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Valorant stats keep resetting to default after closing game, report players

Valorant is one of the most played games in recent times. Similar to Counter-Strike, it is a 5v5 tactical first-person shooting game.

Developed by Riot Games, the same company that brought us the likes of League of Legends, Valorant also features characters that have their own set of unique abilities.

The game is only available on PC and has retained close to 14 million active players, which is quite impressive.


Like every other video game available, Valorant is susceptible to bugs and glitches. The latest update to the game, which happens to be Patch 3.03, seems to be having an issue with saving video stats.

In the last couple of days, several users have reported that their Valorant video stats are resetting to default every time they close the game.

Players say they have to enable stats such as ping, fps, CPU render time, and physical memory used every time they start the game, which is quite frustrating.


So every time I open my game all the little Stat things I had put all change to something else is it a bug on my end and I’m not doing something right or is it the game

Whenever I open valorant after shutdown my video stats(fps ,ping stat ,etc) are setting to default,every time I need to enable them. This issue didn’t used to happen before. Any solution

Some players have reported that the stats change randomly and sometimes even change their position on the screen.

If you are someone who plays Valorant every day, you must be aware of how irritating it is when your stats keep resetting to default on their own.

We hope Riot Games acknowledges the issue and patches it in an upcoming update. When they do, we will update this article so keep an eye out.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Gaming Section so be sure to follow them as well.

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How to Check Your YR1 Stats in Valorant

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Riot Games’ popular tactical shooter Valorant has recently completed the one-year anniversary that is celebrated in the form of the Year One event. The event provided the player base with a bunch of new content to enjoy including returning skins and other cosmetics.

However, it seems like the surprises are not yet finished. If you’ve checked your email recently, there’s a chance that you’ve found an email from Riot waiting in your inbox.

Riot Games is sending emails to the Valorant player base containing detailed statistics of their year-long journey in the title. If you’re unsure about how to receive your own YR1 stats, we have you covered. 

To check your own YR1 stats, simply follow these steps:

  • Open your email client. 
  • Log in to the id that is associated with your Valorant account. 
  • Search for an email from Riot Games’ official account. The email should read, “[in-game name] – Your VALORANT Year in Review is Ready.”
  • If you can’t find it, look in your spam folder. 
  • If you haven’t received the email yet, there’s a chance that you’ll receive it within the next few days. 

The first section of the email contains a graphic displaying your total wins, average KDA ratio, and the total amount of damage you’ve dealt.

The second section displays your accuracy, number of headshots, body shots, leg shots and headshot percentage.

The third section showcases the names of players you’ve killed the most over the past year. 

The final section will show you your most played agent, most played map, and the most used weapon

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Valorant Stats

Riot Games presents VALORANT: a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS where precise gunplay meets unique agent abilities. With over 14 million active monthly users, Valorant is one of the most popular (and free!) games out right now. In this project, I pull data from See my associated Kaggle notebook for my analysis & visualizations.

Please leave a star on this repo if you decide to use the data!

  • - Primary file which is run to scrape the data. This python script uses selenium to extract data (element from xpath) from the website.
  • - File for pushing the entire folder to the github repo. Pairs up with Windows Task Scheduler to push the data every X amount of days.
  • - Folder of agent abilities usage. Only includes data from the aggregate of all maps.
  • - Folder of essential agent data, such as pick rate, win rate, and average combat score. Includes individual map data too.
  • - Folder of essential map data, such as pick rate, win percentage for either side, and number of matches.
  • - Folder of essential weapon data, such as headshot percentage and average damage per round. Includes indvidual map data too.

To import your data with python, you should use or just copy + paste the raw github file link.


Stats valorant

What are YR1 stats in Valorant? Here’s how to find them

Riot Games is sending out emails containing yearly statistics to Valorant players after celebrating its first anniversary in June. 

The publisher recently rolled out dozens of Year 1 events and a new cinematic to celebrate the first birthday of its tactical shooter. Players are finally getting their rewards in the form of detailed stats about their in-game performance, play style, and more. 

While some of these stats include casual information like the names of frequent victims, other data could help you learn more about one’s play style. Using this intel, players can polish their skills with weapons that work best for them, statistically. 

What is Valorant “YR1 Stats”? 

The “YR1 stats” is short of “year one statistics,” which is data that includes player performance, kills, most-played map, enemies, and more throughout their first year playing Valorant. 

As part of its first anniversary, the developer is sending out a thorough mail containing graphics and stats to all players. The message includes all crucial details that may help players work on their weaker areas and find out their preferred agents and weapons. 

Here’s everything YR1 stats include: 

  • Total number of matches won
  • Average kill/death/assist ratio
  • Total amount of damage points dealt
  • Shooting accuracy
  • The number of headshots, body shots, and leg shots connected.
  • Frequent victims in-game name
  • Most played agent
  • Most played map
  • Most used weapon

How to check YR1 stats?

It’s pretty simple to find one’s YR1 stats. The developer has sent the email to each player, so the YR1 stats are already waiting in the mailbox attached to the player’s account. 

  • Go to your email address tied to your Valorant account
  • Search for “in-game name – Your VALORANT Year in Review is Ready.” 
  • Click on the email
  • Here you’ll find all your stats for year one. 

It’s still unknown whether this will be a yearly treat or if it was just reserved for year one celebrations. Currently, accurate information on players’ performance isn’t available on any third-party website. Players could really benefit from annual stats as they’re correct and provide deeper insight into individual Valorant game-play. 

When is Sentinels of Light skin bundle releasing?

Riot Games recently rolled out Ruination skins to continue the narrative of The Ruined King in Valorant. But, this is not. Another League of Legends bundle dubbed “Sentinels of Light” will be released on July 21. This collection will include skins for the Vandal, Operator, Sheriff, Ares, and a Relic of the Sentinel custom melee.

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While Valorant offers players an unusual, captivating setting, the game isn’t all about roaming a futuristic world. Like any multiplayer shooter, the focus of the game is gaining victory and appearing on the leader board. But to find out how good your performance is, you must first find your stats.

How to View Your Valorant Stats

Today, we’ll explain how to find your basic Valorant stats in the game. If you already know this, we’ll share the best Valorant stat trackers for more detailed insights. Lastly, we’ll provide instructions on how to check the Valorant leader board and your yearly stats roundup.

How to View Your Valorant Stats in the Game

The game itself offers basic statistics of your recent match history. You can access it by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. From the game’s main menu, navigate to “Careers.”
  3. In the “Careers” section, you can view the stats for last 10 games. This includes the game’s score, kill/death ratio, map, and agent.

How to View Your Valorant Stats Online

The stats offered in the game aren’t very immersive, plus, you can only view your own stats. You can’t check history older than the last 10 matches or see stats for first bloods, spikes deployed, eliminations, and many more factors. This information, however, can be highly useful in determining which skills you or your allies need to improve. Third-party tools can help to get more insight.

Here’s how to check your detailed Valorant stats using

  1. Head to site and register an account with the Riot ID you use for logging into the game.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Upon registering, the tool will start tracking your Valorant stats. You’ll be able to see your kill/death ratio, the total number of kills and deaths, number and the percentage of wins. Apart from the basics, the tool shows your longest win streak, assists per match and total assists, and separate stats for defense and offense. is another online tool to track stats for Valorant, as well as Apex Legends, League of Legends, Warzone, and other popular multiplayer games. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Register with your Riot ID.
  2. Sign in with your Riot ID. When you sign in, your profile becomes public, and anyone can view your stats if they search for your player name.
  3. Upon signing in, you’ll see your detailed stats. These include kill/death ratio, the total number of kills and deaths, number and percentage of wins, longest win streak, assists per match, and others.
  4. Alternatively, you can enter another player’s name into the search box to see their stats. You’ll only be able to view them if the player is registered on is available both as an online tool and as a Windows desktop version. This tool provides insights into your personal and team performance. Additionally, the tool contains guides on how to play with every agent to use their full potential. Here’s how to start using the online version:

  1. On the min page, click the “Sign in” button in the upper right corner.
  2. Once you’ve been redirected, enter your e-mail into the white box and click “Register a Free Account.”
  3. Check your e-mail for a verification code and enter it into the white box on the tool’s site.
  4. Enter other required information to finish registration. The tool will start tracking your stats from the moment of registration.

How to View the Full Valorant Leaderboard

The official Valorant site offers a full leaderboard. It doesn’t contain any specific stat information. However, it helps to determine how far you are from the top-10 player list and how many games you need to win to get there. Here’s how to check the Valorant leader board:

  1. Head to the official Valorant site.
  2. In the search box next to “Search Leader Boards,” enter a hash followed by your or someone else’s player name.
  3. Hit “Enter” and check the page that appeared. You’ll see how many games you have won, your rating, and your rank among all season’s players.

How to View Your Yearly Valorant Stats

Valorant’s yearly stats become available in June, on the game’s anniversary. All players receive e-mails from Riot Games containing their performance results. To access them, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the e-mail tied to your game account.
  2. Find an e-mail from Riot Games named “Your Valorant Year in Review Is Ready.”
  3. Open the e-mail and view your stats: total number of matches won, kill/death/assist ratio, shooting accuracy, damage points dealt, most played agent and map, and more.

Practice and Communication Are Key

Now that you can check your Valorant stats, you can determine which skills need improving. Knowing this will inevitably boost your performance if you dedicate enough time to practice. Don’t forget that Valorant is a team game, though. Your core objective is to win as a team, not be the coolest among a bunch of underdogs.

What’s your rank in Valorant’s current season? Share your stats in the comments section below.


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