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FIRE-BIRD: Habitat suitability model application tools for disturbance-associated woodpeckers

Image of a logo for the tool FIRE-BIRD including the text FIRE-BIRD in the center with photos of woodpeckers, a wooded landscape, and GIS map surrounding the text. A transparent up close image of a tree trunk is in the background. FIRE-BIRD: Habitat suitability model application tools for disturbance-associated woodpeckers.
The habitat suitability models implemented in FIRE-BIRD, and their respective output, can inform forest management for sensitive disturbance-associated woodpecker species. The output of the FIRE-BIRD tool identifies areas most likely to support these species. The output can be used to identify areas of high suitability which can be targeted for conservation (e.g., design criteria for post-fire salvage logging) and to identify areas of marginal suitability where habitat improvements could be conducted (e.g., dry forest restoration activities).

Tools are currently developed for black-backed (Picoides arcticus), Lewis’s (Melanerpes lewis), and white-headed woodpecker (Dryobates albolarvatus) in Inland Northwest burned forests; black-backed, white-headed, and hairy woodpecker (D. villosus) in Northern Sierra burned forests; and white-headed woodpecker in Inland Northwest unburned forests. The suite of species currently included makes this toolset best suited for postfire management and restoration treatments in dry mixed-conifer forests.

Additional species and forest conditions will continue to be added, broadening the scope of this toolset.

The General Technical Report (GTR) referenced/linked on this page describes the ecological basis for each tool and provides operational instructions and guidelines for applying habitat maps to inform planning.

The video tutorial provides a walkthrough for application of habitat suitability models.

Feedback/Support (email): [email protected]

Sours: https://www.fs.usda.gov/rmrs/tools/fire-bird-habitat-suitability-model-application-tools-disturbance-associated-woodpeckers

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Re: Woodpeckers Knock off Tools

Postby roy_okc »

I received the same email from Woodpeckers.

I noticed a couple days ago several listings on Amazon for ~$30 drill guides from Chinese named sellers that are using photoshopped photos (removing names and in one case offering a black version) of Woodpeckers' upcoming drill guide; one listing didn't even bother to photoshop the name out. One of the listings even uses Woodpeckers in the title. If you're interested in seeing them, just search for "drill guide" on Amazon, currently there are three sponsored at the top and I found the black one further down the page.

Mark V/510, Mark V/500 with parts for 510 upgrade, bandsaw, jointer, belt sander, DC3300 w/1 micron bag
Sawstop 3HP 36" PCS w/router table insert
Home designed and built CNC router, another CNC router :D desktop size
Laser engraver
Way too much other stuff and not enough space :rolleyes:
Sours: https://forum.shopsmith.com/viewtopic.php?t=25734
  1. Locker style cabinets
  2. Kicker amp
  3. Custom cartoon air force ones

Woodpeckers Tools for Marking and Measuring

Woodpeckers Tools

The tools from Woodpeckers are considered one of the best for  marking, transferring and measuring tools.
Above all, they stand for the highest quality standards, extreme durability and also for unambiguous precision, thus ensuring an optimal result every time.

Carpenters Angles, Marking Rulers and T-Squares

With its products for manual processing, the US company is specialises in the field of joiner angles, marking and transfer tools, and an excellent range of marking and stop tools setting new standards in terms of perfection and precision.
With the T-Lineal "T-Square" Woodpeckers has, for example, redesigned a simple marking tool in a meaningful and innovative way, which in our opinion no workshop should be without.
Woodpecker tools are loved by professionals and amateur woodworkers alike.



Due to the high demand for the tools worldwide, Woodpeckers have only able to deliver limited quantities in 2020.

Unfortunately, we currently have no information as to when we will be supplied with new tools. A new delivery is not expected until towards the end of 2021. Therefore, all Woodpeckers items with a red button can currently not be ordered.

However, you have the option of entering your e-mail address for the corresponding products and will receive a notification as soon as the item is available again. We will also inform you via our newsletter and social media channels as soon as we can deliver Woodpeckers again. Until then you can of course order all tools that have a green button in the shop. Thank you for your understanding!

No results were found for the filter!

Woodpeckers Mini Square W-MINISQUARE



Woodpeckers Edge Ruler set W-ERULE-M


Delivery time 1 - 2 days **


Woodpeckers Marking Ruler 300 mm W-WWR300


Delivery time 1 - 2 days **


Woodpeckers Hook Stop W-HOOKSTOP
Woodpeckers Hook Stop

Very practical accessories for measuring rulers
suitable for the models WWR300, WWR600,WWR900 and WWR1200


Delivery time 1 - 2 days **


Sours: https://www.sautershop.com/woodpeckers-tools-for-marking-and-measuring/

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Tools woodpeckers

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