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Sweat In Style With DYI - Define Your Inspiration Activewear

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We all love being active and exercising, but sometimes it’s easy to make up excuses and say it’s just too hot. DYI, the company that Forbes named the next Lululemon, has your perfect solution to the scorching summer heat!

Everyone has a different way they enjoy being active so DYI- Define Your Inspiration created a line of clothing for any and all athletic endeavours. While they’re known for their leggings, they have created shorts, a skirt and tops that are perfect when it’s just too toasty outside.

The too hot for leggings DYI bottoms include:

  • Active Short: Comfort meets style in our all new summer Active Short! A sporty stretch woven fabric stretches and moves with you. Two invisible zipper pockets allows you to carry a phone hands free while you focus on your workout. Two pockets on the back side give a little style and extra interest to this perfect breathable, lightweight short. The inseam on this short is 4 inches.
  • Relax Ponte Short: LIFESTYLE short for Pre and Post workout. This short is a part of our STREET Collection- made for women who need a comfortable, but polished look this summer. This short has a fold down waist made from our famous BOND fabric. Perfectly comfortable, but can be dressed up for a night time look.
  • Active Skirt: Whether you’re on a hike, a bike or traveling this summer, our Active Skirt is a perfect addition to your Summer workout wardrobe. A lightweight woven, stretch fabric moves with you and keeps you cool during warmer months. Built in short gives coverage and comfort no matter what you plan on doing. Two invisible zipper pockets allow you to carry a phone or other items hands free.

Pair these shorts and skirt with some loose tanks including:

  • Deep Breeze Tank: Get Breezy in our Deep Breeze tank! Our lightweight, breathable tanks is the perfect layering piece to transition from spring to summer.
  • No Sweat T-Shirt: Made for your most intense sweat session. With our super soft and pliant Bond fabric for the body, and our signature power mesh on the back, a staple to have for every workout.
  • Simply Sporty Tank: The tank that is missing from your workout wardrobe. Longer length, all mesh striped back, tencel front, and easy to take on and off. What more could you ask for?
  • Take It Easy Tee: The perfect fit V neck T-shirt! Made for those days you just feel like wearing a t-shirt, but you can still look fabulous!
  • Breathe Tank: Our Breathe Tank is our most popular top this Spring! Whether you wear it loose or tied in the back, this tank will look incredible with every yoga tight in your wardrobe!
  • Balance Tank: This Active Tank is not only beautiful, but also ready for your next sweat session! Made in Tencel fabric, this tank will keep you dry through your workout, but beautiful enough for your night out. Drapes and twists in the back.

Whether you run, yoga, weight train or rock climb, DYI’s apparel is perfect for you to sweat in style!

To learn more about DYI visit


DYI I Define Your Inspiration is an activewear and lifestyle apparel brand with the perfect fusion of fashion, performance and function. What inspires you to move? Whether you’re inspired by a maximum intensity sweat session, strength training, or a rejuvenating yoga class, DYI designs apparel specifically for your state of mind. The DYI brand brings together fashionable clothing and healthy living in a unique way. It isn’t just clothing, but a mindset, a philosophy and a movement! It’s about living a happy, active and balanced life by doing things that inspire you!

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DYI | Define Your Inspiration

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Most Recent Comments

  • August 2021

    I absolutely love DYI and have been wearing this local brand for years now. Their new store is gorgeous and in happy to see them expand. I was sad they didn't carry my favorite bra anymore but will gladly shop there in the future.

  • August 2021

    Beautiful store! Also, I placed an order online and called and received help immediately! Wonderful customer service and love all these fun leggings and sports bras! Will be shopping here often for sure!

  • June 2021

    Love DYI! Their tights and athletic clothing are the best quality with the most fun prints. The new store is stunning!! Can’t wait to do a class there. Always appreciate their customer service and the new makeup line is awesome.

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