Galvanized wall

Galvanized Wall Sconces: Unique Designs with Glass and Fabric Shades

Sconces are an ideal wall lightingchoice that add a touch of character to any room in your home. Whether you want to add a unique flair to your living room or hallway with a modern wall sconce or you want to distinguish your lighting style with a beautiful traditional sconce, we have a large wall sconce selection for you to choose from, including our exclusive sconces available only from Shades of Light.

Single wall sconces can be purchased alone, in pairs or in multiples to frame doorways, mirrors, art and other wall décor beautifully. For example, you can add a mid-century feel a bathroom with gold retro wall sconces on either side of your bathroom vanity mirror, or stun your guests upon entry with crystal sconces in the foyer.

Two-light wall sconces—sometimes referred to as “double sconces”—can provide greater illumination from a single fixture. Multi-light wall sconces include both narrow vertical shapes, like a tube sconce, and horizontal configurations, like a bar sconce, that allow you to tailor your choice to the wall space and aesthetic of the room where you plan to mount the fixture. For more information on popular wall light shapes, consult our vanity lighting ideas, which will introduce you to general sconce shape categories like bar, cage, globe, shaded, and tube, as well as styling tips that are especially useful for bathroom vanity sconces.

Do you want to refresh a favorite wall sconce with a new pop of color or a new texture? Consider our selection of fabric sconce shades for an update that doesn’t require fixture removal or re-mounting.


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Wall galvanized

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