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This 35” square white cotton table scarf gives some idea of the importance of the Belfield property (now owned by La Salle and housing the President’s office) in Philadelphia society and national circles. The Wister Family used this table scarf from about 1893 to 1903 as a kind of guest book for Belfield Mansion. The visitors signed the cloth in pencil and then one of the family members beautifully embroidered those signatures for posterity. A few penciled signatures remain unembroidered, and the embroidery needle was inserted in one hem about 1903 and remains there to this day.

The owners of Belfield at this time were John and Sarah Tyler Boas Wister. John’s four brothers and their wives signed in the corners. John’s sixth brother (Langhorne) died in 1891, before the table scarf was in use. Many of the 110 signatories have Civil War connections, in addition to the Wister brothers who were all veterans of the War. Just a few of those people with Civil War significance are listed below:

➢ Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin) and her twin daughters; on meeting Harriet Beecher Stowe in the White House, Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have joked, “So you're the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war."
➢ Walter Cooke, awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor at Bull Run (July 21, 1861).
➢ Julia Ward Howe, American reformer, feminist, abolitionist, and writer of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."
➢ Dr. William Henry Furness, friend of Ralph Waldo Emerson and outspoken Philadelphia anti-slavery minister.
➢ Sara Jane Clarke Lippincott, who wrote under the pseudonym “Grace Greenwood”: abolitionist, activist for women’s rights, indefatigable visitor of hospitalized Civil War soldiers.

Read a detailed paper on the signatories table scarf by La Salle student Kathryn Feld below.


Make Your Own DIY Table Runner

DIY Table Runner

Entertaining at home is such a lovely way to spend time with friends and family. If your family dinner table could use some sprucing up, try creating this DIY table runner! Constructed from only two materials, the ombre color palette lends this creation a sophisticated and pulled-together vibe. The simple tutorial can be your little secret when your guests ooh and ahh at how intricate this piece looks when it's set on a table.

Gather Materials

As you gather your materials, try to ensure that the pieces of felt you find are 9" x 12"; that will be the perfect size to cut strips of felt for this particular project. If you find that you can't locate the colors that you'd like at your local craft store, search online for a more in-depth color palette of felt sheets.


  • 9" x 12" felt sheets in an ombre range of colors
  • glue sticks


  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Glue gun

Cut Felt Strips

Start by cutting your felt strips. If you have access to a paper cutter with a measuring grid, this part is fast and easy! Simply cut each 9" x 12" sheet of felt into 12 strips that are each 9" x 1". If you don't have access to a paper cutter, use a ruler and scissors or a rotary cutter to cut the strips. You should end up with 12 strips of each color that you have. A good rule of thumb is that 12 strips make about one foot of table runner, so if you want a 6-foot runner, you'll need 6 sheets of felt.

Lay Out Strips

Start with your first color. Lay 6 strips of this color in a diagonal pattern, as shown here. Then choose your next color and lay 6 strips of that color right next to the first 6 strips.

Glue Strip Ends

 Place a dot of glue on the top end of the first strip.

Lay Cross Strips

Start laying your cross strips as you glue. The cross strips should connect at the top with the original strips, then cross over two strips, and connect with the bottom of the next strip. You'll want to place a dot of glue at every top and bottom connection of two strips.

Glue Middle Cross Sections

Once you have all of your colors laid out and all of your cross strips glued at the top and the bottom, go back with a glue gun and place a dot of glue at the points where the strips cross over in the mid-point of the runner. This extra point of adhesion will give the runner a bit more stability and security.

Trim Ends

When you are satisfied with the length of your table runner and all of your glue points are secure, trim the excess felt off of either end of the table runner. You can trim however you like, creating a pattern, or just cutting off any excess felt tails from your runner.

Lay It Out

Lay your runner out down the center of your dinner table and add a pretty table setting to finish off the look! This runner would be perfect in different colors for different holidays, seasons, celebrations, and so much more.

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Table runner DIY-How to make Table Runner At Home

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Donna's Mini Rails Table Runner Tutorial + Kaffe Fassett Quilt Giveaway!

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