it’s best to choose a design that does not have too many jagged edges, but more or less, rounded off edges.

A classic design that many people love the symbolism behind is the ‘Butterfly Design’. This design is simply the outlining of a butterfly. A butterfly design can easily be manipulated by using your thumb or fingerprints. In order to portray this effect, you will need to angle your fingerprints off into four different sections, which would mean, four fingerprints. These fingerprints can either be made all with the same thumb or finger of one person, or you could fit up to four different fingerprints from four different people as the design. Position the finger or thumb at an angle, then underneath that print, make sort of the same angle but upside down. Doing this twice, two fingerprints on each side, gives the ending result of butterfly wings. From here, you can effortlessly draw a stick body in the middle with the antennae sitting on the top of the head. The butterfly design goes nicely with the fingerprint idea because of its symbolism. Butterflies represent a powerful and deep symbol of life, change, hope, and endurance.

If the fingerprint tattoo sounds like a piece that would suit you, I suggest you go ahead and get it! Fingerprint tattoos are very versatile so fitting them in alongside the rest of your tats should not be an issue. They are also a great conversation starter. Depending on the simplicity of the design, if the design you come up with has color within it, or the size of the piece, your tattoo artist should be able to give you a decent bargain on price. Another quick tip before you go and get your ink done, is placement of the tattoo. With fingerprint tattoos, there are many swirls, curves, and small detailed lines. Choosing a spot where you believe your skin won’t stretch much is the best possible placement. Spots on the body where tattoos seem to stretch and age the least are tight parts of skin. This could include, your ankles, feet, or back of the shoulder. Basically anywhere you feel your skin won’t start to sag and loosen up with age. Take these ideas into consideration and good luck on your future body art!

Fingerprint Tattoo 1
Fingerprint Tattoo 2
Fingerprint Tattoo 3
Fingerprint Tattoo 5
Fingerprint Tattoo 6
Fingerprint Tattoo 7
Fingerprint Tattoo 8
Fingerprint Tattoo 9
Fingerprint Tattoo 10
Fingerprint Tattoo 11
Fingerprint Tattoo 12
Fingerprint Tattoo 13
Fingerprint Tattoo 14
Fingerprint Tattoo 15
Fingerprint Tattoo 16
Fingerprint Tattoo 17
Fingerprint Tattoo 18
Fingerprint Tattoo 19
Fingerprint Tattoo 20
Fingerprint Tattoo 21
Fingerprint Tattoo 22
Fingerprint Tattoo 23
Fingerprint Tattoo 24
Fingerprint Tattoo 25
Fingerprint Tattoo 26
Fingerprint Tattoo 27
Fingerprint Tattoo 28
Fingerprint Tattoo 29
Fingerprint Tattoo 30
Fingerprint Tattoo 31
Fingerprint Tattoo 32
Fingerprint Tattoo 33
Fingerprint Tattoo 34
Fingerprint Tattoo 35
Fingerprint Tattoo 36
Fingerprint Tattoo 37
Fingerprint Tattoo 38
Fingerprint Tattoo 39
Fingerprint Tattoo 40
Fingerprint Tattoo 41
Fingerprint Tattoo 42
Fingerprint Tattoo 43
Fingerprint Tattoo 44
Fingerprint Tattoo 45
Fingerprint Tattoo 47
Fingerprint Tattoo 48
Fingerprint Tattoo 49
Fingerprint Tattoo 50

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Fingerprints are actually one of the several physical characteristics which are unique to an individual, which makes them extremely personal and authentic. It is a wonder why there are not more people that will choose fingerprint tattoo designs.

Fingerprint tattoo designs are actually almost instantly recognizable as of their characteristic swirls and loops. Even when they are incorporated into some other designs, it will be hard to not notice a fingerprint in a tattoo.

A fingerprint provides an infallible way to identify an individual. Its use in tattoo imagery, both larger and life-sized, may be representative of this individuality, and humanity in general, as are the handprint and footprint. Also, it may represent the trace evidence that is left behind from the touch of someone, as it is the case with so many fingerprinting investigations.Fingerprints

Fingerprint tattoos are unlike any other. With almost 8 billion people on our planet, no one has the same fingerprint. The idea of fingerprints being utilized for artistic reasons was around since the prehistoric days.

The nomads, as well as cave people, would create illustrations in order not to just entertain one another, but also to pass out information along with others who pass through some caver or other types of shelter. Frequently, the art was displayed on walls, and the main tool they utilized was their very own hands.

Creating the image for the fingerprint tattoo is actually simple and an excellent way of getting a better understanding of how the new body art you want to do is going to look. As it does not take much effort to get a fingerprint on a piece of paper, you may always play around with the idea before you even decide to get a tattoo some part of your body permanently.

  • Fingerprint tattoo designs and their meanings.

There are a lot of fingerprint tattoo designs, as you can combine them with other objects or simply tattoo an object with the design of your fingerprint.

Here are the twelve most common fingerprint tattoo designs, and their meanings:

  1. Large fingerprint tattoo.

Although our fingerprints are small, the fingerprint tattoo designs do not have to be inconspicuous and small. In fact, a giant fingerprint tattoo will be an awesome one, particularly on your back.

  1. Fingerprint tattoo in the shape of a heart.

The heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo designs are actually a sweet way of honoring a couple of special people.

  1. Red matching heart fingerprint tattoo.

The heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo may also make excellent matching tattoos for couples, friends, or members of one family.

  1. Fingerprint tattoo with a quote.

A sweet and short quote fits really nicely around a heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo.

  1. Artistic fingerprint tattoo.

This is actually a unique artistic twist present in some fingerprint tattoo designs. They actually add a nice little pop of color.

  1. Dandelion fingerprint tattoo.

The hidden fingerprints in a dandelion tattoo may make this sweet design much more personal, as well as unique.

  1. Musical fingerprint tattoo.

This can be made with a tiny hidden music note made of fingerprints.

  1. Fingerprint butterfly tattoo.

Several fingerprints are going to give the little butterfly the wings it needs to fly so that it will be an amazing tattoo design.

  1. Fingerprint and semi-colon butterfly tattoo.

This is another interesting fingerprint tattoo design, with a semi-colon that is incorporated into it.

  1. Fingerprint elephant tattoo.

Fingerprint designs may be created to feature almost every other element, such as this beautiful animal, making them versatile and excellent tattoo designs too.

  1. Infinity fingerprint tattoo.

The fingerprint in this particular tattoo design is tucked neatly inside of the symbol for infinity.

  1. Skull fingerprint tattoo.

Of course, if you always wanted something more macabre, a fingerprint in the shape of a skull might be more your taste.

A lot of people decide to design their fingerprint tattoo designs after their own fingerprints or the fingerprints of their loved ones. Simply said, it only makes the tattoo which is much more personal and unique. But, this is not a requirement, and just the general fingerprint may be utilized in a tattoo.

If the fingerprint tattoo looks like a piece that would suit you, we will suggest you go ahead and get it. Fingerprint tattoos may be very versatile, so fitting them together with the rest of your tattoos should not be a problem.

Depending on the simplicity of your design, its color, or its size, your tattoo artist has to have the ability to give you the desired final result. With fingerprint tattoos, there are also many swirls, curves, as well as small detailed lines. Choosing a spot where you think that your skin will not stretch much will be the best possible placement. Basically anywhere you feel that your skin will not start to loosen up and sag with age. You should take these ideas into consideration and choose your tattoo design precisely and carefully.


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Tattoo fingerprint

The thumbprint tattoo, like all other fingerprint tattoos, is a great way to show off your individuality while also getting a very cool tattoo design. They can be designed in many different ways and many people get them as their most important tattoos. On this page we will go over the different types of thumbnail tattoos that you can get as well as some of the meanings that you can attach to these tats.

The reason why thumbprint tattoos are so interesting is because no two thumbprints are alike, which means you know that you will be getting a unique tattoo. These days it seems like people have a very hard time figuring out how to make unique designs, and that’s why the thumbnail tat is such a good idea for some folks. Sure, most of these designs are made up of some simple lines, but those lines together make for a one of a kind tattoo.

The main reason why people decide to get thumbprint tattoos is because they want to show that they are proud of who they are and that no one else in the world is like them. It’s a great meaning because even when you are not doing great, you can look at the tattoo to remember that you are special no matter how good or bad things are going at the moment. It’s one of those rare tattoos that both makes a statement and can be seen as a motivational design at the same time.

A really cool love tattoo that people make with their spouses is the thumbprint heart tattoo. In these designs both people use one of their thumbs to create half of the heart. Sometimes couples will get matching designs, while in other cases just one of the two people will get the tattoo. Either way, this is a great design to get if you do not want to get one of the cliché heart tattoos that have been around for decades.

Similarly, some people will get friendship thumbprint tattoos. This is when two or more people get multiple thumbprints on their skin to show that they have a true bond. This is a great tattoo to get on your forearm or wrist since it is meant to be one of those tats that you are proud to show to the world. Even though this is a very cool tattoo idea, be sure that you really want to get it before you commit because you don’t want to end up with someone’s thumbprint on your skin if you might not be friends in the future.

Another thumbprint tattoo idea is to get your child’s thumbprint in the design to show how happy you are to be a parent. This can work well on its own or combined with other tattoos to show your pride in being a mom or dad. You can get your child’s thumbprint when he or she is an infant, or you can even wait until they are older.

Some people get their thumbprint tattoos in all black ink, while others like to add in their favorite colors to their designs. The black ink version is a good one to get if you want to make it look like an authentic print, and the colored version is a good option if you want to match other tattoos that you have or you simply like the look of that version. If you do add color to the design, you should pick colors that hold meanings that make sense for you.

A newer version of the thumbprint tat that has popped up in recent years is fitting the thumbprint design inside of another design. For example, some people will get a tree tattoo and the bark is made up of their thumbprints. You can definitely be creative with these tattoos.

A thumbprint tattoo can also be included in larger designs, which can give a more complete picture of who you are and what’s important to you in your life. In these cases you will need to figure out what the centerpiece of the design is going to be to make the design process a bit easier. What’s great about the thumbprint is that it works with a number of themes, from family tattoos to highly personal tattoo designs.

The majority of thumbprint tattoos are made to be the shape and size of actual thumbs, but some people opt to blow up their thumbprints so they can fully cover parts of their bodies. Some people love the look of the thumbprint design covering their hands, while others like to make their designs look like someone actually pressed their thumb into their skin. You can even go all-out with the design and make it cover your entire back, though it might be hard to figure out what the design actually is at that size. The point is that thumbprint tattoos don’t have to be a specific size even though it seems like they are best in natural form.

You will want the thumbprint tattoo to be perfect, so you will want to hire a tattoo artist who is very good at his or her line work. This is especially true with realistic thumbprints since the lines are very close together and you want it to actually end up being an exact match to the thumb used in the design. Search around for good artists in your area before you commit to one; the worst thing you can do is just walk into a random shop and hope that they end up doing a great job.

Anyone looking to get a very interesting and meaningful tattoo should look into getting a thumbprint tattoo. They are some of the best designs to get for people who want to show their pride in being unique individuals. They also happen to be very nice looking tattoos that turn some heads and make people wonder who you are. If you are planning on getting a thumbprint tattoo, be sure to get an exact replica made of whoever’s thumbprint you’re using and then hire a top tattoo artist to make the tattoo for you.

Thumbprint Tattoo 1
Thumbprint Tattoo 2
Thumbprint Tattoo 3
Thumbprint Tattoo 4
Thumbprint Tattoo 5
Thumbprint Tattoo 6
Thumbprint Tattoo 7
Thumbprint Tattoo 8
Thumbprint Tattoo 9
Thumbprint Tattoo 10
Thumbprint Tattoo 11
Thumbprint Tattoo 12
Thumbprint Tattoo 13
Thumbprint Tattoo 14
Thumbprint Tattoo 15
Thumbprint Tattoo 16
Thumbprint Tattoo 17
Thumbprint Tattoo 18
Thumbprint Tattoo 19
Thumbprint Tattoo 20
Thumbprint Tattoo 21
Thumbprint Tattoo 22
Thumbprint Tattoo 23
Thumbprint Tattoo 24
Thumbprint Tattoo 25
Thumbprint Tattoo 26
Thumbprint Tattoo 27
Thumbprint Tattoo 28
Thumbprint Tattoo 29
Thumbprint Tattoo 30
Thumbprint Tattoo 31
Thumbprint Tattoo 32
Thumbprint Tattoo 33
Thumbprint Tattoo 34
Thumbprint Tattoo 35
Thumbprint Tattoo 36
Thumbprint Tattoo 37
Thumbprint Tattoo 38
Thumbprint Tattoo 39
Thumbprint Tattoo 40
Thumbprint Tattoo 41
Thumbprint Tattoo 42
Thumbprint Tattoo 43
Thumbprint Tattoo 44
Thumbprint Tattoo 45
Thumbprint Tattoo 46
Thumbprint Tattoo 47
Thumbprint Tattoo 48
Thumbprint Tattoo 49
Thumbprint Tattoo 50

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Fingerprint Tattoos

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Bill Wilson

We all have someone in our lives who holds a special place in our heart. That special person could be a family member, a life companion, a friend or even an animal. To celebrate these special people (and animals) we sometimes decide to prove our love by getting a tattoo for them. Whether they are still in our lives today or have passed on, memorial tattoos are getting extremely creative. The latest memorial tattoo design is to get their actual fingerprint. The list below is filled with different fingerprint ideas for your next memorial tattoo.

This tattoo artist made the finger print super clean and simple.

This tattoo artist made the finger print super clean and simple.


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