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Believe it or not, 2020 was a big year for haircuts — COVID-19 be damned. We witnessed countless folks, including, but limited to, Bella Hadid, use salon closures as an excuse to play hairstylist, giving themselves bangs, layers, and buzz cuts from their homes. “An external change can be a simple and easy way to signify a transition that is internally more complex and harder to articulate otherwise,” therapist Nikki Nachum explained to Allure. “A new haircut becomes almost like an announcement to both yourself and the outer world that something is changing in your life.”

Now that businesses are opened back up, Nachum's explanation has taken on a whole new meaning. People are sprinting right back to their beloved stylists for both touch-ups and full-blown transformations to signal this new phase of their lives as they re-enter the world. 

Due to the standstill the world was under for nearly a year, several haircut trends from last year poured into 2021, like mullets, shaved heads, and bobs. And now that summer is full force, new haircut trends have officially emerged, such as '90s layers and curly shags. We asked hairstylists across the country to share the summer haircut trends their clients have been requesting the most lately. 

While scrolling through this list, keep in mind what features on your face you want to enhance — instead of your face shape, says hairstylist Wes Sharpton, who works out of New York City's Hairstory Studio. The latter just leads to body shaming, he believes. "You and your stylist can create a game plan to make sure these things are framed in the right way," he adds. "We need to make it a positive experience and celebrate you, which is the most important thing at the end of the day."


Long hair is great in its own right, but we've really been digging shorter styles these days. Case in point: all the super-cool buzz cuts we've been seeing from the celeb set. And look, short hair is great because it draws more attention to your face, allowing your unique bone structure to be the star of the show. 

But the thing about short hair is that it does require a fair share of maintenance. Hair grows eventually, so in order to keep your style looking fly, it's important to give it the care it needs. That means treatments and trims, beloveds whether with a stylist or at home if you've mastered DIY upkeep.  

Then, of course, there is the question of styling. Some folks can get a little lost when it's time to actually do something with short hair, but trust us, there is a lot you can do with a little length. All you need is some guidance, and lucky you, we've got it right here.  

Whether you've been thinking of cutting your hair short, or you already have short hair and you're trying to decide on a style, you've come to the right place. We rounded up some of the dopest, fiercest short cuts and styles to inspire your next new look. There's something for every hair texture and no shortage of options. (Sorry, we had to!) 

With reporting by Wendy Sy, Hannah Morrill, and Amanda Mitchell

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The Best Haircuts for Women in 2021

Whether you're scoping out the best haircuts for women or curious to see the most popular haircuts on the rise, you've come to the right place. Now that we've rung in 2021, we don't blame you if you're looking for a way to wash away any reminder of the past year. While we love the classic lob as much as the next person, sometimes you need a little variety—and what better way to get inspired than with the coolest hairstyles from around the U.S.?

Starring curly shags in Detroit, textured bobs in Austin, and curtain bangs in New York City, we asked stylists to share the most requested styles at their salons to bring you the best haircuts for women from every corner of the country. Scroll on for all the inspiration you need.

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