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" - Ash almost cried, - "It was empty, cap. We didn't have time to upload anything there. " "Yes, here zhezh.

Introduced myself. - And what house do you live in. Three days ago I returned from Italy, where I studied at the University of Milan. Said Ilya.

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Since there was almost no normal work in my hometown, I decided to move to the regional capital - the handsome Rostov-on-Don. In search of a suitable application for his talents, he went through, probably, about a dozen enterprises in less than two years. Somewhere they were not satisfied with the terms of remuneration, somewhere inadequate management or household components.

Wait a second, I also want to say something. We consulted and decided that you don't have to go anywhere, no one has anything against you. You can even come to a general company, no one there at all knows what you have done. Just don't steal anymore.

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Became "fun" in our room. One night I went to the toilet and blew out three cups of gingerbread tea at dinner. The tea was so-so, but the gingerbread was just great. In the shaky light of the moon from the window, half asleep, I saw some strange composition on Vovka's bed.

Yanka asked me quietly and began to take off her pink blouse. Okay. Today I will cook dinner, but tomorrow you will. - the girlfriend agreed and began to put her things in the closet.

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Pyotr Ivanovich did not show that there was something and that. It seemed to Dasha unacceptable. He behaved with her in the same way as with any of his students. Such an attitude would suit Dasha before she gave him a blowjob, but not after.

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