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There’s more than dogecoin and stock memes. We’ve collected 20 of the best aviation and airline memes — from funny to crazy and nerdy.

Over the last years, memes became increasingly prominent. And especially the latest crypto and stock hype generated a meme-hype and mass adoption at the same time.

Based on the hype, the usage of memes spread across almost every topic you can imagine. That’s why we started to search for the best aviation and airline memes. We trawled through Reddit, social media, and search engines to collect the funniest, craziest, and nerdiest of all aviation and airline memes.

20 Best Aviation & Airline Memes

And here’s the result. Enjoy the 20 best aviation and airline memes!

Boeing 737 and Ryanair — Some of the Hottest Aviation Meme Topics

Memes about the Boeing 737 are definitely one thing you can’t overlook when starting to search for aviation memes. The technical problems lead to an incredible amount of memes. Here’s one of our favorites. The meme combines the B737 problem with Ryanair — which is another very famous meme topic (We will see later).

Panik from aviationmemes

Low Cost Bashing

Bashing low cost airlines is another famous meme topic. There are tons of memes making fun of low cost airlines’ service and quality.

I hate it,actually from aviationmemes

Ryanair’s Landing Abilities

Ryanair, as already mentioned, is one of the most famous airline meme topics. Besides memes that makes fun of Ryanair’s service, their soft-landing ability is a prominent meme topic.

No refund, only bad customer service with stunning arrogance. from aviationmemes

Ryanair’s Landing Abilities — Part 2

And here’s another hilarious example of an Ryanair meme.

Basically ryanair from aviationmemes

Joe Biden and Digitalization

Joe Biden’s photo became a trending meme across all topics. Here’s an example how the meme was applied to the aviation and airline industry.

Boeing vs. Airbus — One of the Most Trending Aviation Memes

The “fight” between Boeing’s and Airbus’ fanbase creates tons of brilliant memes. Here one of them.

those boeing fans.. from aviationmemes

Once again Ryanair

I know that’s a lot of Ryanair memes. But I had to add this one. It shows one of the most you memes and once again combines it with Ryanair’s landing abilities

Ryanair kinda SUS from aviationmemes

Plane-spotters — This Meme is for you!

Plane-spotters are a huge community. Thousands of people around the world are hunting for the best plane pictures. Here’s a meme that perfectly describes the feeling of plane-spotters.

Every. Single. Time. from aviationmemes

Talking about the aviation community: Here’s a meme how many people that work for airlines or other aviation companies feel — especially during these testing times.

Thanks guys from aviationmemes

Clapping When the Plane Lands

A truly controversial topic (actually not really). So here’s a meme about clapping when the plane lands. And by the way: I agree with the meme 100%.

Don’t land & clap from aviationmemes

Just Love That Aviation Meme

Pretty hard to describe this one but I simply love it.

What do i do? from aviationmemes

Concorde or B7474 — It’s Tough

Here’s another very prominent meme — used for various topics. What’s your opinion? Boeing 7474 or bring back the Concorde.

Its tough from aviationmemes

Pilot Stuff — A Special Aviation Memes Section

Pilot and flight operations are almost an additional niche in the area of airline and aviation memes. Here’s one of my favourite pilot memes.

Seriously if you’re talking about am aircraft from aviationmemes

Playing With Aircraft Liveries

I think there are no words needed for this meme.

I don’t know what to title so title: from aviationmemes

4 Engine Aircraft

In case you’ve been searching for the reason why the amount of 4 engine aircraft is constantly decreasing. This meme gives you the answer.

Lemme take a sip from aviationmemes

Ryanair — One Last Time

I’m sorry but I have to add one more Ryanair-landing-meme. This one is just to good not to be features among the 20 best aviation and airline memes.

i agree… from aviationmemes

COVID Memes and the Aviation Industry

Actually I expected more memes about COVID-19 and its impact to the aviation and airline industry. Surprisingly, there are only few memes about that topic. However, here’s a great one!

There is a high chance of a second lockdown too from aviationmemes

The King of Aviation Memes: Antonov Rules Them all!

If you ask me, it is not about Boeing vs. Airbus because there’s one aircraft manufacturer that rules them all 🙂

Da meme 3 from aviationmemes

What Cargo Airlines Think About Airbus and Boeing!

The battle between Airbus and Boeing has different facets. Here’s a meme that shows how Cargo airlines think about Boeing and Airbus.

Cargo airlines be like from aviationmemes


Aviation clearly shows that you don’t need drugs to hear a picture!

I definitely can hear this one from aviationmemes

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Darwin Award Candidate: How to destroy a million dollar helicopter
(click here for a short video)




Here's a real ad from Japan Air Service (JAS). Note the non stop "FRIGHT"



German Aviation Terms

AIRCRAFT---Der Fliegenwagen

JET TRANSPORT---Der Muchen Overgrossen Biggenmother Das Ist Fliegen
Highenfaster Mit All Der Mach Und Flightenlevels. (Built by Boeing)

PROPELLER---Der Airfloggen Pushenthruster

ENGINE---Der Noisenmaken Pistonpusher Das Turnens Der Airfloggenfan

JET ENGINE---Der Schreemen Skullschplitten Firespitten Smokenmaken
Airpushenbacken Thrustermaker Mit Compressorsqueezen Und Turbinespinnen
Bladenrotors. (Made by Pratt & Whitney)

CONTROL COLUMN---Der Pushenpullen Bankenyanken Schtick

RUDDER PEDALS---Der Tailschwingen Yawmaken Werks

PILOT---Der Pushenpullen Bankenyanken Tailschwingen Werker

PASSENGER---Der Dumbkopf Das Est Strappened En Der Baacken Mit Der Other
Dumbkopfs Das Est Expecten To Leave Undgo On Scheduledtimen Und Arriven mit
Der Luggagebags Somplaceneisen

STUDENT PILOT---Der Dumbkopf Das Learnen Fliegen Un Hopen To Jobenfinden Mit
Der Airlinens

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR---Der Timenbuilder Mit Less Den 1000 Hrs
Multienginefliegen. Teachen Dumbkopfs To Fliegen Vile Waitenwatchen Fer Der
Letter Mit Der Joboffering Frum United

AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT---Das Grosse Overpaiden Und Under Werken
Whinencomplainer Biggen Schmuck Dat Fliegen Mit Das Big Airlinen

PARACHUTE---Der Stringencotten Das Est Usen To Floaten Der Tailschwingen
Pushenpullen Bankenyanken Werker Down To Earthen Ven Der Fliegenwagen Est

FAA---Der Friggenfliegen Dumbkopf Schmucks Das Maken Alder Rulens Und

Helicopter --- Der Flingen Wingen Maschinen mit der Floppen Bladens dot ist
Fliegen by der Dumbkopfs vas iss too Stupiden for Knowen dees Maschinens ees
not Safen ver Fliegen.





The Copilot

I am the copilot. I sit on the right.
It's up to me to be quick and bright;
I never talk back for I have regrets,
But I have to remember what the Captain forgets.

I make out the Flight Plan and study the weather,
Pull up the gear, stand by to feather;
Make out the mail forms and do the reporting,
And fly the old crate while the Captain is courting.

I take the readings, adjust the power,
Put on the heaters when we're in a shower;
Tell him where we are on the darkest night,
And do all the bookwork without any light.

I call for my Captain and buy him cokes;
I always laugh at his corny jokes,
And once in awhile when his landings are rusty
I always come through with, "By gosh it's gusty!"

All in all I'm a general stooge,
As I sit on the right of the man I call "Scrooge";
I guess you think that is past understanding,
But maybe some day he will give me a landing.

— Keith Murray



the next bunch of stuff is from a certain anonymous bleary-eyed pilot from Corpus Christi...

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  3. Mogu stock



A-3D Skywarrior -- Whale, All Three Dead

A-4 Skyhawk -- Scooter, Heinemann’s Hotrod, Mighty Mite, Tinker Toy

A-5 Vigilante -- Viggie

A-6 Intruder --  Truder, Dogship, Tadpole

A-7 Corsair II -- SLUF

AD-1 Skyraider -- Able Dog, Spad, Flying Dump Truck

AH-1G Cobra -- Snake

AM-1 Mauler --  Able Mable, Awful Monster

AV-8 Harrier --  Jump Jet, Tail Dragger

E-1B Tracer -- Willy Fudd, Fudd, Stoof with a roof

E-2C Hawkeye --  Hummer

EA-3 Skywarrior -- Electric Whale

EA-6B Prowler -- Queer, Q-Bird, Gliding Electric Show

EP-3E Aires II -- Pig, Flying Pig

F1F -- Fifi

F2A Buffalo -- Beer Barrel, Flying Barrel, Suicide Barrel

F2H Banshee --  Banjo

F3D Skyknight -- Drut, Willie the Whale

F3H Demon --  Lead Sled

F4D / F6A Skyray -- Ford

FJ-2/4 Fury -- Dog, Furry

F-4 Phantom II -- Lead Sled, Double Ugly, Rhino, Flying Footlocker, Old Smokey

F4U Corsair -- Bent Wing, U-Bird, Broke Wing, Whistling Death

F-5 Tiger -- Freedom Fighter, Skoshi Tiger, Dinky Toy

F-7U Cutlass -- Gutless Cutlass, Ensign Killer

F-8U Crusader -- Gunfighter, Last Gunfighter, MiG Master

F-14 Tomcat -- Turkey, Tomkitty, Cat, Tomgrape

F/A-18 Hornet -- Bug, Plastic Bug, Fateen

H-3 Sea King -- Big Mother, War Winnebago

HC-130 Hercules -- Herk, Hog, Bleed Air Blimp

HC-46 Sea Knight -- Frog, Boeing Body Bag, Boeing Mix Master

HJD-1 -- Little Henry

HU-1E / HH / UH Iroquois -- Huey, Slick

N3N -- Yellow Peril

NR-1 Recruit -- Maytag Messerschmitt

P-3 Orion -- Pig, Flying Pig

P5M Mariner -- Frog

PV-1 Ventura -- Pregnant Pig

PV-2 Harpoon -- 'Poon

R4D (DC-3 / C-47) -- Gooney Bird, Dizzy Three

S-2F Tracker -- Stoof

S-3 Viking -- Hoover

SB2C Helldiver -- Beast

SB2U Vindicator -- Vibrator, Wind Indicator

SBD Dauntless -- Barge, Slow But Deadly

SH-60 Seahawk -- Crashhawk, Lawn Dart

SNB-1 Kansan / UC-45 Navigator -- Secret Navy Bomber, Double Breasted Bug Smasher

SNJ Texan -- Snidge, Growler, Slow Navy Junk

T-2 Buckeye -- Guppy

T-28 Trojan -- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

T-34 Mentor -- Radial Interceptor, Teenie-weenie

T-37  Tweet -- Dog Whistle, Tweety Bird, Screaming Mimi

TBF Avenger -- Pregnant Beast, Turkey, Chuff

UF-1G / HU-16 Albatross -- Goat

US-2B -- Used to be Stoof

WF-1 Tracer -- Willy Fudd, Fudd, Stoof with a Roof


Sours: https://bluejacket.com/humor_naval-aviation.html

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