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My collection of BTS — Happy birthday Jimin. Thank you for giving me joy...

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#jimin#happy birthday jimin#park jimin#bts jimin#jimin gif#btsandvmin#my post#2020.10.13

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in the soop vmin is really something else 🥺

gamer taehyung ft. padawan jimin 

“[On his ‘Black Swan’ solo stage] I think predebut Jimin would be very proud of who I am now. He would have made even greater efforts if he had seen himself now proudly doing solo performances as a member of BTS”.

happy birthday, park jimin (95/10/13) ♡
(cr. dwellingsouls, jiminglobal, minimoniT_T) bonus:


Jimin used aegyo
it’s super effective!


production crew, simping, like the rest of us


October 13th, 1995

“I don’t consider my main profession, performing and singing, as ‘going to work.’ But when I’m doing something else with the camera right in front of me, that feels like 'work.’ Singing and performing for our fans isn’t work— it’s something I really, really want to do.”

—HAPPY26THBIRTHDAY,JIMIN!♡ (October 13, 1995)

Vmin analysis - 4 o’clock

Honestly I have been asked to do an analysis for 4 o'clock by many of you for a long time. I have also really wanted to do a proper one with all the things I never brought up in my posts Vmin - The Sun, the Moon & The whole universe and Vmin - Scenery, Promise and song connections where I talked about it briefly.


4 o'clock is a Vmin song, but this analysis is just my view and how it could be read. Songs are always going to have so many different interpretations and there are so many things we don’t know which makes everything much more difficult. Either way it doesn’t really matter how much is inspired by them or not, we still know at least some of it is. And finally after many years Taehyung himself told us more about it as well. In this analysis I want to talk both about the lyrics, the timeline and the surrounding things and themes that are or could be related to Vmin. 

I want to be clear and say when I do these Vmin song analyses I do so with the chosen angle of a Vmin perspective. Meaning I can definitely miss other meanings and even partly bend it to fit a Vmin narrative. That’s why it’s a Vmin analysis and not just a song analysis. That being said, again, we have reason to at least partly see 4 o'clock as a Vmin song, and I don’t think that should be so easily dismissed, especially in combination with other “Vmin songs”. This will be my interpretations and thoughts mixed with actual connections and with some speculated connections that might just be coincidence.

I’ll try to through it in a structured way, but at this point a lot of the topics overlap so I hope you will be able to navigate this post.

  1. Background and inspiration
  2. Lyrics and interpretation
  3. Vmin and the dumpling fight
  4. Vmin and parks
  5. Other connections to Vmin

Long post follow under the cut.

Keep reading

Bak bak? 👀




Vlive 10.20.2021

Sours: https://btsandvmin.tumblr.com/post/631855864522932224/happy-birthday-jimin-thank-you-for-giving-me-joy
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Popularity Ranking of Emotions, Actions in GIF Searches

By Matt Daniels

Let’s look at the emotional range ofJimin GIFs.

His GIFs work well when a feeling has nuance and tone, such as "disgusted." Sometimes, the GIF is more expressive than words (“that disgusts me”) or emoji (😡🤢).

There's pretty much a Jimin GIF for every emotion. It’s easy to see that in the chart below, depicting 24Jimin emotions, ranked by number of searches on Google's GIF Keyboard.

Most of these reflect quintessential Jimin moments, now eternally preserved in GIF form. These culturally significant events are modern idioms—reference points to express how we feel.

“Calm” is the 12th most-searched emotion for Jimin, likely due to the iconic fire drill scene.

“Anger” is the 10th most-searched emotion for Jimin, likely based off of the “flaming Elmo” meme.

“Alone” is the most-searched emotion for Jimin, likely based off of the “Leave Britney Alone” meme.

“Cry” is the 2nd most-searched emotion for Jimin, likely based off of the widely popular “Crying Jordan” meme.

love is also in the #1 position. Here's another way to see that, depicted below as a percentage of all emotion searches, with Drake as a reference point.

About 1 in 11 searches are for “love,” his top emotion. “love” is a pretty common search generally, regardless of celebrity. Some celebrities’ top emotions are more unique, like “clapping” for Drake.

About 1 in 11 searches are for “love,” his top emotion. Here are other top emotions for celebrities.

Jimin also ranks highly for other emotions. About 1.3% of Jimin GIF searches are for “hurt,” the 2nd highest for any celebrity in the dataset.

Read the GIF stats for a different celebrity. 👇👇👇

Charlie Smart contributed to data analysis and development of this project.

Sours: https://pudding.cool/2020/03/gifs/jimin.html

If everything is fine, then I will be back with her soon. Phaethon, hold the Earthlings' ship at gunpoint and turn your nozzles towards it. I flew to the Earth flagship.

Gif jimin

Without resisting, we went into some room. Sit down, said the guard, who was not a terrorist. We sat down on a bench, I saw that Masha was very scared and during all this time she did not say a word. So, we are now calling the outfit and they will deal with you there.

I was very happy, because for the first time in my life I was going abroad. Leshka slept on the plane. He was excruciatingly painful from what he had drunk at the wedding. At the same time, he asked me for forgiveness for being drunk.

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