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Shokuhou Misaki


Mental Out
Number Five
The Queen of Tokiwadai
Queen Bee


14[citation needed]

Esper Power

Mental Out (,Shinri Shōaku (Mentaru Auto)?, lit. "Psychological Control")

English VA

Teri Rogers (Railgun S)
Mikaela Krantz (Railgun T)

Appears In

Novel, Manga, Anime, Audio Drama, and Video Game

Shokuhou Misaki (食蜂 操祈,Shokuhō Misaki?)is the fifth ranked Level 5esper and a student at Tokiwadai Middle Schoolthat goes under the alias "The Queen". This refers to her having the largest factionand influence within Tokiwadai Middle School due to her ability.[3]Originally referred to only in passing in Toaru Majutsu no Index, her character later officially debuts in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and later made her debut in the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Indexnovels.


Misaki's first name can be translated as "Wish For Control" and her name as a whole can be translated as "Dominated Psychology". Her first name is composed of the characters for "control" and "pray", and her surname carries a "honey bee" motif, which was later decided by Kamachi to illustrate Misaki as someone who eats through societal structures.[4]


Misaki appears as an elegant beauty of Tokiwadai Middle School, sporting long straight hair of golden color. She wears a pair of white gloves and stockings, both adorned with laces. She is also seen holding a shoulder bag with a star adorned on the middle. Her eyes are also gold colored, however, one notable feature of her eyes is that they have star designs on them. Literally, she is a starry-eyed girl. She claims that she was born that way.[5]

Her large breasts are a point of jealousy for Mikoto, who mocks her for it. She even once suspects Misaki of not being a middle school student based on her bust size, to which Misaki replies that it may be possible with her abilities that she is not.[6] Both Seria and Touma have also question her if she was even in middle school. However, a year before the story Misaki had a smaller bust, even being called flat-chested by Touma.[7]


Not much is known about her past and childhood, besides the fact that she is an only child.[8] When she entered Academy City and passed through the Power Curriculum Program, she became an esper of an unknown Level, but higher than 0.[9]

When she was younger, Shokuhou Misaki was a subject of the Clone Dolly first research laboratory. It's revealed that Shokuhou Misaki and Mitsuari Ayu of the third laboratory were found by Tree Diagram to both have the possibility of reaching Level 5, possessing abilities with a near-identical basic theory and scope, though they would plateau at Level 3 under the standard curriculum. The higher-ups decided to prune one and focus on developing the other. Following the Parameter List, they chose to focus on Shokuhou Misaki, with Mitsuari Ayu being kept as a back-up in the event of her death. Her researchers soon begun to train Misaki's powers for the Exterior Project, using her powers to brainwash people like Makuwa to think melons are apples.[10] Part of this project was the development of Exterior, a giant brain that could replicate her powers with much higher potency, with significantly increased reach and number of people that can be controlled at one time, and to allow anybody to use Mental Out for themselves. For that project, part of her cerebral cortex was taken from her to create Exterior.[11]

At some point during her time in the first laboratory, Shokuhou approached Hokaze Junko, a subject of Clone Dolly's third lab, and discovered that Junko suffered painful headaches every day due to her power. Misaki used her power to sync with Junko's mind and relieve the headaches, despite the risk to herself if Junko were to lose control. She advised Junko to stop trying to everything by herself and said that she owed her one.[12]

During the project, she was asked to brainwash a girl that is known as Dolly, which the scientist required for data, into thinking she is her friend that left her after discovering the machines implanted on Dolly's person. Misaki somehow acquiesces and begins pretending as Dolly's friend.[13] This ultimately ends in tragedy when it is revealed that Dolly's condition is steadily deteriorating even with Academy City's powerful medical technology, and by the time the two have become close Dolly falls ill and dies shortly after—supposedly a foregone conclusion and necessary to the Exterior project. A crestfallen Misaki soon turns against the facility and its researchers, exerting her influence and control over everybody involved in the project. She learns that the Clone Dolly Workshop is related to the Exterior project, and also that the scientists are to dispose of her once Exterior is completed. By the time she enters Tokiwadai Middle School, Misaki has effectively hidden Exterior and its capabilities completely,[10] though later had help from people apparently loyal to her to maintain it.[11] Her admission to Tokiwadai happened simultaneously to her being officially classified as a Level 5,[14] at which point she was higher ranked than Misaka Mikoto.[15]

Due to the events involving Dolly and the Exterior Project, Misaki became weary and depressed to the point of wanting to use her powers on herself to remove what she called "heavy thoughts".[7]

Meeting Kamijou Touma

Back in August of the previous year of the timeline, Misaki meets Kamijou Touma several times, which would later be remarked upon by her "as the happiest period of her life",[16] despite their relationship ending abruptly. Misaki, a 1st year of Tokiwadai, first meets Touma in an intersection, bumping into him as he was in a hurry. In his haste he leaves his cellphone with Misaki, forcing her to hand over the phone to Anti-Skill.[17] This event would later consequently lead to the attempted suicide of Mitsuari Ayu at Ground Geo, a girl similar to Misaki, who had just reached an impasse in her ability development. This is because the cellphone could have been used by Touma to call her and prevent her from trying to take her own life as she stated "wanted to be saved" by him.[18] Later, a still-depressed Misaki, goes to Ground Geo and pondered using Mental Out on herself. She later meets Touma again who was still hounded by his failure to help Mitsuari, recognizing him from before. The meeting would subsequently prevent Misaki from doing the deed as Misaki discovers first-hand, several times, on how Touma's power worked against her.[7]

Touma would later meet Misaki several times during the summer, bickering and getting into shenanigans, like going for a swim, where they introduce each other and where Touma relates his preference for big-breasted women,[19] and getting tricked by Kumokawa Seria.[20] This later culminates with Touma giving a used cheap whistle for her to use to call him when she is in trouble, which notes is an indirect kiss with him.[21] The similarities with Misaka Mikoto's relationship with Touma are clear, and they can be described as acquaintances that often run into each other in the city. Misaki even hypothesized that these similarities may be the reason why she can't stand her.[22]

These run-ins with Touma, however, would later come to an abrupt end. Deadlock would later try and attack Misaki, forcing Touma to defend her using his own body while she used her powers to whittle their numbers by having them attack each other. Touma's efforts however later come at a price as he becomes severely injured. Needing to save Touma's life, Misaki volunteers to use her powers on Touma, as in essence, it manipulates the brain's fluids, cutting off his sense of pain and allowing the EMT to treat him. However, due to Touma's low blood pressure, her attempt didn't work correctly as planned, leaving Touma brain damaged and making him unable to remember and make new memories of her and only her.[23]

The reason why she has complete trust towards Touma is likely because of their previous relationship. Indeed, during the Agitate Halation Arc, she helps Touma, while using the body of another girl, regardless of the unscientific and ridiculous things he speaks to her.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Misaki is often referenced throughout the series for her role as a powerful telepath and is always referred to in the third person or as her alias, The Queen of Tokiwadai.

Index Arc

Main article: Index Arc

Kamijou Touma first references her during the Index Arc. While trying to convince Kanzaki Kaori to let Academy City help Index, he tells her that there's a Level 5 at Tokiwadai that could extract people's memories by just touching them.[24] It is unknown what would happen if Misaki were to do what Touma what intended her to do, but if she was to see into Index's mind, and thus her many grimoires, the backlash would most likely severely harm her.

Acqua of the Back Arc

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc

Mikoto mentions Shokuhou (by her epithet "The Queen") for the first time, recalling that the Queen is the best mind controller in Academy City. Mikoto first considers asking her to fix Kamijou Touma's memory loss problem, but quickly dismisses the idea since she isn't on good enough terms with her, and Mikoto did not want to end up in the "Queen's" debt. Mikoto also did not like the idea of trusting the health of a friend to someone she has an indirect rivalry with.[25]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Main article: Shokuhou Misaki/Chronology (Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Eve Arc

Main article: Christmas Eve Arc

On the morning of December 24th, Shokuhou worked together with Mikoto in their attempt to escape from Tokiwadai's strict Christmas oversight. However she was abandoned by Mikoto on a rooftop before she could betray her and was left to take the blame, swearing revenge.[26]

Christmas Day Arc

Main article: Christmas Day Arc

Shokuhou was present at Heaven Canceller's Hospital on Christmas Day, intending to make up for lost time with the injured Touma and take revenge for the first kiss opportunity stolen by Anna Sprengel, while keeping an eye on his condition.[27][28][29][30][31][32]

On learning that Touma was dying due to the ingested St. Germain, the two Level 5s teamed up to confront Anna Sprengel for the cure.[32] Despite bringing their best equipment, they were unprepared for Anna's power, toyed with before being utterly defeated, unable to stop Anna from reaching the hospital,[33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43] where Touma came out to confront her.[43] The girls were subsequently hospitalized due to their injuries.[44]

Operation Handcuffs Arc

Main article: Operation Handcuffs Arc

At the end of Christmas Day, Mikoto and Shokuhou met Kuroko in the hospital after she was hospitalized from injuries sustained during Operation Handcuffs.[46]

Los Angeles Arc

Main article: Los Angeles Arc

Early in the morning on December 26th, Shokuhou snuck off to Touma's room in the hospital, manipulating Kuroko to distract Mikoto, only to find to her dismay that Touma had already escaped from the hospital.[48] Later in the day, the two Level 5s were having a minor scuffle (starting over the television), when Touma phoned Mikoto for help in unlocking Melzabeth Grocery's phone for information, with Kuroko's interruption ending up providing the information Touma needed.[49][50]

Mikoto and Shokuhou were watching when the Sisters willing revealed themselves to the world to support Touma, who was fighting Citrinitas to save the trapped population of Los Angeles and to prevent Melzabeth Grocery from being framed for the magician's actions. Despite being alarmed at the suddenness of the reveal and faced with having to explain things to their family, friends and acquaintances, the two were proud of the girls for choosing for themselves to act to protect others and taking their first steps into a larger world.[51]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Main article: Shokuhou Misaki/Chronology (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

Other Appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Shokuhou Misaki Figurine

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Shokuhou Misaki Figurine

Shokuhou Misaki encounters a moving, speaking miniature of herself and seeks out its creator to find out when her body data had been leaked out.[52] She finds the doll's creator, a woman called the Professor, imprisoned in a doll museum.[53][54] Once there, the Professor reveals to her that she created the doll in order to leave behind a memory of her since she will be dead. Misaki is then shot by one of the woman's accomplices, fulfilling the condition that made her create the mini-Misaki figure in the first place.[55] Little did she know that Misaki has already used her Mental Out on her and her accomplice.[56]

Under the illusion of Mental Out, the Professor is forced to reveal her plan of preserving Academy City using her Urban Processor, believing that the city will be destroyed soon. Misaki refuses to accept the Professor's reasoning, and believes that there is still some path other than what the Professor is taking. In the end Misaki has the Urban Processor destroyed, while the Professor is left satisfied with Misaki's answer.[57][58]

In the end the doll ends up living with Misaki. However, the thought of Academy City being destroyed is still on Misaki's mind, and it would be only two days before Othinus remade the world.[59]

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On

Piloting the Virtualoid, Angelan, Misaki did battle with Misaka's friends and eventually Misaka herself, during a Virtual-On Tournament.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA 01

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA 01

Not actually appearing in person per se, but she is referenced by Shirai Kuroko in the final moments of the first Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA, where she states that there are two Level 5s in Tokiwadai Middle School.

MMR: Much More Railgun

Video Games

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Miksaki is one of the playable characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On video game. Her associated Virtuaroid is SGV-417-l/VSL Angelan.[60] As indicated in the prequel short story Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On: Misaka Mikoto's Dangerous Tea Party, Misaki agrees to team-up with Mikoto during the Vooster's Cup, which draws the ire of Shirai Kuroko.


Mental Out

  • Shokuhou using her ability on a member of her clique

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Shokuhou Misaki's Clique

Shokuhou Misaki's Clique (食蜂操祈の派閥,Shokuhō Misaki no Habatsu?, alt. "Shokuhou Misaki's Faction"), also referred to as the Shokuhou Clique (食蜂派閥,Shokuhō Habatsu?, alt. "Shokuhou Faction"), is the largest clique in Tokiwadai Middle School, led by the #5 Level 5and 'Queen of Tokiwadai', Shokuhou Misaki.[1][2][3]



Before summer break, Shokuhou Misaki encouraged Shirai Kuroko to join her clique.[4]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Agitate Halation Arc[]

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Mental Out Arc[]

Main article: Mental Out Arc

Element Arc[]

Main article: Element Arc

Coronzon Arc[]

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Kamijou Arc[]

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Following Academy City's recovery, members of the clique reunited with Shokuhou at the airport in School District 23.[5][6]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

Misaki makes use of her clique to prevent Mikoto from getting further involved after she and Keitz Nokleben find an incapacitated Misaka 10032,[7] including Hokaze Junko and Kobayashi Satori.

That is, however, the limit of their involvement, as the girls also wonder where she's gone.[7] Mikoto would later lash out in anger against the clique members who were assigned to surround her, after finding Kongou Mitsuko injured in her battle against Baba Yoshio. This cows the girls of the clique to allow Mikoto to finally get involved.[8]

After the events of the arc, Misaki would use her power to manipulate everyone's memories into thinking Mikoto not participating in the festival events on the second day was because of her eating too much and having her stay in the bathroom all day.[9]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

Jailbreaker Arc[]

Main article: Jailbreaker Arc
This section requires expansion
Observing Dolly

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS3[]

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS3

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Astral Buddy[]

The sidestory focuses on Hokaze Junko and her adventures, with Shokuhou Misaki and the clique in a supporting role.[2] Early in the story, Misaki is kidnapped by Yumiya Iruka,[10] forcing Hokaze Junko and Kobayashi Satori to take command of the clique to save their Queen.[11]


  • Shokuhou Misaki
  • Hokaze Junko
  • Kobayashi Satori
  • Sakibasu Yuri
  • Makigami Komaki
  • "Shigu-nyan" (しぐにゃん,"Shigu-nyan"?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Matsu" (まっつー,Mattsū?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Cat Claw" (ねこつめさん,Nekotsume-san?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Bunny 44" (うさぎ44,Usagi 44?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Eternal Beginner's Luck" (万年ビギナーズラック,Mannen Bigināzu Rakku?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "June Bride" (ジューンブライド,Jūn Buraido?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Blatant Lie" (まっかなうそ,Makkana Uso?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Chiffon" (しふぉん,Shifon?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Red Riding Hood" (赤ずきん,Akazukin?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]
  • "Bamboo Leaf Panda" (笹の葉ぱんだ,Sasa-no-Yō Panda?) (SNS handle of an unidentified member)[12]



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Shokuhou Misaki is the female character from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun & Toaru Majutsu no Index series.

She is the absolute bae but is highly underappreciated. I absolutely adore her & have a dedicated Pinterest section to her where I upload tons of pictures because they are missing… for some reason she is not that popular. 🙁

By the way, 9 Tailed Kitsune got mentioned in the top 90 anime websites & blogs on feedspot (which makes me really happy). 🙂


*might contain some mild spoilers, proceed with care!

Here are15 Facts About Shokuhou Misaki!

#15 She is 14 years old

Despite not looking like it. But you can never be sure with such a manipulator. 🙂

#14 Misaki is the fifth-ranked Level 5 esper

Basically meaning that she is the fifth strongest in the whole Academy City. Academy City has ~2.3 million people and ~80% of them are students. Around 60% of the entire population is having Level 0 abilities.

#13 She is a student at Tokiwadai Middle School

Shokuhou is a 2nd-year student at Tokiwadai Middle School.

#12 Her alias is “The Queen”

The Queen alias references to her having the largest clique & influence within Tokiwadai Middle School.

#11 Misaki is the leader of the Shokuhou clique

Shokuhou Clique is the largest clique in Tokiwadai’s Middle School.

Here are some known (and popular members) of the clique:

  • Shokuhou Misaki,
  • Hokaze Junko,
  • Kobayashi Satori,
  • Sakibasu Yuri,
  • Makigami Komaki.

#10 Misaki’s name meaning

Misaki translates as “Wish for Control” & her name as a whole means “Dominated Psychology”.

Her surname carries a “honey bee” motif, referencing to her being depicted as someone who eats through societal structures.

#9 Her signature look

You would have to be blind to not notice how unique and elegant she looks. She is a starry-eyed girl (literally)!

Misaki has straight long golden hair and wears a pair of white gloves and stockings, both adorned with laces. She is always carrying a shoulder bag with a star adorned in the middle.

#8 She is the source of Misaka Mikoto’s jealousy

Even someone as cute as Mikoto can be jealous of Misaki. The main source of jealousy is nothing else than Misaki’s bust size.

Mikoto once even suspected that Misaki is not a middle school student because of it!

#7 Her ability is called “Mental Out”

Mental Out is an immensely powerful psychic ability involving the human mind which has a variety of uses, including but not limited to:

  • reading other people’s memories,
  • mental control,
  • telepathy,
  • changing the personality/willpower of her target,
  • memory destruction,
  • revelation, transplantation of emotions,
  • psychometry,
  • brainwashing.

#6 Misaki was a part of Exterior Project

A part of her cerebral cortex was taken from her to create Exterior, which was supposed to be the stronger version of Mental Out for anybody to use.

After she turned against researchers, this large cultivated brain became a great boost for her power until it was destroyed later.

#5 Misaki’s Mental Out can be managed through a remote controller

Her power is derived from controlling the fluids in the target’s brain, with which she changes its conductive efficiency and thereby making the fluid to act as a catalyst for the electricity to flow through.

Since Mental Out has such a wide variety of applications, Misaki divides it up into predetermined categories to make it easier to use. These categories are used for specific applications or commands, hence the usage of the remote controller is resulting in more precise usage of her ability.

#4 She might be in love with Touma

She cares for him quite deeply, but it never went anywhere.

They are described as acquaintances that often run into each other in the city. Misaki even hypothesized that these similarities may be the reason why she can’t stand Misaka Mikoto (same happens to Mikoto & Touma).

After an incident that resulted in Misaki using her powers on him in order to save his life, Touma is left brain-damaged, making him unable to remember and make new memories of her and only her.

#3 Misaki deeply cared for Dolly

When she was younger, Shokuhou Misaki was the subject of the Clone Dolly first research laboratory. She was picked as a possible candidate for reaching Level 5 out of two candidates (her and Mitsuari Yaru, having almost identical abilities).

During the Exterior Project, she was asked to brainwash a girl, Dolly, to think that she is her friend that left her in the past after discovering implanted machines on her body. She hesitantly agrees.

In the process, she truly befriends Dolly as they spend time together. Later she finds out that Dolly is falling ill and dying despite all the medical advances, having no hope for recovery.

After Dolly dies, Misaki, the downhearted Misaki soon turns against the facility and its researchers, using her power to control everyone involved in the project.

#2 She used to be depressed

After the project ended and Dolly died, she became depressed to the point that she wanted to use her own powers on herself to get rid of heavy thoughts associated with it.

#1 Misaki’s personality is nuanced

The 1st season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun didn’t reveal much about Misaki, except for her playful and mocking behavior towards Mikoto, along with her clique and great psychic power.

In the 3rd Season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, we finally meet young Shokuhou and understand a bit more about her background and what shaped her into the person she is today. She might wear this “bitchy facade”, but she in fact cares deeply about certain things (including clones) and is way more cunning than you would anticipate.

Misaki is not just beautiful, but also extremely intelligent and skilled in planning and foreseeing the thinking and moves of her foes.


Hi, my name is Mia and I’m the founder of 9 Tailed Kitsune.
I love anime, games, and esports (I am also a bit weird).
My passion for anime sparked when I was about 7 (Phantom Thief Jeanne, hello!) and has never stopped.

Every Shokuhou Misaki Irritates Misaka - Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

There was both pain and pleasure in this groan. There was much more desire in these sounds. The man lifted the girl's head by the hair.

Misaki shokuhou

As already noted, tall, not too smiling, but no less beautiful and alluring from this. And without communication, it was clear that a girl with a strong, strong-willed character, admiring herself and, as it seemed to me, inaccessible. A red uniform sat very beautifully on her slender body, the skirt elegantly emphasized the wide hips of endless slender legs.

My brother, despite his younger age and he is only 19, eagerly began to tell me that it would be very good to get to know M.

Shokuhou Misaki moments in A Certain Scientific Railgun T

Or don't you want details. So, Yurka, his name is Valera. He just works not far from our office. Also at the firm, as a manager. All so serious, so elegant.

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I, not without difficulty, forced myself to focus my gaze. the bottle was almost empty. The chef, seemingly catching the direction of my gaze, lifted the bottle, appreciated the remainder and poured equally into glasses.

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