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Top 15 greatest poster cars

It’s been many years since I last swung open my bedroom door to see the walls abound with posters. It is a sad day when you take them all down; when you commit yourself to the next stage of maturity in your life. But just because a person is passed suitable poster age - whoever it is that gets to decide what that is - it doesn’t mean a car can’t fill them up with the same sort of churlish excitement that results in a person wanting to pin it up on their bedroom wall. And in this blog, I’ll be looking at some of the greatest poster cars that have ever seen the light of day.

I need only add a couple of caveats before we smash right into the main part of this blog. Firstly, when I include a car, if all versions of that car are excellent poster cars - including the track only specials - then I will bracket all of them under the one car. If however there is only one version of a car that appeals as a poster car, then that is the one I shall reference. As mentioned above, track only cars will be allowed, as will concepts - but virtual and video-game exclusive cars will not be permitted. I will also be taking into consideration the impact that a particular car had upon its original release, and how that has resonated today. So, with that bit of housekeeping out the way, let’s get on with the show...

15: R34 Nissan Skyline GTR

Unlike many of the more exotic machines that will feature in this list, the R34 GTR gave kids a more obtainable performance dream - one that would satisfy their tuning desires under the bonnet, and their twisted affection for offensive styling on the outside. This made it appear as a poster on people’s bedroom walls.

14: Toyota Supra

Much like the Skyline, this was seen as a performance car that could one day potentially be within reach. Also akin to the GTR, it provided the school child with a suitable outlet for their most outlandish styling and tuning fantasies. And let’s not forget Paul Walker drove an orange one in the first Fast and Furious film.

13: DeLorean DMC-12

The DeLorean on the other hand wasn’t what you’d call a performance car. In fact, if you drove it, it was what you might call a “piece of shit”. But its affiliation with a particularly popular 80’s time-travelling film made it incredibly favoured amongst all ages. And that made it a poster car.

12: Dodge Viper ACR

For many years, the Viper has been a poster car that is best kept on the poster. For the maddest looking and most poster-suitable version however, it became a genuinely brilliant track-focused supercar. Those two aforementioned qualities are poignantly interlinked, for it’s the aero-dynamic aids scattered about its body that both make it look suitably bonkers, and give it quite astonishing on-track performance.

11: Ferrari Testarossa

As a general rule of thumb, the insanity of a car’s aesthetics is directly proportional to its poster appeal. For the Ferrari Testarossa however, the opposite is true. In an era where styling was calming after the hyperactive wedge-fest of the 70’s, the Testarossa offered modest yet classic lines that appealed to both school boys, and city bankers. In fact, the Testarossa and its GT-nature garnered such a strong association as a car to comfortably transport rich stock brokers from office to office, I can’t help but feel the name “Restatossa” would’ve been more appropriate.

10: Ford GT90

The Ford GT90 is often referred to as a concept that could be released today and still look modern. While I personally can’t help but consider that statement to be lost in the sorrow of the car’s unfortunate stillbirth, its bonkers styling and promised performance resulted in it becoming a rather prolific poster car in the 90’s.

9: Ferrari LaFerrari

For both its beauty and its ultra-modern crisp edge, the LaFerrari is a magnificent car to have pinned up on your bedroom wall. Taking into account its track-only variants - the FXXK, and the Evoluzione version of that - I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one example of any of these didn’t feature on every young petrolhead’s bedroom wall.

8: McLaren P1

While the Ferrari TheFerrari has the ability to coerce profuse amounts of drool to puddle in your lap, the McLaren P1’s aesthetics are a reminder that the time we all once referred to as the future has been and gone. It’s hard to believe the P1 is now 5 years old - and even harder to comprehend just how mightily futuristic it still looks, and will look for a while to come.

7: Aston Martin Vulcan

The looks alone of the Aston Martin Vulcan can make the heart pound to the point where it feels like an alien trying to burst out of your chest. The moment your eyes meet its body, you are imbued with a sudden empathy for an addict who’s being tormented with their favourite drug. For the Vulcan is more than just a car - it’s a Class-A substance.

6: Lamborghini Reventon

Styled to look like an F22 Raptor, every part of the Lamborghini Reventon from inside to out makes it feel like a jet-fighter for the road. Its looks so dramatic, it enlivened over a decade of conservative styling in Lamborghini like a desert after a refreshing patch of rain. Even today, it still inspires the jaw to crash violently against the ground. It is an incredible poster-car.

5: Lamborghini Aventador

In terms of aesthetics, the Aventador was Lamborghini returning to their traditionally insane form. From the original 691bhp version that was released in 2011, the Aventador’s styling has only gained more madness with each incarnation - with the latest SVJ being the maddest of the lot. If you ask me, it’ll currently be pinned to the walls of many young petrolheads the world over.

4: Pagani Huayra

More so than the holy trinity, the Aston Martin Valkyrie, or even the Bugatti Chiron, I view the Pagani Huayra as the definitive hypercar of our current generation. Why? Because it does exactly what a hypercar should do: it catches you dazed with a blow to the face when looking at it, and then delivers the knock out blow come full throttle. And when you consider the Roadster and BC versions, it’s easy to see why it’s such a prominent poster car.

3: Koenigsegg One:1

The Koenigsegg One:1 is a car that looked so mad upon release, that it spawned the birth of a term of higher mean. Dubbed the world’s first “megacar”, the outer brutality is directly proportional to the inner rage, with a now well-known 1341bhp from a 5L Twin-Turbo V8. All of these things contributed towards the One:1 gaining poster-car status.

2: Pagani Zonda

The moment I first saw the Pagani Zonda is something I’ve spoken about in detail numerous times on my tribe. The violence with which it ripped the air out of my lungs, and the undying devotion out of my soul. Its name was unknown to me in the moments after I’d first caught a glimpse of its spaceship-looks, and I simply couldn’t rest until I’d found out what this piece of insanity was called. Suffice it to say, it featured on my wall - in F, Cinque, and R guise. I’m certain I wasn’t alone.

If you haven’t simply skipped to the bottom of this list before reading, you’ll hopefully be looking forward to seeing what I’ve crowned as my ultimate poster car. But before we get there, it’s time for a few honourable mentions.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Lamborghini Centenario

Italdesign Zerouno

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Porsche 918

Ferrari F40

Ruf CTR Yellowbird

1: Lamborghini Countach

As far as I can tell, no car in history quite made the impact the Lamborghini Countach did on the basis of its looks alone - in an era where posters were more prolific than they are today. Even now, it has not lost its ability to transcend a level of awe and shock people don’t get from other cars. It requires the use of a cliche: “imagine what it was like back then?”. It is my ultimate poster car.

For more content like this, including the latest performance car news and topical blogs posted DAILY, be sure to join my tribe Speed Machines.

Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

Facebook: Speed Machines - DriveTribe

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Car posters

Posters for the Car Fans

Vintage wall art with cars depicts amazing old cars. Ones that we associate mostly with the development of automotive industry. Our offer includes tons of posters with old school cars from various eras of the 20th century. Among them, there are cars from the 30’s and 40’s, as well as later ones – huge American hogs from the 50’s and later. Of course, our gallery of retro style car posters can’t omit European vehicles as well. Fans of European brands will also find something for themselves. Regardless of the stage of automotive development that we like the most, we can choose a suitable car poster for ourselves.

What are car posters used for?

Vintage automotive prints are very diverse, because they were made in different decades of the last century. Among them, there are automotive posters advertising brands and models, artworks promoting antique car racing, as well as ads for car showrooms and workshops, and photos of cars from the end of the 20th century. Retro cars posters are not only a wall decoration, but also a form of historical trip along the automotive development trail. It’s this diversity – of depicted cars and the way they are presented – that allows for matching the poster with practically any design. Our offer includes car posters maintained in black and white or sepia, there are prints in bright colours and also in toned down shades. But the most important thing in vintage car posters are the amazing machines themselves and their unique charm.

Posters with retro cars

Classic car posters are obviously designed mostly for the male part of our customers, although as we all know, there is also a group of ladies fascinated with automotive. Still, it’s easy to imagine a male room, where the walls are decorated with retro car posters in frames or clip frames. By choosing prints from this gallery, we can create kind of a roadmap of automotive development. You just need to pick several posters with old cars from different eras and decorate the hallway or living room walls with them.

See also: travel vintage posters, sport vintage posters.

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