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Sasuke's POV

Being in a crowed bar to listen up on information isn't the most ideal mission for a guy like me.

But, in a way, it does pay off. Loud mouth Ninja spill information like a broken dam when they've had a few drinks.

"Yeah man, didn't you hear?" One Leaf ninja slurred.

This wouldn't end up well for the man. The Leaf had severe punishments for intel being shared, and being stupid enough to go to a popular bar full of other scouts from enemy territory.

But, you know, the Leaf Ninja are always so smart!

"Dude." He says, dragging out the 'e' and leaning his head against his friend. I keep my head low and my eyes piercing into his faded ones, listening intently.

"Kaji Tora, the chick who died about a year ago? She's alive! She, like, totally faked her whole death man!" He whisper yells to his buddy, punching him playful on the shoulder, taking another swig of sake.

My eyes widen and I clench my hand, which was attached to the edge of the bar table. Unknowingly, my hand clenches too hard, ripping a chunk of the wooden bar in my anger and relief.

I quickly gather my things, my cloak flying behind me, making a loud 'whoosh' sound. The door slams behind me and walk into the cold, unforgiving night, prepared to let a hoard of emotions out.

3rd POV

The whole group was silent, Kakashi's Chidori the only thing making a sound.

Kaji had a strange kunai in one hand, and the other was cloaked in a bright flame. It didn't seem as if it was hurting Kaji, well she didn't show any sign of it, but at this point, they should expect the worst. For everybody.

Kaji lowers her whole body, ready to get some leverage to run. Kakashi mirrors her movements, getting down just as low.

They both take off, sprinting towards each other with deadly intent, their respective element covered hands in front of them.

Kaji throws her kunai at Kakashi, watching him dodge it, seeing it sail right past his head.

His eyes widened, unable to get away.

The leaves were still rustling. There were birds still chirping in harmony. Clouds above them didn't stop floating through the sky. But it seemed, in those few moments, that time stopped. Kakashi widening his eyes, looking back at Kaji with surprised eyes.

Kaji smirks and does a hand sign with her now free hand, disappearing in an instant. She reappears behind Kakashi, who was still looking forward. Kakashi looks back slightly, just in time to be throttled forward by the power in Kaji's punch. She hit the muscles in his shoulder area, burning through his clothing with her fire covered fist.

She used the Flying Thunder God Technique.

A special jutsu, mastered by the Fourth Hokage and created by the Second. A jutsu where you would transport through an alternate dimension for a split second, coming out wherever your mark was put.


Teachers and their Pets

Chapter 1

It was a foggy mid-autumn day and Sakura was already regretting following her best friend's lead in lying down on the grass. Dew soaked into the back of her clothes and hair. It actually wasn't too uncomfortable; indeed it was rather warm if she just stayed in one position. But she was going to have to walk through the village like this, and she was meeting up with Naruto later. The girl held in a sigh and resolved to get changed after Ino and her's early morning meeting. They'd been doing this since they were twelve years old. Ino would come to her house at around 5am and then the pair of them would head out to a park at the edge of the village. They were eighteen now and it was still happening. Sakura liked it. She liked having this sense of normality, especially with Sasuke gone. Ripped from her.

It was better with Naruto back. Sakura was barely able to conceal her joy each time she saw her best friend again.

Next to her, Ino shifted. The girls cerulean eyes were set on the sky and then, gradually, she opened her mouth. Sakura's eyes narrowed a fraction as she watched this, well aware that Ino was most definitely about to ruin the ambiance of the situation.

"You know who's really hot?"

Sakura didn't reply. She simply closed her eyes and turned her face to the sky again. This was another part of their 'ritual' as it were. Each and every single morning, Ino would list somebody in the village who was hot- often someone she had potentially slept with the night before. Sakura, herself, was still a virgin. Something she felt quite ashamed of, though she knew, in her more adult way of thinking, that being a virgin at eighteen was nothing to be ashamed of. Still, it kinda sucked when even Hinata Hyuga had popped her cherry before you.

"Asuma Sensei."

Sakura jolted up, turning to look at her best friend in shock. "Ino!" She scolded. "You mustn't say things like that! People will get the wrong idea!"

Ino began laughing at her friend's expression, smacking the grass with her palm as she cackled. "You should see your face right now Forehead! It's a picture," the girl stopped laughing long enough to smirk. "And who's going to get the wrong idea? It's only me and you here, right?"

Sakura pouted at her, her brow furrowing. Sometimes Ino could say such rude and strange things. The pink haired girl settled back down into the grass, wincing slightly as more dew soaked into her clothes.

"Still…" She trailed off.

"Besides, what ideas could people possibly get from that statement?" Ino was on a roll now, uncaring of her friend's faraway look. "I meant what I said, Asuma Sensei is very attractive."

Sakura tutted. "Ino, he's your Sensei and also far too old for you."

"He's not my Sensei anymore. And besides," Ino grinned mischievously. "Older men are a lot more experienced."

Ino's interest in her former Sensei had actually formed a year ago. She had just passed her Chūnin exams that week and therefore Asuma Sensei was no longer her Sensei. It had taken some getting used to, not having a Sensei to rely on anymore. Of course Asuma was still always there if anybody in Ino-Shika-Cho needed him, but he also seemed a lot more distant. More unreachable.

The transition from being Asuma's student to his colleague was hard for Ino; she could hardly get her head around it. She still viewed him as this older entity, always knowing what to do, not really human. That was until she was walking home one late night.

The girl had just finished some late night training near the lake and had decided to head home. She was unsure of the time, but guessed it to be around 12am, or thereabouts. She was tired, her legs almost feeling like jelly as she trod the dusty path back home. She couldn't wait until she could move out. She'd always said that once she reached Chūnin level, that meant she was an adult, she could fend for herself. Well…that had been what she'd told her mother and father. In actuality, Ino just wanted to be able to do what she wanted, without embarrassment at the breakfast table the next morning.

Just as she was about to get lost in thought about her dream apartment, the blonde heard a noise coming from the left of her. It sounded a lot like heavy breathing. Naively, Ino wondered whether someone was hurt. It truly did sound like someone was struggling to carry something. That was until a loud moan suddenly sounded. Shocked, Ino turned bright red. The girl wasn't dumb, she knew enough about sex to know the noises. She, herself, at seventeen, hadn't done much more than make out with a few boys, but she knew all about sex…well…as much as you could without actually having it.

Without even realising it, Ino had come to a standstill. To the left of her was a bar. A bar called Sake Cavern. A bar that Ino had never seen nor noticed before. Behind the bar was a large patch of bushes. The moaning was coming from this area. It sounded to Ino like a woman. A woman obviously enjoying herself a great deal. Curiosity suddenly struck Ino like a wrecking ball. How could something be so pleasurable that it resulted in such moans?

Knowing she shouldn't but unable to resist, Ino began creeping closer to the bushes. She reached the closest bush to her and peered over it. Two silhouettes were joined in the moonlight, up against the wall. It was all very…feral.

Ino felt a strange sensation in her stomach as she watched whoever the two people were. The woman was moaning loudly, making no effort to keep herself quiet. Ino's eyes traced the body of the man causing these moans. He was obviously very well-muscled, his two strong arms wrapped around the woman's waist. It was hard to see in the dark, but it was clear that his trousers were around his ankles and that the woman's dress was pulled up in a hurry, her knickers just down her thighs. This had obviously happened in a hurry. At this thought, another strange sensation pooled in Ino's belly. Unconsciously, she began to move her thighs together.

The man and woman pressed against the wall were moving faster now, the breathing increasing in pitch, the woman's moans growing louder and louder. The man moved his face out of the crook of the woman's neck and bit her lip before pulling back.

"Fuck!" He groaned.

Ino felt a shiver run up and down her spine. She knew that voice.

The woman on the wall continued mewling, but Ino no longer paid her any heed. She began creeping closer, as close as she dared, wondering whether her suspicion was correct. The man in front of her had bronze skin and well-muscled legs, though they were shaking with the pleasure he was going through. Ino recognised the sash on the ground underneath him. It was Asuma Sensei.

Ino's eyes widened and she immediately went red. This wasn't right! This was a private moment. She had to leave. Despite thinking this, Ino made no move to walk away. Instead she began examining her former teacher's body as he pumped in and out of the woman in front of him. Ino drank in every curve of muscle, every scar that dotted his body.

Another strange coiling sensation appeared in her stomach and an immense heat suddenly tingled down in her womanly area. It almost felt as if there was…liquid or something down there. Ino gingerly moved a hand and stuck it up her skirt. Yes. She was most definitely wet. At the touch of her finger, Ino's vagina responded, tingling up and down. Ino quickly withdrew her hand. No way was she touching herself. That was gross. The girl resolved to leave, but she stopped when the couple before her began moving even faster, the slapping sound of flesh against flesh echoed violently in the air.

"Fuck. You're so hot. Shit."

Ino blushed a deep red at her Sensei's words. The woman against the wall was nearly screaming now.

"Ah. You're perfect. Fuck. Ah!" She yelled, she drew herself closer to Asuma, pulling herself off the wall and staring off into the distance with dreamy heavy lidded eyes, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. "Please," she begged. "Ah. I'm almost there. Please."

Asuma grabbed the woman's head and plunged his lips onto hers, the woman moaning into the kiss. There was a few seconds of fast paced pounding and then both man and woman groaned loudly. Asuma drew his lips off the woman and pressed them to her collarbone as they both shuddered. The woman now completely reliant upon the man before her to keep her up. Ino's whole body tingled as she watched this. She had no idea who the woman was, but she did know that she thought her extremely lucky.

Ino had never really thought of Asuma Sensei as a…as a man before. The two people before her were quiet for a few seconds and then Asuma Sensei whispered something. The woman laughed in response and then planted a kiss on his lips. Ino suddenly felt an intense surge of jealousy. Even in the darkness she could tell that Asuma's lips were probably soft and supple.

"That was great," the woman said, letting her grip on the man loosen as she reached down to pull up her knickers. She let out a shuddery sigh. "So, so great."

Asuma was obviously smiling as he replied. Ino could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Well I aim to please."

His voice was huskier than usual. Once again Ino felt a coil in her tummy.

"Well please you did." The woman replied, watching the man with admiration as he leant down and yanked his trousers up, taking his lighter out of his pocket as he did so.

Despite herself Ino glowered at the lady. How come this woman -who Ino was sure Asuma barely knew- got to experience such amazing things with him? Eh. Ino balked. Not that she wanted to…to do stuff like that with her Sensei though. Right? Ino thought it through, watching as Asuma lit his cigarette. The woman he had just been having sex with, her face was illuminated by the light. Ino thought to herself that she wasn't even that pretty. Jealousy began trickling through her. The girl watched Asuma's lips wrap around his cigarette. Once again a hot white heat flashed down in her womanhood. How had she never noticed before?

Asuma brought his hand up to take the cigarette away from his mouth.

Everything he did was so sensual.

Her former Sensei gently placed the cigarette into his lover's mouth and then patted her on the head; in the same manner he often patted Ino.

"I'll see you around?" The woman asked hopefully, taking the cigarette out of her mouth quickly.

"You bet." Asuma replied, putting his sash back in place.

And then he poofed, vanishing.

The woman watched him go and then slumped onto the ground, her facial expression dreamy.

"Wow." She murmured before taking a deep drag of the cigarette.

Ino suddenly felt an insane urge to snatch the stick of smoke from the woman's mouth. She knew she couldn't do that however and so she crept away.

The whole walk home she replayed the imagery in her mind. By the time she was at the front door she could perfectly imagine herself in that scenario with her Sensei.

That night was the first night she masturbated.

Back in the present, Sakura was scoffing at her best friend's wise words.

"'Older men are more experienced.' And you would know that would you?" The pinkette rolled her eyes as she looked up at the sky.

Ino shook her head at her, sticking out her tongue and pulling down her eye. "You're just jealous because you're a sad little virgin." She stated.

Sakura huffed. "Rather a virgin than the village slut." She retorted.

"Hey!" Ino leant out and pushed her friend roughly. "Don't be so mean!"

Sakura grabbed the blonde's hand, entwining it with her own. "I'm sorry Ino. But you know how I feel about being a virgin."

Ino rolled her eyes, but she squeezed her best friend's hand, rolling onto her side to look at the girl properly.

"Then go fuck someone Forehead."

Sakura face went the same colour as her hair before she snatched her hand away from Ino's, placing it over her eyes.

"I can't do that!" She whined. "I want my first time to be special-"

"You want it to be with Sasuke you mean," Ino interrupted and when Sakura looked up, the girl's expression softened. "Sakura, you know I believe that you and Naruto can bring Sasuke back, but…" She trailed off, eyes slipping to the side, and then she grinned evilly, raising her eyebrows. "But don't you want to be experienced for Sasuke? Don't you want to be able to make his toes curl?"

Sakura's face somehow managed to go even pinker. "Ah, Ino! You're too crude!" She shrieked, burying her face in her hands. The idea of doing anything like that with Sasuke made the pinkette feel overwhelming amounts of, well…Sakura didn't really know what it made her feel, but she definitely didn't want to be talking about it with Ino.

Ino was cackling now, slapping the grass yet again. "I may be crude Forehead, but I'm also the girl who's slept with most hot guys in this village! I'm telling you, get some experience first! And what better way to get experience than to sleep with an older guy!?"

Sakura looked up, giving her friend an incredulous look now. Images of Might Gai, the Third Hokage and Jiraiya swam into her head. She shuddered. Ino gave her a deadpan look.

"Sakura, obviously I'm not referring to any old geezer. It would have to be someone attractive…someone you know and respect…" Ino put her hand to her chin, looking thoughtful.

Sakura's eyes widened just as Ino's did. Sakura already knew what her fellow Kunoichi was about to say, even before she said it.

"Kakashi Sensei!"


"Yes! It's perfect!"

"No!" Sakura returned.

"Why not!?" Ino asked. "Give me some good reasons and I'll stop arguing my case."

Sakura looked around nervously, suddenly worried that Kakashi Sensei was going to appear from behind her. This wasn't something you spoke about, not even in jest.

"I, uh," the girl scratched the back of her head nervously. "He's my Sensei!"

"Not anymore." Ino replied quickly. "Next."

Sakura grimaced. "He's…He's old!"

"Old equals experience." Ino returned.

"No it doesn't!" Sakura yelped back. "Not always!"

Ino cocked an eyebrow at her friend. "Are you honestly trying to tell me that you think Kakashi Sensei hasn't been around the block a few times? With that body?-"

"AH!" Sakura clamped her hands over her ears. "Ino!"

Ino giggled but then nudged her friend. "Any more reasons? Or do you give up?"

"I, ah, no!" Sakura protested. "We…we don't even know what he looks like!"

Ino grinned. The girl had obviously been expecting this reason. "All the more reason to find out. Think of it as an experiment!"

Sakura shook her head firmly. "I don't care what you say, I'm not…I'm not going after Kakashi Sensei."

"Going after me? What's this Sakura, are you planning on killing me?"

At the gentle voice behind her, Sakura immediately stiffened. Even Ino slapped her hands across her mouth, though her eyes were glinting with mirth. Behind the Medical Nin stood Kakashi, one hand on his hip, the other hand occupied with his book. His eye focused on Sakura.

Sakura went a steady shade of red, staring helplessly at her friend. 'Help me.' She mouthed desperately.

Ino shrugged discreetly. Sakura gave her a despairing look, but then turned around, plastering on a nonchalant look.

"Uh, I'm not going to the…to the toilet after you?" The attempted explanation became a question near the end and Ino began spluttering with laughter.

At these words, Kakashi raised his eyebrow. "Is that so?" He murmured. "Sakura, can I ask why you're out in the park at 6am discussing my bowel movements?"

Sakura froze and, this time, Ino took it upon herself to answer. "No you can't Kakashi Sensei, Sakura is a mature adult woman who can do what she pleases," before Kakashi could reply to this bizarre statement, the blonde bulldozed on. "And what are you doing out here anyway?"

Kakashi seemingly got the hint to drop the subject, as one look at Sakura's face told him that pursuing it could cause serious injury to the girl's mental state. He took the bait, changing the subject with Ino. He closed his book and then looked up at the sky.

"Oh you know, just the usual early morning walk," he muttered. "I decided to take a different route this time."

As he was talking, Sakura discreetly began examining him. Her former Sensei was tall, and he looked even taller as he stood over her, peering up at the faint autumn sun. Despite the fact his face was hidden behind a mask, it was clear to Sakura that Kakashi's jawline was strong. As was his neck, and arms, and…and body. Sakura went a deep red, deliberately swinging her eyes back upwards, towards his face again. His hair looked especially ruffled this morning. Suddenly a thought popped into the girl's head, but she quickly quashed it, not wanting to think of her Sensei in those terms.

"Well, anyway, I'll leave you two girls to it,"

Apparently while she had been examining him, Kakashi had been talking. Sakura bowed her head guiltily. Stupid Ino and her stupid influence.


The girl looked up at her name.

"Naruto's invited me along to the 'Team 7 Reunion' as he puts it. I hope that's ok with you?"

Sakura nodded her head quickly and plastered a smile on her face. "Of course Kakashi Sensei!" She assured.

Kakashi cocked his head and closed his eyes, smiling, and then he departed, whipping out his book again.

Ino waited a substantial amount of time before speaking again, apparently on the same wave length as Sakura- Kakashi was a great ninja and though he probably had lots of better things to do than snoop on two teenage girl's gossiping, it was still better to be safe than sorry.

When Ino did speak, she was grinning.

"He so totally had 'just been fucked' hair," she began giggling. "Kakashi Sensei's been getting some! I wonder who the lucky lady is!?"

Sakura squealed and slapped her best friend on the arm. "Shut up Ino!" She yelped, gazing off in the direction her Sensei had departed in. Yeah. Who is the lucky lady? The pinkette let out a small sigh.


Ino had got to her.

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Age/Generation Swap and Same Age AU

It doesn't matter how handsome or cool they are; Sakura hates her genin teammates and wishes they would focus on training.

Alternatively: Naruto knows what he is signing up for when he agrees to be a jounin-sensei, but nothing prepares him for the ticking time bomb of a team that comprises Konoha's first Mokuton user in decades, the Hatake prodigy, and the Uchiha clan's prettiest genius.

Naruto observes his genin closely, watching how the boys repel each other yet orbit around Sakura. With sinking dread, Naruto recognizes the tenderness that glows in the two boys' eyes every time they look at their pink-haired teammate, and he curses fiercely under his breath.

Kakashi and Sasuke have a crush on Sakura. And judging from the way Sakura blushes every time Naruto looks at her, he comes to the increasingly undeniable conclusion that she has a crush on him.

Light-headed from all the blood rushing to his head, Naruto wonders if it would be bad form for the Yondaime's son to defect from Konoha.




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Teacher naruto fanfiction a is

Sveta just shrugged her shoulders upon hearing this news. Then Sasha rummaged in his pockets and pulled out a beautiful flash drive in a carbon case. Stretching it out to Sveta, he quietly said: From Peter as a keepsake. Film".

But about the lady I'm talking about - yes, just that. She was standing at the door to the exit from the carriage, short, looking tired, with dyed, as I later learned, blond hair. Dark eyebrows, not too big. I don't know why, but I just devoured her with my eyes, which she noticed at some point, and just turned away. It didn't bother me at all, I looked at her further.

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