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BMW M9 Price And Concept

With the introduction of BMW M9 this German car maker could finally offer one true representative on the supercar segment. We could see large number of luxury cars delivered by this car maker, also, they offer a lot of performance oriented models but the story with M9 could be significantly different since it could be a competitor to vehicles like Ferrari 458 or even the Ferrari 488 GTB.

At this point everything is still in the rumor mill and what we could hear is that this new model could be offered as 2016th version. This would nicely fit into the 100th anniversary of BMW and it certainly would be praised and nicely welcomed by large number of fans. Images offered are only renderings of BMW M9 but they surely look impressive and if anything similar comes to the market we are sure that it will make a serious splash.




Original rumors suggested that drivetrain of the i8 model will be modified for the M9 and that we will be getting another hybrid but this time with slightly more power. It should offer combination of inline six cylinder engine that is helped out by electric motor. With this setup it could push more than 500 hp and impressive 800 NM of torque thankfully to powerful electric motor and huge amount of torque it can offer from 0 rpm. On the other hand from another source we could hear that this car will not be offered with hybrid powertrain and that it will only offer standard engine but the power has not been announced.

BMW M9 Concept

No matter which option BMW M9 brings it is crucial for it to place everything in lightweight chassis and again, the i8 setup could be a great starting point. Huge amounts of carbon fiber would mean high level of strength and low weight that implies that this model could easily beat much more powerful vehicles on both track and in straight line acceleration. Handling will be superb, we are used to get a lot in this segment from BMW but with further improvements and application of lightweight chassis this could be taken to the next level.

Top Speed

If BMW wants to bring competitor to Ferrari 458 it will need to offer more than impressive performances. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph should be done in about 3 seconds while the top speed should be above 200 mph. With these numbers BMW M9 could satisfy most drivers. One of the things that we really liked on these renderings is the fact that one of the models comes with top down, it is unclear if all models will have this option or more likely there will be a convertible version also.



Design wise the BMW M9 is one truly unique piece of art. Aggressive looks and insane curves that are developed to return best possible aerodynamics and performances is something that we can see on images. Everything is unique, from wheels to front part, from grille to tail lights. Newest technology like LED lights on both ends is something that we can expect to see and even on few of those available images there are no side mirrors that could imply that BMW will use cams instead of standard side mirrors. This is highly unlikely since there are still no regulations that allow this so this might be dropped on production ready version.

BMW M9 Interior

BMW M9 Interior

Interior is equally impressive and even we have only one image of the interior we can agree that it will closely follow the exterior looks when it comes to uniqueness. It is clean and neat, with only few buttons that will allow you to control most functions, plus, there is a large center console display that will bring all the most important details about engine, navigation, climate control, entertainment and similar. Behind the wheel there is a small but configurable screen which we think that will be changed for a larger unit with similar possibilities.

One of the things that are not shown on the images of BMW M9 interior is the paddle shifters. We are sure that automatic transmission will be offered but it will certainly come with possibility of manual control and most obvious choice is to have it with paddle shifters. Since these are only renderings we are sure that production version will come with few more changes in this department.

BMW M9 Price

It is hard to speculate about the price. At this point we still do not know what type of powertrain BMW M9 will bring, total amount of power it will offer and will it be able to compete against supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati and similar. Truly futuristic and very impressive BMW i8 is priced at $136,500 while the price of Ferrari 458 starts from $239,340, expectations are that price of M9 will be set at about $200,000 or slightly higher.

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Setting aside future names for their models is nothing new in the automotive world. And BMW is no stranger of those tactics. A new filling from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines shows that BMW has got dibs on the “M7” and “M9” badge names.

BMW has never made a proper M7. For whatever reason, the M Division has never felt that the 7 Series made an sense as an M car. But it did reserve the name before in 2018. Any BMW with the M7 badge on the boot would be an actual M Division product, unlike the outgoing BMW M760Li, which is an M Performance car. Because of that, the M760Li is far more luxury-oriented.

2020 BMW M760Li Aventurine Red 23 830x623

We’ve driven multiple 7 Series’ and we can fully admit that, while good, the 7er isn’t the best luxury car on the market. It’s a pretty good drive, though, and its chassis is impressive for such a big heavy car. So we can actually imagine what a BMW M7 would be like and it’s an exciting idea. But with the move towards electrification, the odds of seeing a petrol-powered M7 are not very high. Instead, an electric M7 might make more sense in the future.

bmw hybrid supercar 06 750x423

Now when it comes to the M9, there is even more mystery surrounding a potential model. There isn’t much chatter on the prospects of an M9 coming from Munich, and as many times before, the name could simply be just a placeholder. The M9 name has been rumored before and it could turn out to be a bespoke model, just like the upcoming BMW XM which doesn’t have a BMW series equivalent.

No further info is offered in these fillings, but we’ll make sure to keep our ear to the ground in case something shakes up.

[Source: CarBuzz] [Renderings by Giom Mouton]

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2017 BMW M9 Release Date and Price

BMW is one of the best-known manufacturers in the World so you would expect them to build very impressive cars. For the most part, this is true, especially with their four-door sedans which are among the fastest in the World. However, they don’t have any supercar on the market which is a bit unusual considering that most other manufacturers do. In order to change that, a new car is in the works with the 2017 BMW M9 Concept which has been rumored ever since the start of 2015. This car would make use of the same carbon fiber chassis as the i8 but instead of the hybrid powertrain, it would get a more impressive petrol engine.

Price And Release date

The price or the release date is still unknown but considering the market BMW wants to tackle, we expect the 2017 BMW M9 to cost around $150,000 for a base model and up to $250,000 for a higher performance version, similar to what Audi is doing with the R8. The release date will likely be in 2017 for the concept while the production model will follow right after.

2017 BMW M9 Design

2017 BMW M9

In terms of design, BMW will not recycle the look of the i8 but they will offer something a bit more impressive than that. The car will feature a full carbon fiber shell which will make it the only supercar to offer such a feature. This should allow them to design a more intricate design with more aggressive features than the i8. Also, this new design of the body will have to withstand much higher forces due to the more powerful powertrain installed in the car. Click here to check how the armored BMW looks.

BMW M9 Concept


Inside the cabin, the futuristic interior of the i8 will not be used. Instead, the 2017 BMW M9 is actually expected to get something a bit more minimalistic with a more refined design and also more premium materials. Carbon fiber inserts and Alcantara leather will be found even in the base model.


2017 BMW M9 Engine

Under the rear deck of the 2017 BMW M9, we are likely going to find the first mid-engined inline 6 since the original M1. We still don’t know the actual displacement of the car but it seems that it will likely be between 3 and 3.6 liters and unlike the M3 which only has a single turbocharger, the M9 will feature twin-turbochargers. This should be enough to offer around 500 to 550 horsepower and up to 550 lb-ft of torque which is going to be routed to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The higher-end model will likely be a hybrid which will use the same petrol engine as well as one or two electric motors that will be enough to get the output of the car to more than 800 horsepower!


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BMW Patents M7 and M9 Names, What Is Next for the German Brand?

Back in April 2018, BMW applied for the M7patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As you have since observed, that did not lead to a production-spec M7. A performance-oriented version of the 7 Serieshas not materialized yet, and the most powerful ever made remains the M760Li xDrivewith its V12.

The latest patents for BMW have been uncovered in the Philippines, with the Intellectual Property Office in Manila. As CarBuzznoted, these just refer to trademarks for the M7and M9 names, although it is unusual for BMW to register these names in the Philippines instead of Germany or the U.S., if we think about it.

This led to further speculation about the upcoming models in the BMW range. Next year will mark the BMW M division's 50th anniversary, which is expected to bring several special editions of the German brand's models.

BMWcould go the distance and launch an anniversary edition of every M car in its current offer. Some of those special edition models could become more valuable in the future. So, with the M7 clarified, what could the M9 become?

Well, it is believed that BMW could launch a halo car that would be based on the 8 Series. To be more specific, the M8 version of the model would be considered as the basis for the alleged M9, and it could become one of the most powerful cars ever made by the German brand.

On the other hand, BMW might just prepare for the future and safeguard all its potential model names just in case someone else considers using them on their cars. If we look at the M7 trademark, which has been in place for years now, it is evident that not all trademarked names turn into production cars.

M9 bmw

The All New BMW M9!

Yep you've read it right, the popular German auto motive maker are thinking about bring to life a new super car. The M9!

BMW curretly only have one super car on the market at the moment. Which is the i8, However BMW did have the M1 but it was short lived (1978 to 1981).

The new BMW M9 interior is a class apart from its predecessors. It’s a sports car with two seats, has an updated deck with battery chargers and music system, also, there are more features that were introduced in this model and hopefully.

The brand new design of the two-seater coupe cabin will have no problem accommodating for the driver and the passenger, since there will be plenty of leg and headroom inside the cabin.

However the interior is expected to be minimalistic but yet modern and luxurious look with aluminium, wood and leather trim elements. It will likely feature a large LCD touchscreen with many infotainment features and slim and elegant leather-coated steering wheel with easily accessible side buttons and switches.

When it comes to the engine, we’re hopping to see a V8 or a vastly more powerful V12 under the hood. With a top speed of 320 kph.

Like everything else release date and the price of the new BMW M9 concept is still kept a top secret. With the amount thought and effort that went into the design of the M9, it'll have a price tag to match. Rumours say the price will be around $300,000 USD to $500,000 USD.

The main question on everyone's mind is. Will the production model look the same as the concept?


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