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100 Popular Urdu Names for Boys

Naming a newborn infant with a unique name is essential because it gives the child a lifelong identity. Generally, hours are spent discussing and debating baby boy names suggested by friends and family around coffee and dining tables. The increasing popularity of Urdu first names has further added to the vast list of potential names.

With so many possibilities of the most common Urdu names given by friends, relatives, and family elders, it’s understandable if you’re stumped when it comes to naming your baby boy with a unique name. While some may suggest traditional Urdu male names originating from Quran, others may prefer more modern names for your little bundle of joy. To help solve your dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of popular and meaningful Muslim baby boy names for your young one.

100 Famous Urdu Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

Here’s a list of the most famous Urdu boy names with their meanings:

1. Aabid

Arab-origin Aabid means “worshiper” or “one who worships Allah”, referring to the complete and faithful worshiper of Allah.

2. Aabideen

Aabideen, with Arabic origins, has various meanings, ranging from “followers”, “worshipers” and “ornaments of the worshipers”.

3. Aabis

Aabis means “austere” or “stern”. Originated from Arabic history, the name has its reference in the Quran as the companion of Prophet Muhammad (P, B, U, H).

4. Aadam

The Urdu-Arabic origin name is believed to be the name of the first human on the earth, i.e. prophet of Allah or the father of humankind. Aadam means “man of the earth”, and its variation Adeem means “dust”.

5. Aadhil

This virtuous Urdu origin boy’s name means “righteous,” “honourable judge,” or justice” – perfect for your little boy who you wish to be fair and virtuous in his actions.

6.  Amil/Aamil

The name means a “worker” and “striver,” and refers to a person who is efficient in his work. Having origins in Urdu, the name can also mean “hopeful.”

7. Aasif

The Urdu origin name that means “courageous” can also mean “an able minister.”

8. Aayan

This elegant Urdu name for boys means “God’s gift”. The name can also mean “blessing” or “manifest.”

9. Abdul

Abdul is a common name for boys of Arabic origins. The name means “servant of the giver” and is a reference to the follower or servant of Allah.

10. Abdulazeem

This Arabic origin male name is a combination of Abdul and Azeem, meaning “servant of the Majestic One, the Almighty.” While Abdul comes from Arabic-originated Abd, meaning “servant of the mighty one”, Azeem is one of the names of Allah in Islam.

11. Abdulaziz

This name combines two Urdu names –Abdul and Aziz, meaning “servant” and “dear one.” Aziz, a typical Muslim male name, can also mean powerful or impressive. Together they mean “servant of the dear one” or “servant of the powerful,” referring to a follower of Allah.

12.  Abdulbasit

Abdulbasit is another unique boy’s name of Arabic origin that is found in the Quran. It means “a human being that helps the extender or Allah” or “a servant of the extender.”

13.  Abdulnasser

This name, meaning the “servant of the helper,” is an Urdu boy’s Arabic origin name. Abdulnasser can also mean “granting victory”. The name combines two Urdu/Arabic words Abdul and Nasser, which mean “servant” and “help.” Nasser, an Arabic origin male name, also means “triumph.”

14. Abdulqawi

Abdul Qawi is a Quranic name of Arabic origin for boys that means “servant of God.” It is made up of Abd (servant) and al-Qawi (the Most Powerful), one of God’s names in Islam.

15. Abdulrahim

This name comes from the Arabic name “Abd al-Ram,” which means “servant of the most compassionate.” Al-Ram is one of the Quran’s 99 names for God that are used to create Muslim theophoric names.

16. Abdus

Abdus is an uncommon Muslim boy’s name derived from another beautiful male name Abdal. Abdal meaning “substitute” or a ”person by whom God continues The World in existence,” refers to the followers of Allah. Abdus is a form of Abdal that means “servant of the All-peaceful” or the follower of God.

17. Abdussabur

This Arabic origin name is built on three Arabic words – Abd, al-, and Sabur. Abdussabur means “servant of the Patient One”. As-Sabur is one of the names of Allah mentioned in the Quran, used to make many Muslim theophoric male names.

18. Abdussamad

This theophoric Muslim male name is based on the Arabic origin name As-Samad meaning “the Everlasting.” As-Samad is an epithet of Allah. Abdussamad means “a follower of the Eternal one” refers to a devoted follower of Allah or The Everlasting One.

19. Abdussubhan

The name is derived from two personal Urdu names, Abdus and Subhan, which means “servant of the Glorious One.”

20. Abduz Zahir

Abduz Zahir is a Quranic name for males that mean “servant of the Outward One,” which translates to “servant of Allah” because az-Zaahir is one of Allah’s names in Islam.

21. Abednego

This unique Urdu boy’s name means “servant of the light,” referring to a person who serves the Most Lighted One, or God.

22. Absham

Absham is a popular boys’ name. It’s a meaningful name that also expresses character qualities. The meaning of the name Absham is “a fragrant tree.” It comes from the Urdu language.

23. Adel

Adel is a beautiful Muslim name for boys meaning “God is eternal; noble”. It can also mean “honourable judge,” referring to a person who judges fairly. The name has origin in Arabic, Hebrew, and Old German.

24. Affan

Affan is a masculine Arabic given name that means “chaste, modest, virtuous, pure.” Affan ibn Abi al-‘As is a relative of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and thus carries religious significance.

25. Aflah

Aflah is an attractive Muslim boy’s name meaning “gaining success.”

26. Afraz

The meaning of the name Afraz is “Very Well-versed In Divine Law,” referring to a person who can withstand all responsibility thrust on him. The name comes from the Arabic language.

27. Aizaz

The Urdu origin name Aizaz is a beautiful name for boys meaning “honour,” “esteem,” and “regard.”

28. Akram

The Arabic name Akram is derived from the Arabic root word Karam which means “generosity.” Akram is both used as the first name and surname and implies “most generous.”

29. Allahbakhsh

Allahbaksh is a favoured Urdu name for boys. The name, meaning “gift of Allah,” refers to a gift sent to the parents by Allah.

30. Allam

This unusual boy’s name of Urdu origin means “faithful” and “honest.”

31. Allarakha

An Urdu and Arabic origin name for boys, Allahrakha means “protected by God.”

32. Amjad

Amjad is a popular Muslim name for boys meaning “most glorious” or “most illustrious.”

33. Ashaz

This unique Urdu name for boys was a sahabi’s name at the time of The Prophet. The name means “one in a million” is ideal for your precious bundle of joy.

34. Ayyub

Ayyub is a popular Muslim male name. It was the name of a Prophet of Allah and means “return to God.”

35. Azraq

This name, meaning “blue,” is an Arabic-origin boy’s name. Azraq was the name of one of the companions of the Prophet.

36. Badr

Badr is a unique Muslim name meaning “full moon.”

37. Barir

The name meaning “faithful” and “honest” is an Urdu origin name for boys.

38. Basirat

Basirat meaning “insight; awareness, perception,” is an Urdu origin Muslim boy’s name.

39. Basr

This popular male name of Urdu origin means “wisdom” or “eye-sight.”

40. Buqrat

Buqrat is an Urdu origin male name meaning ‘ancient physician.”

41. Eitzaz

Eitzaz, an Arabic origin Muslim boy’s name, means “name of the prophet.”

42. Emir

This attractive Muslim name for boys means “prince” or “commander” and refers to an army general.

43. Emran

Emran is a stylish Muslim name for boys meaning “progress” or “achievement.”

44. Enamul

This distinguished Urdu name for boys means “prosperity.”

45. Enayat

Enayat is a tasteful name for boys of Urdu origin, meaning “grace” or “kindness” or “blessing.”

46. Eqbal

This classic Muslim male name, Eqbal means “prosperity” or “success.”

47. Faiz

Faiz is one of the most beloved Urdu boy’s names, meaning “winner” or “victorious.”

48. Farheen

This sophisticated name for boys of Urdu origin means “joyous and jubilant person.”

49. Furoogh

Furgoogh is a decorative masculine name meaning “cheerful” or “happy.”

50. Furozh

This dignified boy’s name of Urdu origin means “a glowing radiance.”

51. Gulbar

Gulbar is a beautiful name for boys. The name from Urdu origin means “a person who spreads flowers.”

52. Gulzar

Gulzar is made by combing two Urdu words – Gul meaning “the rose flower” and Zar meaning “garden or pavement.” So, Gulzar means “ a garden or pavement of roses.”

53. Hifazat

This virtuous male name, meaning “safety and security,” refers to a strong personality male who can protect and provide safety.

54. Ibrahim

Ibrahim is a classic Muslim male name meaning “an intimate friend of God.” As per hadith, the name is the Arabic equivalent of the Prophet Abraham.

55. Idris

Idris is a refined boy’s name of Urdu origin, meaning “interpreter.” It was the name of one of the Prophets mentioned in the Quran.

56. Irfan

It is one of the most common Muslim boy’s names meaning “knowledge.”

57. Jaaved

The popular name meaning “eternal” is of Urdu origin.

58. Jaheer/Zaheer

Jaheer is a perfect name for your handsome prince as the name itself means “a handsome man with a high-pitched voice.”

59. Jameel

This distinguished Urdu name for boys means “beautiful in appearance or behaviour.” The name with its origin in Hadith is perfect for a good-looking boy.

60. Jazam

Jazam is an Urdu origin male name meaning “approval or support.”

61. Jnab

This distinguished name for Muslim boys means “an honorific title.” Jnab is often used for people who are honourable or to address them with respect.

62. Juyal

The name meaning “Quarrdsome or companion” is ideal for a little boy who aspires to grow up as a responsible man.

63. Karamullah

Karamullah, meaning “Bounty of Allah,” is an Urdu origin boy’s name.

64. Khawwat

This distinguished name for a boy means “companion” and refers to a person who will always be by your side.

65. Khurshidjahan

This graceful muslin name for boys means “sun of the world.”

66. Khushtar

Khushtar is a blissful name for a boy as it means “one who is surrounded by happiness.” By naming your little kid Khushtar, you will be blessing him with lifelong happiness.

67. Liaquat

This virtuous name for boys means “a capable and competent person.”

68. Maqbul

Maqbul is a beautiful name for any parent to name their boy as it means “a prayer accepted by the God.”

69. Masheer

This decorous male name of Urdu origin means “a good advisor.”

70. Mir

Mir is a distinguished Urdu name for boys meaning “commander or aristocrat or a prince.”

71. Musa

Musa meaning “saved from the water,” is the Arabic variation for the Prophet Moses.

72. Nabi

Nabi is a distinguished name for any little boy as it is Prophet Mohammed’s additional name.

73. Naeem

This beautiful-sounding Muslim name means “comfort.”

74. Nafi

Nafi is a virtuous name for boys meaning “one who is profitable to others.”

75. Namazzi

This holy name means “a person who offers prays five times daily.”

76. Nasuh

Nasuh is an idealistic boys’ name of Urdu origin, meaning “a faithful or sincere person.”

77. Nawwab

Nawaab, meaning “the richest person of the community,” is a refined Muslim boy’s name.

78. Nazaam

This Urdu name means “order” or “discipline.”

79. Nazer

Nazer meaning “eye-sight or vision,” is an Urdu origin masculine name.

80. Nazimuddin

This distinguished Muslim name means “organiser of the religion(Islam).”

81. Nazr

Nazr is a dignified male name of Urdu origin, meaning “a present or gift.”

82. Nazrat

The name from Arabic origin means “one who is of great pride.”

83. Nijad

Nijad is a unique Muslim boy’s name meaning “one who is the tallest among the people.”

84. Noorulhuda

This dignified masculine name of Arabic origin means “light of guidance.”

85. Purdil

Purdil is a tasteful boy’s name that means “a courageous or fearless person.”

86. Rayees

This stylish masculine name of Urdu origin means “a wealthy or rich person.”

87. Saadullah

Saadullah is an Urdu-origin name meaning “blessed by Allah.”

88. Saheb

Saheb is a distinguished title name meaning “a master or owner,” originated from Arabic.

89. Salah

This popular name of Arabic origin means “righteousness.”

90. Salman

Salman, one of the most popular Urdu names for boys, means “safe.”

91. Samsad

Samsad, meaning “ a beautiful and long tree,” is an Urdu origin name for boys.

92. Shernaz

This name of Arabic origin means “pride of a lion.”

93. Shuqran

Shuqran is a distinguished Muslim name for boys meaning “a fair man with blonde hair.”

94. Suboor

This virtuous masculine name means “a patient man who takes pity on others.”

95. Suleiman

Suleiman is the Arabic variation name of the Prophet Solomon. The popular boy’s name means “peaceful.”

96. Tadeen

Tadeen is a unique name for boys meaning “the one who informs.”

97. Talq

This wise name for boys from Urdu origin means “a cheerful and joyous man.”

98. Tariq

Tariq is a sophisticated Muslim name meaning “a strong or forceful person.”

99. Yusuf

This popular Muslim boy’s name means “God gives.” It is the Arabic variation for the Prophet Joseph.

100. Zain

Zain is a beautiful masculine name meaning “grace or beauty.”

The above comprehensive list has Muslim boys’ names; the meaningful names ranging from contemporary to traditional are unique and adorable, ideal to name your cute little prince.

Baani Sethi


Urdu Names

Aamir 1عامرmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic عامر (see 'Aamir), as well as the usual Urdu transcription.

AbbasعبّاسmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Means "austere" in Arabic. This was the name of the Prophet Muhammad's uncle. It was also borne by a son of Ali, the fourth caliph.

AbdulعبدالmArabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Uzbek, Bengali, Indonesian, Malay
First part of compound Arabic names beginning with عبد ال ('Abd al) meaning "servant of the" (such as عبد العزيز ('Abd al-'Aziz) meaning "servant of the powerful").

AbrarابرارmArabic, Urdu
Means "virtuous" in Arabic.

AdilعادلmArabic, Turkish, Urdu, Uyghur
Means "fair, honest, just" in Arabic, from the root عَدَلَ ('adala) meaning "to act justly". This name was borne by several sultans of Bijapur.

AdnanعدنانmArabic, Turkish, Bosnian, Urdu
Means "settler" in Arabic. According to tradition, Adnan was an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad and the northern Arabian tribes.

AhmadاحمدmArabic, Persian, Urdu, Bengali, Pashto, Indonesian, Malay, Avar
Means "most commendable, most praiseworthy" in Arabic (a superlative form of Hamid 1).

AhmedاحمدmTurkish, Bosnian, Dhivehi, Bengali, Arabic, Urdu, Pashto
Variant of Ahmad. This was the name of three Ottoman sultans.

AishaعائشہfArabic, Urdu, American
Means "alive" in Arabic. This was the name of Muhammad's third wife, the daughter of Abu Bakr. Some time after Muhammad's death she went to war against Ali, the fourth caliph, but was defeated. This name is used more by Sunni Muslims and less by Shias.... [more]

Meaning unknown, possibly of Arabic origin.

Alternate transcription of Urdu عائزہ (see Aiza).

AkbarاکبرmArabic, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, Indonesian, Indian (Muslim)
Means "greater, greatest" in Arabic. This was the name of a 16th-century Mughal ruler who expanded the empire to include most of India.

Ali 1علیmArabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Pashto, Indonesian, Malay, Avar, Kazakh, Dhivehi, Albanian, Bosnian
Means "lofty, sublime" in Arabic. Ali ibn Abi Talib was a cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and the fourth caliph to rule the Muslim world. His followers were the original Shia Muslims, who regard him as the first rightful caliph.... [more]

AminامینmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Derived from Arabic أمين (amin) meaning "truthful". This was the name of the sixth Abbasid caliph.

Amir 1امیرmArabic, Persian, Urdu, Malay, Indonesian, Bosnian
Means "commander, prince" in Arabic. This was originally a title, which has come into English as the Arabic loanword emir.

AnsarانصارmArabic, Urdu
Means "helpers" in Arabic, referring to those who helped the Prophet Muhammad when he came to Medina.

AnwarانورmArabic, Urdu, Indonesian
Means "brighter, more luminous" in Arabic. This name was borne by Egyptian president Anwar Sadat (1918-1981), who was assassinated three years after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

ArifعارفmArabic, Indonesian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali
Means "learned, knowing, expert" in Arabic.

AsadاسدmArabic, Urdu
Means "lion" in Arabic.

AyazایازmTurkish, Azerbaijani, Urdu
From Turkish and Azerbaijani ayaz meaning "frost" or "dry and cold air". This was the name of a slave and later companion of the 11th-century sultan Mahmud of Ghazni.

AyeshaعائشہfArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic عائشة or Urdu عائشہ (see Aisha).

AzharاظہرmArabic, Urdu, Malay
Means "shining, bright" in Arabic.

AzizعزیزmArabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik
Means "powerful, respected, beloved", derived from Arabic عزّ ('azza) meaning "to be powerful" or "to be cherished". In Islamic tradition العزيز (al-'Aziz) is one of the 99 names of Allah. A notable bearer of the name was Al-'Aziz, a 10th-century Fatimid caliph.

AzraعذراfArabic, Turkish, Bosnian, Persian, Urdu
Means "virgin" in Arabic.

Alternate transcription of Urdu بابر (see Babur).

Alternate transcription of Urdu بابر (see Babur).

From a Persian word meaning "tiger". This was the nickname of Zahir ud-Din Muhammad, the 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire in India.

BakhtiarبختیارmPersian, Urdu
Means "lucky, fortunate" in Persian.

BilalبلالmArabic, Turkish, Urdu
Means "wetting, moistening" in Arabic. This was the name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

BushraبشریٰfArabic, Urdu
Means "good news" in Arabic.

From Persian دانش (danesh) meaning "knowledge, learning".

DaniyalدانیالmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Arabic, Persian and Urdu form of Daniel.

Dilshadدلشادm & fUrdu
Urdu form of Delshad.

Urdu feminine form of Fahim.

FaisalفیصلmArabic, Urdu, Bengali, Malay, Indonesian
Alternate transcription of Arabic فيصل (see Faysal), as well as the usual Urdu, Bengali, Malay and Indonesian form.

FareedفریدmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic فريد or Urdu فرید (see Farid).

FareehaفریحہfArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic فريحة or فرحة or Urdu فریحہ (see Fariha).

FarhanفرحانmArabic, Urdu, Bengali
Means "happy, cheerful" in Arabic.

FaridفریدmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Means "unique, precious", derived from Arabic فرد (farada) meaning "to be unique". This was the name of a 13th-century Persian poet.

FarihaفریحہfArabic, Urdu
Means "happy" in Arabic.

FarrukhفرّخmUrdu, Tajik
Urdu and Tajik form of Farrokh.

FarzanaفرزانہfPashto, Urdu, Bengali
Pashto, Urdu and Bengali form of Farzaneh.

FatimaفاطمہfArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic فاطمة (see Fatimah), as well as the usual Urdu transcription.

Urdu form of Firouz.

Alternate transcription of Urdu فیروز (see Feroz).

FirdausفردوسmArabic, Indonesian, Urdu
Derived from the Arabic word فردوس (firdaws) meaning "paradise", ultimately from Avestan pairidaeza meaning "garden, enclosure".

Alternate transcription of Urdu فردوس (see Firdaus).

Alternate transcription of Urdu فردوس (see Firdaus).

FurqanفرقانmArabic, Urdu
Means "criterion between right and wrong" or "proof" in Arabic. This is the name of the 25th chapter (surah al-Furqan) of the Quran.

GhulamغلامmArabic, Urdu, Pashto
Means "servant, boy" in Arabic. It is often used as the first part of compound names.

Goharگوہرf & mPersian, Armenian, Urdu
From Persian گوهر (gohar) meaning "jewel, gemstone". This name is typically feminine in Iran and Armenia, but masculine in Pakistan.

Gulگُلm & fUrdu, Pashto
Means "flower, rose" in Urdu and Pashto, ultimately from Persian.

GulbadanگُلبدنfUrdu (Rare)
Means "having a body like a rose" in Persian. This was the name of a daughter of the Mughal emperor Babur.

Gulbaharگُلباحارf & mUrdu
Urdu form of Golbahar.

GulnazگُلنازfKazakh, Kyrgyz, Georgian, Urdu
Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Georgian and Urdu form of Golnaz.

Means "rose faced" in Persian. This was the name of a wife of the Mughal emperor Babur.

GulshanگُلشنmIndian, Hindi, Urdu
Hindi and Urdu form of Golshan.

Gulzarگُلزارm & fUrdu
Urdu form of Golzar.

HabibحبیبmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Means "beloved, darling" in Arabic.

HameedحمیدmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic حميد or Urdu حمید (see Hamid 1).

Hamid 1حمیدmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Means "praiseworthy" in Arabic, from the root حَمِدَ (hamida) meaning "to praise". In Islamic tradition الحميد (al-Hamid) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

HaneefحنیفmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic حنيف or Urdu حنیف (see Hanif).

HanifحنیفmArabic, Urdu
Means "true, upright" in Arabic.

Haris 1حارثmBosnian, Urdu, Arabic
Bosnian and Urdu form of Harith, as well as an alternate transcription of the Arabic name.

Urdu form of Harun.

HasanحسنmArabic, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Indonesian
Means "handsome" in Arabic, from the root حَسُنَ (hasuna) meaning "to be beautiful, to be good". Hasan was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. He was poisoned by one of his wives and is regarded as a martyr by Shia Muslims. This was also the name of two kings of Morocco. It is sometimes transcribed as Hassan, though this is a distinct name in Arabic.

HaseebحسیبmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic حسيب or Urdu حسیب (see Hasib).

HashimہاشمmArabic, Urdu, Malay
Means "crusher, breaker" in Arabic. This was the nickname of a great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad. He acquired this nickname because of his practice of crumbling bread and giving it to pilgrims.

HasibحسیبmArabic, Urdu
Means "noble, respected" in Arabic.

HassanحسّانmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Means "beautifier, improver" in Arabic. Hassan ibn Thabit was a 7th-century poet who was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad. This name is sometimes transcribed as Hasan, though the two names are spelled distinctly in Arabic.

Hayatحیاتf & mArabic, Persian, Urdu
Means "life" in Arabic, from حيي (hayiya) meaning "to live". In Arabic and Persian it is a feminine name, while in Urdu it is masculine.

Hiraہیراf & mUrdu, Nepali, Punjabi, Indian, Gujarati, Hindi
Derived from Sanskrit हीर (hira) meaning "diamond". It is typically feminine in Pakistan and unisex in India and Nepal.

HumairaحمیراfArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic حميراء (see Humayra), as well as the usual Urdu transcription.

ImranعمرانmArabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Malay, Indonesian, Bengali
Arabic form of Amram. This is the name Muslims traditionally assign to the father of the Virgin Mary (analogous to the Christian Joachim).

ImtiazامتیازmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic إمتياز or Urdu امتیاز (see Imtiyaz).

ImtiyazامتیازmArabic, Urdu
Means "distinction" in Arabic.

Alternate transcription of Urdu عنایا (see Inaya).

InayaعنایاfUrdu, Bengali
Feminine form of Inayat.

From Arabic عناية ('inayah) meaning "care, concern".

From Arabic إقرا (iqra) meaning "read, recite, confess". This is another name of the 96th chapter of the Quran.

IrfanعرفانmArabic, Urdu, Indonesian
Means "knowledge, awareness, learning" in Arabic.

JahangirجہانگیرmPersian, Urdu
Means "world conqueror" in Persian. This was the name of a 17th-century Mughal emperor.

JannatجنّتfBengali, Urdu
Means "paradise, garden" in Bengali and Urdu, derived from Arabic جنّة (jannah).

Alternate transcription of Urdu جاوید (see Javed).

JavedجاویدmPersian, Urdu
Means "eternal" in Persian.

KhanخانmUrdu, Pashto
From a title meaning "king, ruler". Its origin is probably Mongolian, though the word has been transmitted into many other languages.

Khurshidخورشیدm & fPersian, Urdu, Persian Mythology
Modern Persian form of Avestan Hvare Khshaeta meaning "shining sun". In Zoroastrianism this was the name of a Yazata (or angel) who was associated with the sun.

Kiranکرنf & mIndian, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Nepali, Urdu
Derived from Sanskrit किरण (kirana), which can mean "dust" or "thread" or "sunbeam".

Laila 1لیلیٰfArabic, Urdu, English
Variant of Layla.

LatifلطیفmArabic, Urdu
Means "gentle, kind" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition اللطيف (al-Latif) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

MaqsoodمقصودmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic/Urdu مقصود (see Maqsud).

MaqsudمقصودmArabic, Urdu
Means "intention, aim" in Arabic.

MariyamمریمfDhivehi, Kazakh, Urdu
Dhivehi and Kazakh form of Maryam, as well as an alternate transcription of the Urdu name.

MaryamمریمfArabic, Persian, Urdu, Bashkir, Tatar
Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Bashkir and Tatar form of Miryam (see Mary). In Iran it is also the name of a flower, the tuberose, which is named after the Virgin Mary.

Alternate transcription of Urdu محمود (see Mehmud).

Urdu form of Mahmud.

MohammadمحمّدmPersian, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Bengali, Tatar
Persian form of Muhammad, as well as an alternate transcription for Arabic and several other languages.

MuhammadمحمّدmArabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Bengali, Tajik, Uzbek, Indonesian, Malay, Avar
Means "praised, commendable" in Arabic, derived from the root حَمِدَ (hamida) meaning "to praise". This was the name of the prophet who founded the Islamic religion in the 7th century. According to Islamic belief, at age 40 Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel, who provided him with the first verses of the Quran. Approximately 20 years later he conquered Mecca, the city of his birth, and his followers controlled most of the Arabian Peninsula at the time of his death in 632.... [more]

MukhtarمختارmArabic, Urdu, Kazakh
Means "chosen" in Arabic.

Mumtazممتازm & fArabic, Urdu
Means "distinguished" in Arabic. The Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as tomb for his wife Mumtaz Mahal (1593-1631).

MuradمرادmArabic, Urdu, Azerbaijani, Avar
Means "wish, desire" in Arabic. This name was borne by several Ottoman sultans.

MurtazaمرتضیmUrdu, Arabic
Urdu form of Murtada, as well as an alternate transcription of the Arabic name.

MustafaمصطفیmArabic, Turkish, Bosnian, Urdu
Means "the chosen one" in Arabic, an epithet of Muhammad. This was the name of four Ottoman sultans. Another famous bearer was Mustafa Kemal (1881-1938), also known as Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.

NadeemندیمmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic نديم or Urdu ندیم (see Nadim).

NadimندیمmArabic, Urdu
Means "drinking companion", derived from Arabic ندم (nadima) meaning "to drink together".

Naseemنسیمm & fArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic نسيم or Urdu نسیم (see Nasim).

Nasimنسیمm & fArabic, Urdu
Means "breeze" in Arabic.

NaziaنازیہfUrdu, Bengali
From Persian نازی (nazi) meaning "sweet, coy".

NidaنداfArabic, Turkish, Urdu
Means "call, proclaim" in Arabic.

Noor 1نورf & mArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic/Urdu نور (see Nur).

Nurنورf & mArabic, Turkish, Urdu, Bengali, Uyghur, Indonesian, Malay
Means "light" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition النور (al-Nur) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

QasimقاسمmArabic, Urdu
Means "one who divides goods among his people", derived from Arabic قسم (qasama) meaning "to share" or "to divide". This was the name of a son of the Prophet Muhammad who died while young.

RafiqرفیقmArabic, Azerbaijani, Urdu
Means either "friend" or "gentle" in Arabic.

Rahatراحتm & fArabic, Urdu
Means "rest, comfort" in Arabic.

RahimرحیمmArabic, Persian, Urdu, Pashto
Means "kind, compassionate" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition الرحيم (al-Rahim) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

Raja 2راجاmUrdu, Tamil, Indian, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Indonesian
Means "king, ruler", from Sanskrit राजन् (rajan).

Rana 2راناmPunjabi, Urdu, Bengali
From the Sanskrit title राणा (rana) meaning "king".

Urdu form of Ridha.

Rehmanرحمٰن, رحمانmUrdu
Urdu form of Rahman.

RizwanرضوانmUrdu, Arabic
Urdu form of Ridwan, as well as an alternate Arabic transcription.

RizwanaرضوانہfUrdu, Arabic
Urdu form of Ridwana, as well as an alternate Arabic transcription.

Possibly from Arabic meaning "follower of another religion", a name given to the Prophet Muhammad and other Muslims by non-Muslim Arabs.

SadiaسعدیہfUrdu, Bengali
Urdu and Bengali form of Sa'dia.

SadiqصادقmArabic, Urdu, Western African, Hausa
Means "loyal, true" in Arabic.

SaeedسعیدmArabic, Persian, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic سعيد (see Sa'id), as well as the usual Persian and Urdu transcription.

Urdu form of Sa'ida.

Saima 1صائمہfUrdu
From Arabic صائم (sa'im) meaning "fasting".

Possibly means "traveller" in Arabic.

Samar 2ثمرmUrdu, Bengali
From Arabic ثمر (thamar) meaning "fruit, profit".

SardarسردارmPersian, Urdu, Pashto
From a title meaning "chief, leader", derived from Persian سر (sar) meaning "head, authority" and the suffix دار (dar) meaning "possessor".

ShabnamشبنمfPersian, Urdu
Means "dew" in Persian and Urdu.

ShahidشاہدmArabic, Urdu
Means "witness" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition الشاهد (al-Shahid) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

Shahjahanشاہ جہانmUrdu
Means "king of the world" from Persian شاه (shah) meaning "king" and جهان (jahan) meaning "world". This was the name of the 17th-century Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal.

Shahnazشہنازf & mPersian, Arabic, Urdu
Means "delight of the king" from Persian شاه (shah) meaning "king" and ناز (naz) meaning "delight, comfort, coquetry".

ShahrukhشاہرخmUrdu, Indian, Hindi
Urdu and Hindi form of Shahrokh. A notable bearer is the Indian actor Shahrukh Khan (1965-).

ShahzadشہزادmPersian, Arabic, Urdu
Means "prince, son of the king" in Persian.

Variant of Shahzad.

Means "fabulous" in Urdu.

SharifشریفmArabic, Urdu, Pashto, Persian, Malay
Means "eminent, virtuous" in Arabic. This was a title used by the descendants of Muhammad.

Meaning unknown, possibly of Arabic origin meaning "rare, unusual".

SherشیرmUrdu, Pashto
Means "lion" in Persian. A famous bearer of this name was Sher Shah, a 16th-century Mughal ruler.

SikandarسکندرmUrdu, Pashto
Urdu and Pashto form of Alexander.

Means "star" in Urdu, ultimately from Persian.

Alternate transcription of Urdu سہیل (see Suhail).

SuhailسہیلmArabic, Urdu
Derived from Arabic سَهُلَ (sahula) meaning "level, even". This is the Arabic name of the second brightest star in the sky, known in the western world as Canopus.

Sultanسلطانm & fArabic, Turkish, Urdu, Bengali, Avar
Means "ruler, king, sultan" in Arabic. In the Arab world this name is typically masculine, but Turkey it is given to both boys and girls.

SultanaسلطانہfArabic, Urdu, Bengali
Feminine form of Sultan.

SyedسیدmUrdu, Punjabi, Bengali
Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali form of Sayyid.

Urdu form of Sayyida.

TahirطاہرmArabic, Urdu, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Bosnian
Means "virtuous, pure, chaste" in Arabic.

TahiraطاہرہfArabic, Urdu
Feminine form of Tahir.

TalatطلعتmUrdu, Turkish
Urdu and Turkish form of Tal'at.

UmarعمرmArabic, Urdu
Means "populous, flourishing", derived from Arabic عمر ('umr) meaning "life". Umar was a companion and strong supporter of the Prophet Muhammad who became the second caliph of the Muslims. He is considered to be one of the great founders of the Muslim state. The name was also borne by a 12th-century poet from Persia, Umar Khayyam.

Urdu form of Uthman.

YasinیاسینmArabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish
From the Arabic letters ي (called ya) and س (called sin). These letters begin the 36th chapter of the Quran (surah Ya Sin).

YasirیاسرmArabic, Urdu
Means "to be rich", derived from Arabic يسر (yasira) meaning "to become easy". This was the name of an early Islamic martyr. It was also borne by Yasir Arafat (1929-2004), a leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

YasmeenیاسمینfArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic ياسمين or Urdu یاسمین (see Yasmin).

YasminیاسمینfArabic, Hebrew, Urdu, English (Modern)
Means "jasmine" in Arabic and Hebrew, derived from Persian یاسمین (yasamin). In modern times it has been used in the western world, as an Arabic-influenced variant of Jasmine.

Usual Urdu transcription of Yunus.

Urdu form of Yosef (see Joseph).

ZafarظفرmArabic, Urdu
Means "victory" in Arabic.

ZahidزاہدmArabic, Urdu
Means "pious, devout" in Arabic.

ZahidaزاہدہfArabic, Urdu
Feminine form of Zahid.

ZahirظہیرmArabic, Persian, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali
Derived from Arabic ظهير (zahir) meaning "helper, supporter". This can also be an alternate transcription of Arabic زاهر (see Zaahir 1) or ظاهر (see Zaahir 2).

ZainabزینبfArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic زينب (see Zaynab), as well as the usual Urdu transcription.

ZamanزمانmArabic, Urdu
Means "time, age, era" in Arabic.

Variant of Zarina.

ZarinaزرینہfKazakh, Urdu, Malay
From Persian زرین (zarin) meaning "golden". According to the 5th-century BC Greek historian Ctesias, this was the name of a Scythian queen.

ZawarزوارmArabic, Urdu
Means "pilgrim, visitor" in Arabic.

Usual Urdu transcription of Zinat.

Ziauddinضیاء الدینmArabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic ضياء الدين (see Ziya al-Din), as well as the usual Urdu transcription.

ZubaidaزبیدہfArabic, Urdu
Means "elite, prime, cream" in Arabic. This was the name of a 9th-century wife of Harun al-Rashid, the Abbasid caliph featured in the stories of The 1001 Nights.

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Muslim Girl Names With meanings (top-500)

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AlaynaGirlPrincess (Iranian)
YashfaGirlHe/she intercedes (on the day of Judgment) on behalf of someone ( Qiyamat ky din shifat kernay wali )
JaveriaGirlHappiness spreader, Girl who spread Happiness, Blessed female, Name of the prophet's wife
HurremGirlMeri Hoor, Blooming, Fresh, Green, Merry, Pleasant, Happy
IrhaGirlGod Giftted ( Allah ka tufaah )
RizaGirlContentment and the state of being obedient toward Allah SWT, the state of gaining the approval and pleasure of Allah
AlizaGirlAliza meaning in urdu is The Daughter Of Ali RA
MinsaGirlPeace, Forgive Difficulty ( aman, sakon )
MinahilGirlDoor to Heaven
ShanzayGirlPrincess ( Sahzadi )
InaayaGirlGift of Allah
NoorainGirlLight and Radiance ( Roshni or chamak )
ZunairaGirlGuiding Light, Flower in Paradise ( Janat main Phool )
IzzaGirlHonour, fame, power.
IznaGirlKhuwahish, Ijazat ( Iznaa )
AnamtaGirlNematon wali ( Blessing )
MehmalGirlOont (camel) per khawateen kay bethnay kay liye banayi janay wali doli (seat) ( camel seat for women )
HoorabGirlJannat ki hoor ( Women of heaven )
AlayaGirlHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb, Greatness, Highness, Sublimity
MinhaGirlSomething that has been given by Allah, Gift from Allah, A blessing from Allah
ArsheenGirlPrincess of Sky, A beautiful soft hearted and kind girl who helps, respects, shares and is loved by everyone ( Asmano ki sahazadi )
IsraGirlNocturnal journey; night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem
InshaGirlTo create, To author, To express
UmamaGirlThree hundred camels
AbrishGirl One who pours water ( Pani ki tarha taiz bahna )
HifzaGirlProtective angel
MirhaGirlAllah ka Noor ( Lite of Blessing)
MehreenGirlChand aur Sooraj jitni mohabbat karnay wali, Moon, Beautiful
ParishayGirlFace of a fairy ( pari ka face )
RabailGirlA veil of flowers
IfzaGirlProtective angel ( Frishto ky hifazat kerny waly )
Sidratul muntahaGirlA great tree in the seventh heaven mentioned in the Quran.
AaliyaGirlHigh, Tall, Towering, Excellent
AsmaGirlLoftier, More Eminent, Excellent, Precious, Daughter Of Hazrat Abu Bakr (First Khalif)
RubaishaGirlAttractive, Sensitive, Artistic ( purkasish, nazuk )
MominaGirlBelieve, accept a Faith, Muslim weaver, eeman laney wali
ZartashaGirlSonay ki taaron say bana huwa ( made by gold string )
SamiyaGirlHigh, Elevated status, Incomparable
MinalGirlGift, achievement.
ZimalGirlAny large item of clothing that covers the entire body, such as a garment, robe, or abaya ( burkha, abaya, hijab )
ShafiyaGirlThe Recommendation,
UmaizaGirlOne having good qualities, nature & habits ,Bright, beautiful and soft hearted.
AshiyaGirlLife and Alive
SaweraGirldawn, early morning.
JuveriaGirldiminutive of Jooriyah, damask rose
HoorainGirlLovely-eyed, Splendid companion of Paradise, With modest gaze ( Khoobsorat ankhen )
SabiyaGirlbrilliant, splendid
MaryamGirlStar Of The Sea, Pak Daman, Dosheeza
RubabGirlWhite cloud, A name of a musical instrument,
SufiyaGirlA mystic, someone believing in Sufi.
EshalGirlMost fragrant flower of the Jannat, Flower in the heaven, Jannat ka phool
WaniaGirlGift of Allah (SWT)
AfsanaGirl“story”, “fable”, “epic tale”
HaneenGirlLove, Loving and Beloved
FariyaGirlKhush-haal khatoon
MubashiraGirlOne who brings good news, Khush khabri dainay wali ( achi khaber dany wali )
NatashaGirlAllah ki ataa
AfrinGirlPraise, lucky.
MahamGirlFull Moon
AmyraGirlThis noble name means a princess or a commander.
AmanGirlSafety and Security, Peace of mind, Sureness, Trust
AizahGirlNoble, Verified, Izzat wali
AirahGirlNoble, respectful ( Ihtram Karne Wala )
MawraGirlUnpredictable, Superior, Thing which is not in the hand of anyone
MalihaGirlBeautiful and Radiant, Woman with happy glowing face, Beautiful, Well-spoken
SafuraGirlWife of the Prophet Musa, The best part, elite, top, prime, flower.
ShaziaGirlNirali, Nayab, Unique, Exceptional, Extraordinary and Complete beauty
InaraGirlLight , Radiance
Harmeen ZehraGirlPaak, Pakeeza. ( Good, holy )
ZuhaGirlForenoon, The time between sunrise and noon.
SuhanaGirlCharming, Lovely
NahidaGirl“gentle”, “kind”, “soft”
RumanaGirlRomantic, loving.
SanaGirlPraise, Resplendence, Brilliance, Eulogy, Allah(SWT) ki tareef bayan karna,
MifrahGirl( made happy, khush rakhny wali )
AyeshaGirlLively Woman Life, Aaram Panay Wali
HooramGirlMeri Hoor, Blooming, Fresh, Green, Merry, Pleasant, Happy
AbihaGirlHer Father
RumaysaGirlShe was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith.
ZohaGirlLight."Morning light (93rd sura of Quran)*,"Light of the religion i.e. Islam.
AnousheyGirlEverlasting, Immortal, Firm and strong, Happiness and Good fortune ( khush qismat, na khtam hony wali )
AlizayGirlSee detail below in Additional Info
ZikraGirlmemory, recollection, thoughts of the pas, remembrance ( Yaad )
RuksanaGirlBeautiful, persian princess ,Light, brilliant.
Urwatul WusqaGirlEemaan ki Mazboot Garift, Keep a Strong Faith
AfeeraGirlDust, Power
IlyanaGirlTender, Delicate
SameenaGirlPrecious, expensive, A big forest in paradise
UmmeHaniGirlName of the daughter of Abu Talib and sister of Ali (RA).
AnfaGirlHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb, Self-respect, Dignity ( Oncha, Shandar )
FarishaGirlLight, Roshni, Noor
AnizaGirlStaff, Sword ( Talwar )
SukainaGirldiminutive of Sakina, calmness, A young daughter of Imam Hussain who was martyred.
ZukhrufGirlGold, Wealth, Riches, A thing of real and unalterable value,
SibghaGirlcolor, hue, dye
MeemGirl The Arabic letter 'M' or 'Mim'
AlyanGirlHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb
AimaGirlRehbar, Paishwa, Rehnuma, Leader, Ruler ( hukmaran )
ZamaraGirlTo sing forth strongly or To shout out loud
FareenGirl“blessed”, “fortunate”, “great”, “glorious” ( Zaberdast, Umda, Azeem )
SafiaGirlBest friend, Pure, Untroubled, Holy, Sacred,
MaheeraGirlHighly skilled, Expert
ZamzamGirlThe name of a spring in Arabia, The drink of Ismael from Allah, The Pure, The Preventive, The Faultless, The Fortunate
AnikaGirlGoddess durga
IrtizaGirlContentment, approval.
MiznaGirl“white cloud”, “rain-bearing cloud”, “rain”
TahooraGirlPious, Pure, Pak
AnjumGirlStars, Sitaray, Najm ki jama
RabiyaGirlPrincess, Queen
DiyanaGirl“giver of gifts”, “giver of charity”, “generous”, “benevolent”
IbaGirlHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb
AmmaraGirlShe who commands, Eternal, Unfading, Bitter, ilm o hikmat wali taaj
GazalaGirlIntelligent, charming
ZiyaGirl“source of light”, “radiance”, something that shines brilliantly and lightens up the area around it
QunootGirlObedience and worship ( ibadat kerny wali )
MarooshaGirlBitterness (Talkhi) ( karhwaa )
IrfaGirl“knowledge”, “wisdom”, “recognition”
HorainGirlHoorain and Horain is same name meaning is Khoshada Ankhain, Lovely-eyed.
AnayahGirlAllah ka inam
AnumGirlBenefit, Blessings and Profit, Blessings of Allah, Allah's favors upon humans
MaizaGirlDistinguisher, One who distinguishes between good and bad, or between truth and falsehood.
Meher MahGirlChand, Mahtab
ZulaikhaGirlWife of the king of Egypt (Pharaonic age) who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph, So beautiful that people gape in wonderment.
RahimaGirlCompassionate, Kind, Merciful
UmeraGirlLong-lived, Elevated
FarinaGirlAmeer khatoon
RinaazGirlGreat ( Zaberdast, Umda, Azeem )
JannatGirlHeaven, paradise
AlinaGirlBright, Fair, Good-Looking, Achi dikhayi denay wali, Haseen, Khoob soorat
AlehaGirlA beautiful rose ( aik khobsorat phool )
IsaGirlArabic name for the prophet Jesus, God is salvation
AroushGirlAngel of paradise
HafsaGirlWife of Prophet (SAW), Cub, Young, Lioness
NarmeenGirlSaaf aur Shaffaaf. In hindi a Flower, Delicate
dinaGirlJudge, Faisla karnay wali
AnamGirlPresent, Precious Gift from Allah ,which will change the world through her smile.
MawiyaGirlOld Arabic name, The essence of life, clear mirror
Ummul khairGirlNice mother
AmrahaGirlGood news
AlishaGirlProtected by Allah, Honesty, Truthful, Mazbooti say baandhna, Strong tie.
RidaGirlAllah ki himayat yaafta
AyselGirlMoon stream
FarihaGirlHappy, Happiness, Joyful, Khush haali
SabreenGirlLong Enduring
ParizaGirlLight, Fairy, Flower
ZafreenGirlVictorious, Knowledgable
MehrunnisaGirlPyar Dosti
AileenGirlHalo around the moon
RuqaiyaGirlName of the Prophet
AleenaGirlBright, Fair, Good-Looking, Achi dikhayi denay wali, Haseen, Khoob soorat
ZirwaGirlPinnacle, top, the very best when it comes to anything. ( Oncha, Shandar )
ZainabGirlGenerosity, Munificence, Liberty, Sakhawat karney wali, Daughter of Prophet(SAW)
IrsaGirlRainbow ( qoos-e-qaza , sat rango wali roshni )
ZaraGirlHumbleness, Supplication, splendour, Princess, Ajazi ikhtiar karney wali
Haley NoorGirlNoor Ka Haala
daniyaGirlNear, Close, Kind hearted, The one who gets near.
SidraGirlA tree of Berry,
YushfaGirlyouthful,uncanny,favorite one,able,( for you surely are)
FarwaGirlAurat ka Sarband, Taj, Maaldari, Tandurusti. Lughvi matlab (from Arabic dictionary) Balon kay sath sir ki khaal
SariyaGirl“clouds that come at night”, “night traveler”, “rain that falls at night”
AynaGirl“one who has wide beautiful eyes”
IqraGirlTo Recite, Parhnay ka hukam
Noor ul AinGirlBringer of happiness, Remover of sadness, One who brings calm and serenity to the heart, Light of the eye, Aankhoon ki Roshni.
AqsaGirlFarthest, Masjid ka naam
HaniaGirlKhush, Masroor, Happy, Joyful
SamawiyahGirlAnother name for hazrat fatimah ( hazrat fatimah ka dosra name )
NihaGirlBright one, naughty one.
Umm sulaimGirlName of a Sahabiyah RA.
NameeraGirldelicious water, pious woman.
HumaGirlGood omen, Lucky Bird, Phoenix, Kush Qismati ka Parinda
MehraGirl“affectionate”, “kind” ( Raham , saber kerny wala/wali )
ZanjbeelGirlZanjabeel means "Ginger" and it is the flavor of a drink in Paradise as mentioned in Quran 76:17
IshaalGirl Heaven's flower
MariahGirlThe Lord is my teacher
ArfaGirlAali rutba wali, Buland rutba wali, Greatness
HamnaGirlIntehai samajhdar
RumaisaGirlJannat Ki Khoobsoorti, Wind that scatters dust and hides tracks and footprints
MeerabGirlWater-master ( Pani ko saf kerny wala )
EdaGirlWell mannered
AnoudGirlBrave, Strong and Courageous ( bahadur, mazboot )
MayeshaGirlBright star, Alive and well, Gentle.
AaizaGirl “pure”, “generous” ( sakhi, Fiazi )
MaimoonaGirlFortunate, Auspicious, Prosperous, Safe, Trustworthy
AreeqaGirlDeep-rooted, high-born, Noble ( Ameer Zada )
AniyahGirlCaring, Guardian and Protector, Affectionate, One who consoles others, One who helps others
RudabaGirlBehti Nadi, Nadi Ka Bahao, Famous Irani Pehelwan Rustam Ki Maa Ka Naam
TasneemGirlFountain of Paradise,
MuneezaGirlNaqaa'es say pak, aib say mubarra
AbeehaGirlHer Father
AyatGirlSign and Proof of Allah's Greatness, Verse from the Quran
IsratGirlpure and gentle
IrhaaGirlTo make calm, To make serene, To tranquilize ( Dilasa deny wala, himat deny wala )
SalhaGirl Variant of Arabic Saliha, meaning 'virtuous,' Feminine form of SALIH
MuznaGirl“white cloud”, “rain-bearing cloud”, “rain”
SumeraGirlBrownish, Aik malika ka naam
YashfaaGirlHe/she is/becomes healed ( Shatyab ker dany wala )
RobinaGirlBlessing with love, waterfall
LaylaGirlDark beauty
KulsoomGirlFull of flesh about the face and cheeks, Rosy, Healthy cheeks, Chubby cheeks.
NisbahGirl“relationship”, “connection”, “harmony”, “proportion”
ShaheenaGirlFalcon ,Falconess
HawaGirl“brave warrior”
ImamaGirlLeadership, Command
AireenGirl“fiery” (made of fire), “passionate”, and is the name of a mountain in Kurdistan, also known as Agreen ( purjosh )
HananGirlKind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted
SanikaGirlStrong minded, warm hearted.
IlliyeenGirlHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb
TehminaGirlPowerful, Strong
QandeelGirlCandle, Chandelier, Lamp shade, Faanoos
SameenGirlVery precious, Valuable, Costly, Expensive,
ZohalGirlMoon of another planet.
AylaGirlMoonlight, Noor ka hala,
HudaGirlCorrect guidance, Right guidance,
RubiGirlRed gem
AzmaGirlBlessing of Allah
RuaGirldreams, visions
SarishGirlCharming, Fascinating, Morning, Equal
SayeedaGirlAuspicious, leader
EnisaGirlGood friend
AleynaGirlPrecious, Awakening
HanadiGirlLovely smell, Beautiful Face.
NimrahGirlPure, clean
AishalGirlFlower of heaven, Jannat ka phool
SeeratGirlInternal nature, Inner beauty
AfiyahGirlHealth, free from illness and grief
AreeshaGirlBuilt Structure
ReebaGirlMoon Princess, Heaven, Heart Wrenching, To Bind.
MarjinaGirlGold, Ruby, Pearl and Coral ( sona )
delishaGirlHappy & make others happy
SaniaGirlSecondly, Moment, Equal, Peer,
SarahGirlPure, Happy, The Princess
TwilightGirlDusk, Dhund Laka, Shakh. Inspired by the book series by Stephenie Meyer
MahinGirl“beautiful”, “radiant”
ArshiGirlBelonging to a Throne, Worthy of a Throne.
AroobaGirlHappy and optimistic woman, Woman who loves her husband, Woman who is loved by her husband
AdiaGirlBeing a gift
NimraGirlFemale leopard
ZarnabGirlPure gold, Name of a plant known for its good scent
SamahirGirlWoman with nice body or figure ( Khoobsorat oraat )
FatimaGirlAccustom; daughter of the Prophet
ShazminGirlWhite stone
MehrozGirlPiece of moon ( chand ka tokra )
SaynaGirl“silent”, “serene”
ImshallGirlPhool ( Flower )
MishaelGirlTorch, light
MubashshiraGirlMessenger, bringer of good tidings, joy
ShahrinGirlMonth. Shahrin, the fully inflected form of Shahr appears in verse 3 of surat al-Qadr (no. 97).
MehwishGirlMoon-face, Chaand chehra, Beautiful, Khoob soorat
AbruGirlHonor, Fame, Good Name, Dignity
HaidaGirl“clear”, “lucid”, ” apparent” ( saf dill )
RaifaGirl“kind”, “compassionate”, “softhearted”
IfrahGirlMaking a person happy, Bringing joy and delight.
NaylaGirlBrave, Strong and Courageous, Winner, Gracious, Charitable
MuntahaGirlGoal, Aspiration, Target, End, Finale, Final destination
RohinaGirl“bejeweled steel”, an item, such as a sword, that’s made of steel and is adorned with jewels ( talwar ki aik qisam jo steel sy banae jati ha )
YasmeenGirlJasmine,sym. friendliness ,Variant transcription of YASMIN From Persian
NairahGirlShinning, glittering, bright.
ShandanaGirlMarvellous ( ajeeb )
ShafaqGirlRedness in the Horizon, Evening and Morning Twilight, Subh aur shaam ki shurkhi,
ZiyanGirlOrnament, Decoration
AzbahGirl“fresh”, “sweet”, used especially to describe water that is fresh, cool and sweet (not salty or bitter or warm)
ImsaalGirlUnique, one of a kind
AafiaGirlGood health, Healthy, Wise and Beautiful, Khairiyat Say
MarziaGirlVirtuous, Pious, God-Fearing
NaveenGirlNew (Something that is better than the rest), Fresh, Jadeed, Taza, Excellent
ArubaGirlA woman who smiles often, A woman who loves her husband, A woman who is loved by husband
SadiaGirlLucky, Fortunate, Cheerful, Blessed, Happy
NikhatGirlSweet Smell
TamimaGirlNaram mizaj wali, Brave, Strong
ZiaraGirl“visit’, “visitation”
FouziaGirlVictory, Triumphant, Successful.
RaniyaGirlGazing, looking at
TaheraGirlPure, chaste.
ShifaGirlHealing, Health, Freshness,
AfnanGirlBranch, Twig
AnesaGirlChaste, Loving, Affectionate, Friendly, Grace, Favour
MalalaGirlBravery, Courage, Dalayri, Bahaaduri, Himmat Wali
HamdiyaGirlNoble, Admirable and Praiseworthy ( tareef kerna )
RayaGirl“thought”, “[the act of] thinking”
KhadijaGirlEarly Baby, Premature Baby
InshirahGirl“when the heart becomes open”, “relief”, “relaxation”, “cheer”
HaniyaGirlHappiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight
MuzdalifaGirl“closeness”, “nearness”, “station”, “rank”, “garden” and “part of the night”
LaibaGirlAngel of heaven
ElizaGirlUnique, precious.
daanyaGirlGift of god, beautiful
AynoorGirl“virtuous woman”, “miss”, “eloquent woman”
SireenGirlWife of Prophets companion Hassan ibn Thabit, She was the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet (S.A.W), another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah, al-Maqooqus of Egyp
KiswaGirlGarment, Clothing
LeenGirlsoft and delicate
ArishaGirlHighness, Bulandi, One who is building something great
duaGirlWorship, Prayers, one who making a call(for some cause)
KausarGirlIn Pashtun meaning is : Lake of paradise
MaleehaGirlBeautiful and charming
NoshinGirlSweet, pleasant, (i.e. dream).
deebaGirlBeautiful, a piece of silk cloth/stuff.
AyanaGirlBeautiful flowers
RamisaGirlWhite rose
RimshaGirlPhoolon ka guldasta
AmberGirlFragrant, Like perfume, Ambergris
AzminaGirlBeautiful, shining
LiyanaGirlTender, Delicate
AbeeraGirlRose, Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance.
RuhinaGirlSweet fragrence.
YusraGirlEase, Comfort, Blessedness
RahmaGirlMercy, Grace, Compassion
ArwaGirlMountain gazelle, Satisfied
MinaalGirlTo reach your destination.
AwaGirlRiver, Life
RomaisaGirlJannat Ki Khoobsoorti, Wind that scatters dust and hides tracks and footprints
MahaGirlMoon, Chaand,
AbidaGirlHe Who Worships, Ebadat karne wali
FazeelaGirlHigh degree of excellence, Eminent, Superiority, merit, perfection, outstanding, virtue, excellence, knowledge
RaseenaGirl“vast landscape”, “open expanse of land”, “scenic vista”
AiyaGirl Miracle, verses in the Qur'an
SamarGirlReward, Result, Fruit, Evening conversation,
NafisaGirlRefined, pure, precious, delicate, choice, exquisite.
SajjalGirlNice, Fine, Beautiful, Well-arranged, Orderly,
SurahGirl“chapter of the Quran”
MehvishGirlMoon-face, Chaand chehra, Beautiful, Khoob soorat
SamanGirlValuable, Costly, Expensive, Welfare,
NishaGirlWhole World.
ShaistaGirlIntelligent, Soft spoken,
MareehaGirlFun Loving, Playful ( Zinda Dill )
TaaliahGirlVirtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God, Girl/woman who recites the Quran often.
FaziaGirlSuccessful, victorious
MariyaGirlBeloved, Chahat, Tamanna
Noor al hayaGirlLight of my life
ShizaGirlA gift or present, Aik tohfa ya hadiya
SabaGirlMorning breeze, Spring breeze, Zephyr,
AnoushaGirlEverlasting, Immortal, Firm and strong, Happiness and Good fortune
MinnahGirlKindness, grace, blessing
HeerGirlTaqat, Daulat
AshleyGirlLives in the ash tree grove.
SaryaGirlName of a pious woman.
RuhanaGirl“spirit”, “soul”
RohaanGirlA river in paradise
SumaiyahGirlName of a lady companion of the Prophet , the first martyr in Islam.
SairaGirlName of a bird, Moving, Wandering, Travel
AminatGirlLoyal and Trustworthy, Faithful women
ZelGirlPrivate, Special
SadafGirlSea Shell, Seepi
NaheedaGirlBig, Beautiful
UrwaGirlSonay ka kangan, Hand held, Support
RifatGirlElevation, Height, Eminence, Nobility, Izzat,
ParveenGirlSurayya, Chandd sitaron ka naam
ZairaGirl“visitor”, “guest”
RaweehaGirl“good scent”, “happiness after sadness”, “rest after tiredness”
AdibaGirlCultured, Refined, Elam o adab jaan-nay wali
IshrahGirl“companionship”, “fellowship” ( suhbat, rafaqat )
ShaminaGirlFragrant, sweet smelling scent, sweet breeze
RihabGirlVastness, expanse
LamiyaGirlWith beautiful curls,dark lipped.
AfiyaGirlHealth (Swahili origin)
ShanazGirl“beautiful”, “loved”, “like a princess”
SamreenGirlHelper, Advantage, Benefit, Profit,
AmayaGirlNight rain.
RadiyaGirlVeiled, covered.
ImaraGirlTo visit, To tend
NawalGirlGift,present, grant, favour, grace, kindness.
RifahGirl (Rifa'at) Highness, elevation, Dignity. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of BaDr.
AmnaGirlHonest, Faithful, Trustworthy
MalaikaGirlangels from the plural of Arabic (malak).
AfraaGirlWhite, Fair, 13th night of the lunar month
LaveenGirl“radiant”, “shining”, “glowing”, figuratively meaning “beatiful”
NehaGirlAffectionate, Loving
NihalaGirlShoot (young plant), Sapling
ZubariaGirlBlooming flower
AklimaGirlThe first step
NooriyaGirlLight and Radiance, Brilliant
AfzaGirlIncrease, Augmentation
AnsharahGirlWhen the heart becomes open, Relief, Relaxation, Cheer
IfraGirlExpert, Skilful, Prominent, Adept,
KhairunNisaGirl( sub sy bahtar,سب سے بہتر )
SirinGirlWife of Prophets companion Hassan ibn Thabit, The daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet(S.A.W)
MuneebaGirl“one who always returns to God”, “one who does not insist on sinning”
SafwaGirlMoon, a spring which flows constantly.
dujanaGirlBaarish, Rain
ZurwaGirlBulandi, Buzurgi
Hoorain ZehraGirlKhoshada Ankhain ( lovely eyes )
AidaGirlReturner, Visitor of the sick
AatikaGirl “pure”, “generous”
SaranGirl“start”, “beginning”
AmtalGirlServant of Allah
NairaGirl“radiant”, “brilliant”, “full of light”
ShazaGirlAroma, fragrance.
KainaGirlEvent, Happening
NoorjahanGirlLight of the world
NazraGirlglow and happiness of a person’s face.
AnifaGirlDignified, One who has self-respect
FayzaGirl Variant of Arabic Faiza, meaning 'victorious.'
ZafiyaGirlNarrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Bisharah.
AazeenGirlBeauty, Khubsurti
AanaGirlMoments, Hours of the Night
MahdiaGirlWell-guided, Under the guidance of Allah
MahiaGirlLife and Earth
MusfiraGirlGlowing with happiness, Beautiful and Radiant, Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight
SalmaGirlPeaceful, Khoob soorat subah, Huzoor (PBUH) ki zoja mutahhra ka naam mubarak
EffatGirlVirtue, Chastity
IbtisamGirlSmiling, Cheerfulness, Blooming,
SumiaGirlThe one who listens
NylaGirlWinner, Achiever
TishaGirlOne who is active, lively. (not verified name)
SeherGirlDawn, early morning
NouranGirl“radiant”, “glowing”, figuratively meaning “beautiful”, from the Arabic word Nour (“light”) and the Persian suffix an (“of”, “like”)
MuflihaGirl“successful”, “prosperous”
AminaGirlHonest, Faithful". Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad(PBUH),Trustworthy
EiliyahGirlThe beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God.
MyshaGirlJoyous throughout life,Happy for entire life
TaibaGirla woman who loves to repent to Allah for all sins, minor or major, and always prays to God for forgiveness
JuwayriyaGirl“rose of Firuzabad”, likely because the rose was found in this city or produced there in the past
SaminaGirlFatty, Plump, Happy, Qeemti cheez, Garaan-qadar
NadiraGirlRare, Extraordinary, Choice, Precious, Anokhi
RaminaGirl“joyous”, “lively”, “jubilant”, “happy”
IshaGirlAlive, She who lives,
JouriGirldamask rose, red rose
SaraGirlPure, Happy
MarahGirlHappiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight
MuskanGirlSmile, Happy.
HadiaGirlGuide to Righteous, Spiritual guide,
NorizaGirlLight of contentment
ArooshGirlAngel of the heaven
ImaanGirlImaan, Faith
FaridaGirlUnique, Alone
NavidaGirl“good news”, “good tidings” ( achi khaber )
ZaidGirlGrowth, Progress

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  • Baby Names And Meanings


    Names meaning of dictionary urdu


    (Shezan Pronunciations)

    Baby name meanings, origin and religion

    Shezan is a Muslim Girl name which originates from the Urdu language. Acording to Numerology Predictions 2 is Lucky number for name Shezan. ... Urdu names meaning dictionary for Muslim boys, and Muslim girls, Muslim baby name like Shezan and others. Check Shezan name English and Arabic spelling.

    Kidpaw DO NOT guarantee the accuracy of any listed baby name and its meanings. We collected these names with our best efforts. Though if you find any incorrect name or meanings please report us. We would advise you consult a local Imam, Professor or Pop for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby.

    What does Shezan mean, details, origin, short & easy attributes?

    How People Search Shezan

    Ask about Shezan:

    Read Shezan Name Meaning in Urdu

    Write Shezan in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla
    (Shezan pronunciation in different languages)

    Urdu: شیزان
    Hindi: शेजान
    Arabic: شذا,شیزان
    Bangla: সেজান

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    What is the meaning of Shezan ?

    Shezan is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Shezan name meanings is Beautiful.
    People search this name as Shezan urdu name, Mir masud shezan, Meaning in urdu shezan, Shezan boy lucky number, Shezan lucky number, Shezan boy nam, Shezan meaning in urdu, Shezan in urdu, Shezan nam ke urdu me maine bataye, Shezan meaning in malayalam.
    Shezan is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as شیزان, शेजान, شذا,شیزان, সেজান. Other similar sounding names can be Sheeraz, Shees, Shehran, Shehroze, Shehryaar, Shehryar, Shehyar, Shehzaad, Sher, Sherafgan, Sheraz, Sherif, Sherin, Sheryar, Sheba, Sheeba, Sheedah, Sheeftah, Sheema, Sheen.

    Each letter meanings in Shezan Name.

    • SSincere, a model of truth.
    • HHero, as you appear to many.
    • EEternal, your spirit will live.
    • ZZest, your zeal for life.
    • AAttractive, inside and out
    • NNormal, step outside of the box!

    Today's Trending Muslim Names

    Boy Names with Same Meanings with Shezan

    • Name


    • Agharr

      Hansome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble, Magnanimous Name of a companion of the Prophet,

    • Amro

      a very tall, beautiful

    • Ataubaq

      Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share

    • Bahiy

      Lovely, Beautiful

    • Gamil


    • Hadbar


    • Hasan

      Handsome, beautiful, good-looking

    • Haseen

      Strong, secure, immune, Beautiful, Smart

    • Hassaan


    • Husain

      Beautiful, doer of good deads, Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful

    • Husani

      Beautiful, handsome

    • Hussain

      Handsome, Elegant, beautiful

    • Hussein

      Handsome,Beautiful, doer of good deads,

    • Jahanzeb

      Beautiful, Charming

    • Jameel

      Beautiful, Handsome, Impressive,Physically and morally attractive, name of a Sahabi, the companion of the prophet (peace be upon him)

    • Jamil

      Beautiful, lovely, Handsome, attractive, impressive

    • Jazib

      Absorber, attractive, Beautiful, Handsome

    • Khaista


    • Khaleel

      Beautiful, good friend

    • Khalil

      Beautiful, good friend

    • Maliih

      Beautiful, Cute, Handsome

    • Nehan

      Beautiful, Stronger

    • Rafan

      Beautiful, graceful

    • Ranaa

      Moving gracefully, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate, tender

    • Sabeeh

      Beautiful, handsome, one with a fair complexion, pleasant, fond

    • Sabh


    • Salarjung

      Beautiful, Army leader in war

    • Shabaz

      Beautiful, handsome, intelligent self confidence, respectful

    • Subaih


    • Tajammal


    • Wasim

      Good looking, Handsome, Graceful,beautiful, graceful

    • Zahi

      Beautiful, brilliant, glowing, shining

    • Zain

      Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour

    • Elijah

      Beautiful, sweet, smart, Loving

    • Farah

      Joy, happiness, cheerfulness, delight, Lovely, Pleasant Or Beauty, Good Looking, Beautiful

    • Fatin

      Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting, Beautiful, pretty, attractive, glamorous, ravishing, Fascinating

    • Gul e rana

      Beautiful, Sweet-smelling rose

    • Nigar

      Painting, beloved, Beautiful, Picture, portrait, sweetheart

    • Sabih

      Pretty, beautiful, graceful

    • Dihishwar


    • Farrugh

      beautiful, Blessed

    • Guleer


    • Hajiriy

      Handsome, Beautiful

    • Hannaan

      Beautiful, Compassionate

    • Hisan

      Beautiful, Handsome, Good

    • Maleeh


    • Payara

      Dear, beloved, beautiful

    • Sabeh

      Pretty, Handsome, Beautiful

    • Sabihe


    • Zaamil


    • Zameel


    What are similar sounding Muslim Boy names with Shezan

    Calculate Numerology for Shezan

    # Ltr indexLetter in NamePosition of Letter
    Numerology of name Shezan8 (subtotal of 26)

    Discovering Personality Type of Shezan

    More polite and sweet people group. More attractive to opposite gender, self believe, more desires about home and luxuries about livings.

    Shezan name wallpaper (Shezan name 3D wallpaper and writing styles)

    Shezan beautiful wallper

    How people search of Shezan name wallpaper

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    • Create my name in style for Shezan
    All Names by Origin

    Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 | Islamic names edition 4

    There is 4th edition of Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 | Islamic names edition 4 and in this blog which we have collected from name meaning series of 3rd edition which are mostly comment in name meaning that were comment in 3rd edition of Islamic names meaning in Urdu book, Urdu name meaning edition 3. You may also download this 4th edition of Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 | Islamic names and pdf download link given below

    List of Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 edition 4 below under 

    • Zulfiqar
    • Zulqurnain
    • Zuhaib
    • Zoqan
    • Zahab
    • Zamir
    • Zamar
    • Zamin
    • Zal
    • Zooqif
    • Zakwan
    • Zaib
    • Zeeshan
    • Zahah
    • Zakawat
    • Zurdah
    • Zakawat

    Download complete Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 meaning Book

    Doownload Now Complete Islamic baby names in pdf

    Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 edition 4 Flashcards

    Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 | Islamic names edition 4

    Zulfiqar, Zulqurnain, Zuhaib, Zoqan, Zahab, Zamir, Zamar, Zamin, Zal, Zooqif, Zakwan, Zaib, Zeeshan, Zahah, Zakawat, Zurdah, Zakawat


    This is 4rd  edition Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020, If you want to know the meaning of then you just have to comment your name in comment section below and your name will be added in 5th  edition of Urdu name meaning dictionary 2020 that will be publish in name meaning series very soon.

    Islamic names meaning in urdu book | Urdu name meaning edition 2


    Similar news:


    [ oor-doo, ur-; oor-doo, ur- ]

    / ˈʊər du, ˈɜr-; ʊərˈdu, ɜr- /


    one of the official languages of Pakistan, a language derived from Hindustani, used by Muslims, and written with Persian-Arabic letters.



    We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but we think you should take the quiz and find out if you're a whiz at these colorful terms.

    Question 1 of 8

    Which of the following words describes “sky blue”?

    Origin of Urdu

    <Urdu, Hindi urdū, extracted from Persian zabān i urdū literally, language of the camp (ultimately <Turkic; see horde)

    Words nearby Urdu

    URC, urceolate, urchin, urd, urdé, Urdu, URE, urea, urea clearance, urea cycle, urea-formaldehyde resin Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021


    What does Urdu mean?

    Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. It is derived from the older Hindustani language, and the written form uses Persian-Arabic letters.

    The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a south Asian country with Afghanistan to its north and India to its south. Urdu is a member of the Indic family of languages, which includes other languages spoken by culture groups in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka.

    Urdu is recognized by Pakistan as the official language and it is the fifth most common language spoken in the country.

    Why is Urdu important?

    Pakistan and India have a complicated relationship, and so do their official languages of Urdu and Hindi (one of India’s many official languages). Both languages come from the older Hindustani language, and Hindustani is still used to collectively refer to both languages.

    Spoken Urdu and Hindi are so similar that they are often considered to be “sister languages” and speakers of the two languages can easily understand each other. However, the Urdu written language is based on Arabic script and Persian vocabulary, while Hindi’s written language is based on Sanskrit. Urdu is written and read from right to left, while Hindi is written and read left to right.

    Urdu is spoken as a first language by 8 percent of Pakistan’s population. Worldwide, Urdu is spoken by about 100 million people. Outside of Pakistan, it is most common in countries with large Pakistani communities, such as those in India, Bangladesh, and countries in the Middle East. Spoken Urdu and Hindi still remain very similar, although the relations between Pakistan and India remain tense.


    Did you know you speak some Urdu words already? Learn about some of the words in English that come from Urdu and Hindi.

    Did you know ... ?

    The word Urdu comes from the Hindustani, Persian, and Turkic words for “camp.” The “camp” referred to is the army camps of the various rulers who conquered the area where the language was spoken. Despite the name, spoken Urdu was spoken even by members of the royal courts and the highest classes of society.

    What are real-life examples of Urdu?

    This video demonstrates spoken and written Urdu as compared to Hindi.

    Urdu is most familiar to Pakistan natives or people of Pakistani heritage. The Urdu language is also often involved in the complex cultural situation of the Indian subcontinent.

    What other words are related to Urdu?

    Quiz yourself!

    True or False?

    The Urdu language is based on Sanskrit.

    How to use Urdu in a sentence

    • The project’s standout is “Mohabbat,” which was adapted from a 19th century Urdu song poem while also seamlessly utilizing vocal jazz techniques and a gentle guitar drone reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California.”

      The Best Songs of 2021 So Far|Raisa Bruner|May 26, 2021|Time

    • One language group, for example, included the most common languages spoken in India, including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu.

      Facebook’s new polyglot AI can translate between 100 languages|Karen Hao|October 19, 2020|MIT Technology Review

    • It remains one of the few internet businesses in the country that supports Urdu language in its app, for instance.

      Prosus Ventures leads $13 million investment in Pakistan’s ride-hailing giant Bykea|Manish Singh|September 30, 2020|TechCrunch

    • In its place came something which, striving to fuse Urdu and Telugu, seemed to devalue both.

      India’s Newest State Telangana Is Bosnia Redux|Kranti Rai|March 22, 2014|DAILY BEAST

    • Locals used to teach British officers Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Persian.

      The Taliban’s Letter to Malala Yousafzai|The Daily Beast|July 17, 2013|DAILY BEAST

    • The order came again, in Arabic and Urdu, along with a warning that otherwise access would be achieved with explosives.

      Bin Laden’s Life on the Run, Witnessed by Al Qaeda Child Bride|Michael Daly|July 10, 2013|DAILY BEAST

    • App ka dua go,” Farhan recently implored of me in his native Urdu: “Pray for me.

      Is It Time to Forgive Greg Mortenson?|Jon Krakauer|April 8, 2013|DAILY BEAST

    • To the left was West Pakistan, where they ruled, and spoke Urdu, and wrote in an alphabet that flowed like water under wind.

      Bangladesh’s Midnight Children: Philip Hensher’s ‘Scenes From Early Life’|Lucy Scholes|January 9, 2013|DAILY BEAST

    • “Perhaps you do not speak my language,” she said in Urdu, the tongue most frequently heard in Upper India.

      The Red Year|Louis Tracy

    • He spoke Urdu exceedingly well, and it was difficult in the gloom to recognize him as a European.

      The Red Year|Louis Tracy

    • If you did not talk Urdu like one of us, sahib, I should bid you die here in peace rather than fall in the first village.

      The Red Year|Louis Tracy

    • Then he composed himself reverently to listen to fragments, hastily rendered into Urdu.

      Kim|Rudyard Kipling

    • She is the centre of all idleness, intrigue, and luxury, and shares with Delhi the claim to talk the only pure Urdu.

      Kim|Rudyard Kipling

    British Dictionary definitions for Urdu


    an official language of Pakistan, also spoken in India. The script derives primarily from Persia. It belongs to the Indic branch of the Indo-European family of languages, being closely related to Hindi but containing many Arabic and Persian loan words

    Word Origin for Urdu

    C18: from Hindustani (zabāni) urdū (language of the) camp, from Persian urdū camp, from Turkish ordū

    Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012


    929 930 931 932 933