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Cheap flights from Sioux Falls to Key West (FSD - EYW)

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From Sioux Falls to Key West

Which airlines flying from Sioux Falls Joe Foss Field to Key West have flexible cancellations due to COVID-19?

Some of the carriers operating flights from Sioux Falls Joe Foss Field to Key West that may be offering flexible cancellation policies are Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Our site will let you filter for all airlines offering greater flexibility due to COVID-19.

Can I find flights from Sioux Falls to Key West for under $300 on Cheapflights?

Yes, there are multiple flights from Sioux Falls to Key West for under $300. The cheapest flight booked recently is on American Airlines for just $257, but on average you can expect to pay $321.

What are the cheapest airlines flying from Sioux Falls to Key West round-trip?

Flying on American Airlines is currently your cheapest option to Key West, with prices starting at $257. Another option worth looking into is United Airlines, starting at $343 round trip. You may be able to fly from Sioux Falls to Key West for 48% less than the average price by searching for these airlines.

What are the cheapest flights from Sioux Falls to Key West?

While on average a flight from Sioux Falls to Key West is generally $443, our data shows the cheapest flight currently is $299. When looking at the most popular route, (Sioux Falls Joe Foss Field - Key West), you can expect to pay $339 for that flight.

What are the most popular airlines that fly from Sioux Falls to Key West?

American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines are the most popular airlines when flying from Sioux Falls to Key West.

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Cons: "Carry on all snacks & water."

Cons: "Sick joke of an airline they treat you like cattle even in first class if you can even call it that. It’s more like premium economy and the staff is not friendly they act like they are put out when you ask for anything."

Pros: "Yes"

Pros: "Same as previous flight"
Cons: "Same as previous flight."

Cons: "Fog in Philly. AA should have diverted our plane to a bigger airport where AA could have serviced us (eg. Washington DC). Instead AA diverted us to Salibury/Ocean City!! We missed our connections."

Pros: "Lovely crew!"
Cons: "The landing was rough!"

Cons: "If delay to much pls let customer out of plane"

Pros: "Customer Service was acceptable."
Cons: "Flights were cancelled and bags were lost!"

Cons: "We landed early but the plane was late 50 minutes into gate. Plane went pst our gate twice, just driving around the terminal."

Cons: "Flight was 90 mins late departing"

Pros: "Flight was smooth...take off to landing"

Pros: "It was fast"
Cons: "They could have offered headphones, the charging outlet didn’t work"

Cons: "No delay Ability to connect wireless headphones"

Cons: "Flight canceled with zero re-book.assistance offered and NO seats left. I was forced to upgrade to get to my destination a day late. Trip was short to begin with. I booked plenty in advance. I want my 55m miles back in my account. It was that or $1000. Unhappy customer."

Pros: "My seat location and comfort was good"
Cons: "The flight attendant preformed her duties as if it was a chore and she was too good for this job or she has been doing it so long that she dislikes providing service."

Cons: "Nothing, it was fast and we arrived ahead of schedule"

Cons: "Nothing the flight was great and very fast."

Pros: "Both flight were on time and the crews were delightful"

Pros: "Dinner and boarding"
Cons: "Seats, noise and kids running, walking and CRAWLING in the aisles and lack of wifi and entertainment that I can choose, Also, the bathrooms ran out of paper and the crew was not attentive. They didn't do anything about the kids disruptive behavior and extremely load talking (reciting abc and counting). I asked if they could talk to the parents and they said no, the beverage service was not good as I couldn't get more water and the seats were awful! Why wasnt the wifi working? even if it worked I'd have to purchase it even tho it was an international flight. I will not fly American Airlines again!"

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly. The flight landed early."
Cons: "Seat back in economy was uncomfortable for a shorter person. The head rest pushed my head so far forward that my back and neck were curved so much it caused upper back pain."

Pros: "Fast quick flight. Bags out quickly."
Cons: "Seats are far too cramped for someone who is 6,2."

Pros: "All...mainly Luis, one of the on board flight attendants, in charge of pampering us with excelent attention, in the most minor details of food preparation , always pain attention to our needs and Confort."
Cons: "Nothing to complain about On this trip, wich departed Kate due to bad weather in Miami, due to heavy rain adn storm, and in spite of that, the flight arrived just a few minutes behind schedule."

Cons: "All flights should include WiFi, and or entertainment, and better snack options. Flights out of and to Burlington are very expensive!"

Cons: "No internet on plane"

Cons: "Flight departure was delayed for 30 mins by a flight attendant not showing up on time."

Pros: "Things went as they should have got a 2 hour flight."
Cons: "The inside of the plane around the air vents definitely could use some cleaning."

Pros: "Friendly Staff"

Cons: "Check in process was an overbooked disaster Plane was very old Staff at gate and onboard were very rude"

Cons: "Late Dallas to tulsa"

Cons: "So. Many. Screaming. Children."

Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "Tired of less friendly, overweight domestic fight attendants (this is not the case on Asian Airlines (i.e. Korean, Japan)"

Pros: "There’s nothing better than a non-stop."
Cons: "Oy, they offered an $800 credit if I let them bump me. But they had no way to get me to my destination! I guess instead of asking for volunteers, they should have asked for people who really didn’t want to go. Then the flight attendant announced, “we’re really low on food”. Really? This is a SEVEN hour flight!"

Cons: "No baggage controls from seat 18 to 28 no bags would fit. As we exited all the front rows we're waiting to get there bags stored in back of planes overhead bins. That's just not right, especially when they charge us extra to take a bag for overhead bins storage."

Pros: "Nice plane"
Cons: "Slow set up of gateway upon arrival"

Pros: "Smooth and very friendly service!"

Pros: "Cookie"
Cons: "Flight delayed"

Cons: "gate assignment took too long"

Pros: "The crew was friendly and served multiple snacks through the flight."
Cons: "The plane was not only too small for a 7 hour international flight but the sound didn't work for the only video screen in the cabin. Perhaps bigger planes can't fly from Shannon but it would make me think twice about either flying American or through Shannon again."

Pros: "I think they were holding the plane for a connection flight arrival."

Pros: "Well organised and even arrived early! The flight crew were kind and efficient."
Cons: "No free food"

Pros: "Price, boarding process and seats were good"
Cons: "Crew was border line rude, and for sure neither attentive nor pleasant, food was really really bad."

Cons: "My direct flight was cancelled. My rescheduleday flight was delayed and I missed my connection and had to spend the night in the airport. My 2 1/2 hour flight turned into a 16 hour trip."

Pros: "Crew are cold. Babies crying. Dogs parking. And strong headwinds flying in from Boston made this flight uncomfortable"

Pros: "There were charging outlets. Bravo!"
Cons: "They lost my baggage"

Pros: "Stewardesses tried to make up for disastrous management mistakes. One customer service rep was helpful when Kiosk refused to give me boarding pass or seat assignment or pay for baggage check--ALL USING MY AMERICAN AIRLINES ADVANTAGE MASTERCARD!"
Cons: "Change of airports from EWR-Oak to JFK/SFO after I had printed boarding passes. Got call from AA but when I picked up, no one was on the line. Equipment prob, they said. I think it was two half full planes and they screwed the EWR passengers. Manhattan was in gridlock because of UN session. I discovered change when I arrived to check luggage curbside at EWR. 3 hours of stop and go traffic to get there. See other box re kiosk problems. Boarding pass didn't have my TSA FTN so had to go back. Could not check luggage curbside. Got seat in last row when I noticed boarding pass had no seat assignment. They lost my luggage at SFO. There's more, but..."

Pros: "From the onset of booking the flight, checking in, the crew. And the The soft landing!!"

Pros: "On time."

Pros: "Loved that he was upfront with all of us that it would be a bumpy flight after about 20 minutes, which he was correct and very accurate."
Cons: "I thought his delivery sounded a little more "worrisome" than it needed to be. I thought that he could have expressed the same sentiment, while sounding more confident in his ability and more soothing for folks like me who despise turbulence:)"

Pros: "No seat not comfortable."
Cons: "No legroom."

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Pros: "Great crew."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The passengers were spaced out, so we could actually social distance."
Cons: "Not all passengers wore masks. During a contagious pandemic. What the actual hell? Also, the tray tables are too small to use for anything, and we didn’t even get a free drink. Water and soda are so cheap, it’s absurd. I’d never take Allegiant again if they weren’t basically the only airline operating out of my town’s small airport."

Cons: "Major delays, no communication from airline"

Cons: "They should have let us know we would be diverted to Des Moines, and 2 hours Late to BMI before we got to the airport"

Pros: "the crew was very helpful"
Cons: "seats could have been a little wider"

Pros: "Crew and plane ride."
Cons: "The seats hurt us."

Pros: "Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "No complaints."

Cons: "The air pressure in the cabin was awful. My ears hurt & it gave me sharp pains in my head. Even typical yawning & blowing nose did not help."

Pros: "Crew was amazing"

Pros: "Good pilots"

Pros: "Everything was simple and it was cool that they let the staff wear comfy clothes"
Cons: "Usb chargers in the seat, and free refreshments and peanuts"

Pros: "Cool"
Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Boarding was fast. We arrived early."
Cons: "It was too cold & they kept turning on the lights (it was a late night flight)."

Pros: "Crew food. Seat small little leg room."
Cons: "Plane on time. More leg room."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Crew was nice for the most part."
Cons: "Didn’t leave on time. Would be nice to get something complimentary for all the wasted time. Would like to be able to watch something"

Cons: "Very uncomfortable"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The plane didnt crash :) Friendly attendants."
Cons: "NO WIFI. Flights are delayed often, what looked like a brand spanking new plane had the most uncomfortable seats ever, felt like sitting on wood in the exit row. You get what you pay for though."

Cons: "Extra charges for everything! Asked flight attendants for a cup of water as I was not feeling well and was told I could buy some water. I was also told my carry on was too big when it clearly fit in the container at the check in process."

Pros: "Early out and early in."

Pros: "The flight left on time and was fine."
Cons: "This flight was at a small airport and we waited in line for security longer than at a large airport. There were 5 flights going through security at the same time with nothing scheduled later. Why not spread them out a bit and save everyone some time?"

Pros: "People"
Cons: "Extra fees"

Pros: "Passengers were fun"
Cons: "Need entertainment"

Pros: "It was exceervice"

Pros: "Nice having assigned seat. Boarding pass can be obtained through mobile app."
Cons: "Seats do not recline, so not real comfortable."

Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Everything about Aligiant is horrible. Service, attitude, even the pilots can’t land smoothly. As a diabetic, they don’t even give you water withiit paying for it. Had my wallet in my checked bag and almost had a health issue."

Cons: "The flight was delayed 9 hrs. We were going to NYC for 2 days. We missed an entire day--- cut our trip in half."

Cons: "Ground crew at ticket very slow and inefficient. Two groups missed their flight because of it."

Pros: "Flight crew was friendly and smooth flight."
Cons: "Plane was noticeably old and dirty"

Pros: "We got the brand new AB 320 on both flights! Nice plane!"
Cons: "Lightning delayed boarding and departure for hours. Not Allegiant's fault but it happened."

Pros: "friendly staff and clean enviornment. no nonsense flight."
Cons: "nothing to say except that seats could be a little more comfortable."

Pros: "Price of flight and it was non stop to Fort Wayne, IN."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 60 mins, no explanation given. We flew in a Sun Country Plane instead of an Alliegiant plane. Sun Country had more leg room and free non alcoholic drinks. So it was worth the delay and plane change. Made it safety to Fort Wayne."

Cons: "Worst plane trip. I am a bigger girl, and I could not even buckle my seat belt due to the size of the chair. I have never had this issue on any other plane flight. It was incredibly noisy, and rough ride. I will not travel again."

Pros: "My book"
Cons: "The seats"

Pros: "Seats were clean and nice"
Cons: "One crew member clearly is a disgruntled employee. It also should be against the law not to provide water without payment."

Pros: "The plane departed on time. The crew was very friendly."

Pros: "Arrived an hour before flight. Check in took 25 min and tsa 30 minutes. Tried to go through expedite line but agent refused to let me even though flight was leaving in 30 minutes. I have received better treatment in new York airports than here in Myrtle Beach. Who would have thought. There were 3 others that missed the flight. Why would they not just let's be expedited?"
Cons: "See above"

Pros: "Great price ."
Cons: "Landing in Austin and having to walk down a wet slippery ramp and then across the tarmac in a thunderstorm ... got VERY wet . How about a cover ?"

Pros: "Very good flight crew. Cheerful. Nicely suggested a free adult beverage since we had the Allegiant credit card."
Cons: "Was an hour and half late"

Pros: "The flight attendants were very nice and helpful."

Pros: "Bring your own snacks & entertainment you will enjoy your flight. Make sure you eat before your flight. Download the Allegiant Air app to your cell phone you will have a Mobile Boarding pass no need to print use your phone."

Pros: "I was prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised on all counts. On-line booking easy, check in a breeze, boarding on time, reasonably comfortable flight, baggage no problem."
Cons: "Seats a bit flimsy."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Paying for my carry on bag."

Pros: "I thoughly enjoyed the flight.Crew was great."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I didn't like. ."

Pros: "I didn't like anything about them"
Cons: "They made me pay 100 dollars for two bags that would of fit under the seat"

Pros: "Quick flight."
Cons: "You have to pay extra for everything."

Pros: "I sat in the front row so that I had leg room. It was worth the extra 20 bucks."
Cons: "No champagne."

Pros: "Crew amazing, space great."
Cons: "Security line"

Pros: "Landed and waited 25 min for a gate at a completely empty airport ... United sucks plus the small plane for 2.5 hours sucked"
Cons: "Land then park at a gate not sit for 25 min"

Pros: "Crew was very nice."
Cons: "It was unclear whether I needed to retrieve my checked bag or not and ultimately ended up losing my checked bag because of it."

Pros: "It was just okay"
Cons: "Nothing just flying in a smaller plane"

Pros: "Flew United out of Sioux Falls. Check in took forever. United employees were miserable. Did get some help from a very nice TSA woman. TSA check in was a nightmare. Almost missed flight. Complete chaos. The sat on runway for 40 minutes waging for luggage to be loaded. Almost missed connecting flight. Just plane horrible. Very helpful stewardess however."

Pros: "AWFUL"
Cons: "Awful crew - discrimination"

Pros: "San Fran to Vegas - Good Flight! Slept the whole way so no need for entertainment however - it being an United Airline Flight I assumed all of the planes would have inflight tv’s on the backs of the seats. Other than a little turbulence - great flight! Thanks for keeping my baby and I safe."

Pros: "My original reservation was on Lufthansa and was changed to United Airline without our consent Very terrible and rude check in agent We were never told that we have to check our luggage out in Munich and check it back in for our final destination Since the layover is more than 12 hours Uncomfortable plane and very old it’s outdated tech and entertainment Very poor food quality and quantities"
Cons: "Nothing absolutely Nothing"

Pros: "Security was efficient and quick. Customs was expedited. Both flights, take off and landings, were smooth!"

Cons: "Maintnece delayed our flight for nearly 3 hours. We remained aboard the parked plan for this time span and not allowed to get off of plan."

Pros: "Colorado Springs is one of my favorite airports. It is well run and maintned, friendly and efficient"
Cons: "The seat in the exit row was uncomfortable"

Pros: "Left 5 minutes early and landed 45 minutes early!"

Pros: "Friendly crew."
Cons: "Stuck in Denver because our flight was delayed so we missed our connection to Houston. Couldn’t get a hotel voucher because they are claiming a weather delay (which there was none)."

Pros: "Not much to like on United. The boarding was the best part as the staff were somewhat helpful."
Cons: "One nice flight attendant out of the five I interacted with. I'm flying United less and less because the service just sucks."

Cons: "I paid extra to sit beside my girlfriend and bring a full size carry-on then the flight required that some people check their carry-ons because of space limitations. I would like to be reimbursed for the additional fee I paid to not check my bags."

Cons: "Plane was in poor condition. Made loud beeping noises during final part of flight. No power outlets at seat."

Pros: "Flight was on-time; no delays; great crew! I also liked the fact there was a person at the gate to let us know where our connecting flight gate was - that was really helpful!"
Cons: "In flight entertainment (archived TV/Movies) not provided (other than through personal electronics); but that didn't bother me - flight between Santa Barbara and Denver isn't that long."

Pros: "Crew help and service"
Cons: "Lending was bumpy. , Internet was not Working and no entertainment chenal as well"

Cons: "PA system was painfully too loud."

Pros: "The cheap price of the flight."
Cons: "Flight wasn't comfortable, non legroom an no acces to entertainment."

Pros: "The captain explained the problem... The plane was not cleaned"
Cons: "Gate change twice!!!!! 2 hour delay!!!!"

Pros: "Flying first class"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "again we flew business class"
Cons: "A waste of money for business class as it was no better than business class 30 years ago. Slightly wider seats with a little more room, but there was no entertainment and the food was awful"

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Flight attendant was rude to middle eastern woman. Thought her behavior was unnecessarily rude when dealing with a woman who didn't speak English."

Cons: "Tight seating for transatlantic flight. More importantly avoid Toronto at all costs. Need to clear customs and go back through security again on a connecting flight. Takes forever. Food was not good at all."

Pros: "Flight was okay"
Cons: "Flight was almost 2 hrs delayed"

Pros: "The flight was fine. Crew was polite. No problems with that part."
Cons: "Tell me why it costs $470 to fly 1.5 hours from S.F. To Denver. Absurd! I flew from Denver to San Fran for $90, the same week. Never again!"

Pros: "Well, my original flight was cancelled due to bad weather, got to spend 2 extra days with my family! Gave up my seat on the last leg of my flight, got a 500$ voucher, put up in a beautiful hotel, w/ a nice meal and transportation. Like winning a sweepstake. Always love United, great airline, great staff."
Cons: "There was nothing i didn't like. Airline of choice, for always!"

Pros: "Virtually empty flight"

Pros: "Easy to board and check in, good price"
Cons: "It was extra to check luggage"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible flight. Small seats, no free tv or movies, no food, a/c not working well. Felt like cattle. Horrible experience. Never fly on United again. Frequent traveler. All I received from United was a headache and embarrassment that it's an American Airline."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly and quickly, (e.g. check in, baggage, seat and storage) Staff were helpful and friendly."

Pros: "The flight itself and the crew were fine."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by weather but still on time for us to make our connection. But boarding was delayed. Finally, the gate agent announced that they were repairing an overhead bin door. This took approximately twice the announced estimated time. Even so, we arrived at the gate with enough time to make the connection, which was 4 gates away. Did the crew ask people to let those with close connections get out first? No. Did the crew or gate agent communicate to other gates that we had arrived? No. We got to our connecting gate 6 minutes before the scheduled departure. They had closed the door and would not board us. Two people from our plane made it to the connection, so they knew we were coming. But 5 of us who were seated a little further back arrived minutes later. We made it onto a later flight. We also adopted an elderly passenger in a wheelchair, who would have been left by himself at the next gate for 3 hours by United if we had not taken him with us. We all got on the next flight, but only with some work."

Pros: "Great friendly crew!!"

Cons: "The seats are uncomfortable and the AC wasn't working"

Cons: "Upon arrival the flight attendant left me stranded on the tarmack without a wheelchair for 20 minutes. I have serious balance issues and was terrified. My connection was very tight and I barely made my plane to Portland. The pilot finally saw the problem and got the assistance I needed. This was the most frightening wheelchair experience I have even had."

Pros: "Nothing. Flight was cancelled. Put on standby for the next flight and was too far down the list for that to be useful. Scheduled for a later flight it too was cancelled."
Cons: "The entire experience. I have no intention of flying United again and will not recommend to other travelers."

Pros: "The flight attendants were really courteous and friendly."
Cons: "There was not anything that I did not like"

Pros: "Quick and Quiet is how I would describe the flight."

Pros: "Ride was ok. Both our flights from Chicago were delayed. No one tried to explain or offer any apology. No one offered to complete anything or offer coupons for meals. I thought that was extremely rude."
Cons: "See above. Very disappointed. There were four of us and my 76 year old father has health issues and was very uncomfortable."

Pros: "courteous attendents and airport personnel. on time flight"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "the security check in and the flight, well done in the USA and England."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "No delays. Comfortable flight."

Pros: "Nonstop"
Cons: "Middle Seat"

Cons: "We had a two and half hour wait for the plane and no one could tell me anything"

Cons: "There was a one hour delay in our boarding and departure times which cut into our travel times."

Pros: "Still deciding"
Cons: "All flights were late."

Cons: "Almost missed our flight because they wanted to close the gate early..other than that a good flight."

Pros: "Service was good. Flight was on time. Comfort was fair. Bathroom on board plane was so small my knees would hit door."

Pros: "The positive: we got to our destination in one piece and took off in a snowstorm."
Cons: "Negatives: my seat did not recline and I was stuffed into it like an upright sardine. Can they not make the seats a little more comfortable??"

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$179 Cheap Flights from Sioux Falls to Key West

Discover our best flights from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW. 

With 19 airlines to choose from on Travelocity, you can easily find the best option for you. Use our filters to sort by price, compare airlines, and find the most convenient flight times. 

Find our best return flights from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW at the right price  

Airfares to Key West EYW from Sioux Falls FSD currently cost between $256 and $309. It’s usually cheaper to book a round trip than two separate one-way flights. Prices and availability subject to change. Additional terms may apply. 

Book one-way flights from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW 

If you want to be flexible about when you return, or keep your travel options open ended, a one-way flight could be just the ticket! You’ll find one-way airfares from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW on Travelocity starting at $179. Prices and availability subject to change. Additional terms may apply. 

Get to Key West EYW from Sioux Falls FSD quicker with direct flights. 

Get to Key West faster, without the hassle of changing planes and moving baggage, by booking a direct flight. Expect your direct flight to EYW from FSD to take around hour(s) min(s).  

Find our cheapest airfares for flights from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW

Find cheap flight deals by using our search filters to sort results starting with the lowest price airfares to EYW from FSD. Our Price Match Promise means if you find a lower rate on or on another US-based website within 24 hours of booking, we’ll credit or refund the difference.  

Get our best airfare deals for your flight from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW today 

If you’re flexible about when you travel, January is usually the cheapest month to fly from Sioux Falls FSD to Key West EYW. If you need to be more specific, search by date and arrival and departure times.Then, compare prices across different airlines, and sort results by lowest price first. 

Book flexible airline tickets for flights to Key West EYW from Sioux Falls FSD 

Some airlines let you change your travel dates without charging a fee. Use our ‘no change fee’ filter to see which flights to EYW from FSD have this option.  

Travel with confidence when you book flights to Key West EYW from Sioux Falls FSD with Travelocity 

We’ve secured fantastic deals with all the main airline carriers and it’s easy to compare, choose, and book with Travelocity. With 24/7 customer service and our free 'App', we’ll always keep you moving. 

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What airlines fly direct from FSD airport to EYW airport?

Each month there are several airlines that offer direct flights from Sioux Falls (FSD) to Key West (EYW). Among the top airlines that consistently provide FSD to EYW flights include:
  • Delta Air Lines - (DL) with 30 direct flights between Sioux Falls and Key West monthly
  • American Airlines - (AA) with 120 direct flights between FSD and EYW monthly
  • United Airlines - (UA) with 30 direct flights between Sioux Falls and Key West monthly

How long does it take to fly from FSD to EYW?

The total flight duration time from Sioux Falls (FSD) to Key West (EYW) is typically 8 hours 00 minutes. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. During this period travelers can expect to fly about 1,836 miles, or 2,955 kilometers.

How many flights are there from FSD to EYW per day?

With 3 different airlines operating flights between Sioux Falls and Key West, there are, on average, 210 flights per month. This equates to about 49 flights per week, and 7 flights per day from FSD to EYW.

How many morning flights are there from FSD to EYW?

  • Delta Air Lines - (DL) has about 1 flights before noon, starting with the earliest at 06:40AM PST and the latest 06:40AM PST
  • American Airlines - (AA) lists, on average, 3 flights departing before 12:00pm, where the first departure from FSD is at 05:30AM and the last departure before noon is at 10:28AM
  • United Airlines - (UA) has about 1 flights before noon, starting with the earliest at 08:00AM PST and the latest 11:12AM PST

How many afternoon flights are available from Sioux Falls to Key West?

  • Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 1 direct flights provided by American Airlines, where the earliest departing flight is at 01:18PM PST and the last departing flight is at 01:18PM PST.

What is the flight distance from Sioux Falls to Key West?

The calculated straight line flying distance from FSD airport to EYW airport is 1,836 miles, or 2,955 kilometers.

What is the earliest departure time out of Sioux Falls to Key West?

The earliest flight departs from FSD at 05:30AM and arrives at 12:55PM at EYW.

What is the latest flight available from FSD to EYW?

The latest departure time from FSD is scheduled at 01:18PM with an arrival time of 08:38PM at EYW.


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